replacement cast iron bbq grill grates 10 Key Things Everyone Should Know About Seasoning, Cleaning, & Maintaining Cast Iron Pans

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-01
replacement cast iron bbq grill grates 10 Key Things Everyone Should Know About Seasoning, Cleaning, & Maintaining Cast Iron Pans
Cast iron is one of the best surfaces to cook, but dealing with it is a whole new story.It's not as simple as all the other pots, just wash with soapy water, and everyone has different ideas on how to do it.It looks scary at first, but once you 've learned the basics, you'll make the best steaks, homemade pizzas and fried chicken of your life.But before you start cooking the best food you 've ever eaten, let's review some of the most important things you need to know about seasoning, cleaning and maintaining cast iron cookware.#1.Seasoning is very important. the hard, black layer of cast iron is called seasoning, that is, wrapping paste.As food scientist Harold McKee explained in food and cooking, patina is formed by oxidation of fat, which leads them to "combine with each other "...Form dense, hard, dry layers."The metal is super porous, so the fat fills the pores and seals the surface.The Seasoning prevents the pot from rust and keeps the pot from sticking.You certainly don't want to try cast iron without seasoning --The porous surface makes it very sticky.Even if a pot says it's pre-Experienced, you will get a better, more lasting patina if you season it yourself again.#2.Not all oil is equal. Technically, you can use almost any oil to season the cast iron cooker.Bacon grease and coconut oil are very good, but some oil is better than others.Sheryl Canter studied the chemical composition behind seasoned cast iron and found that flax seed oil provides the best non-stick surface.As Canter explained, flax seed oil is a dry oil, which means it can form an epidural by polymerization.Dry Oil maximize the aggregation of fat, and flax seed oil is the only dry oil to eat, so it produces the best patina.The downside of flax seed oil is that it's expensive and hard to find if you don't live near a health store.If you can't find or don't want to spend that much money, the next best thing to do is vegetable oil or shortening.#3.Seasoning can be fullThe process of seasoning the cast iron cooker involves applying it to oil, heating it in the oven, letting it cool, and then repeating it.How many times you repeat is up to you, but the more you repeat, the better your patina will become.Each time, the oil layer becomes thicker and brighter.It is important to use very light oil layers.Seasoning a pan with too much oil will cause it to stick and then you will have to start over.Pour the pan over and place it on the central shelf of the oven with a baking pan or foil underneath to catch any dripping water.Canter recommends circulating in the oven for one hour and cooling for two hours.Make sure you have enough time if you follow her approachShe used a total of six cycles to hold the pot.But if you don't want to spend a whole day on it, you can get away with it in just a day or two.#4.It will eventually need to be re-launched.If you take good care of your cast iron, it may need to be re-doneSeason at some point.When the seasoning starts to look dim (or someone accidentally passes it through the dishwasher), simply wash it with warm soapy water and a brush and repeat the seasoning process.If your pot is rusted, you need to remove the rust first.You can use steel wool, let it soak in white vinegar and water, and even scrub it with Jewish salt and potatoes.Once it's rusty, you can re-season the pan.#5.It can't be washed like other dishwashing irons and is very durable, but the seasoning is much more refined than the metal itself.You have to be careful how to clean it in order to protect it.You never put it in the dishwasher and try to avoid using soap.If your pan is very well seasoned, a little mild soap won't ruin it, but it will still spoil the bronzes.Avoid the use of steel wool or other abrasive cleaners (unless you plan to re-use them)seasoning).Cast iron must not be soaked in water, and should always be completely dried before storage to prevent rust.#6.Although it is still WarmAfter who stays in the kitchen for a few hours, it is easiest to clean and it is tempting to leave the Plate tomorrow morning to wash, however, this is the worst thing you can do with cast iron.Once you let it sit all night, the food will dry and harder to take out.If you wash it while cast iron cooking is still warm, a quick wipe with a cloth or paper towel may be what you need.If the food is stuck in the pan or burned out, you can cook some water in the pan to relax it.You can also use a hard brush if the bristles are not metal.#7.Salt is very useful for scrubbing when you need to use some elbow grease, and the best tool for this work is coarse salt.When the pot is still warm, Sprinkle some salt in the pan, add a little water to make the paste, and scrub it with a cloth or brush to remove the things that stick togetheron food.#8.You should cheer it up after each use. Once you wash and dry the cooker, it is best to apply a very thin layer of oil with a cloth or paper towel before you put it away.This helps to protect the metal and keep the non-stick surface.Keep it dry and rustyFree, line up with paper towels before storage.#9.Some foods you should not cook in foods with high acid content, and if used frequently, it will damage the seasoning on the pan.I occasionally cook something with tomatoes or red wine in my cast iron Dutch oven, but some people will argue that there will be too many occasionally.In addition to destroying the pan, acidic ingredients can also taste the metal when cooking in cast iron.Everything you cook in the pan absorbs a little iron from the cooking surface, and the reaction with acid affects the taste of the food.#10.It will get better over time. If the food sticks to your cast iron the first time you use it, don't be discouraged.If handled properly, the seasoning will only get better over time.The best thing you can do for your pot is to cook with it as much as you can.In the end, you may not even need to use oil anymore.For cast iron not in the list, do you have any tips and tricks?Share with us in the comments.
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