replacement stainless steel grill grates Beer Keg Smoker

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-15
replacement stainless steel grill grates Beer Keg Smoker
I 've seen a few different things here related to old beer barrels;There are other people except smokers.I put this old beer bucket in the backyard for a while, so I finally decided to do something with it.This is mostly based on an adaptation I found on Google, so I can't fully believe it, but here are some more concise instructions so you can make one yourself!This is my first note, so be gentle if I am missing something or can't explain it clearly.The material needed: 1 beer keg (Oh Yeah all you see is Natty Lite!) 1 top grate (18 "grill works for me with a diameter of about 14") 1 bottom grate (I used some heavy shredded chicken) 1x10 1x12 "3/4" ID black iron pipe clamp 1 3/4 "elbow1 3/4" ID Pipe Holder hardware 1 3/4 "ball valve6 1.5 "5/16" bolts with nuts and lock washers-In the past, you can lift up a few pieces of hard wood of your choice (Jack Daniels oak chips is a way!) Tools: shop ragAngle pulverizer cutting grinding wheel (get some extra for your cutting wheel) flat head screw driverDrill with bitsSafety glcassa permanent markerHammerPocket knife (probably not absolutely necessary, but I always need one in the end) metal file twinejb Weld (for chimney and bottom sealing, all the material (excluding barrels) if you accidentally cut the place you shouldn't have) it's all around $40.I used a "half barrel" which is the biggest one you can get from a local grocery or liquor store.I 've seen people use a bigger 50 gallon bucket and it's said to work better, but I think it's cool to make a bucket with a beer bucket.Now, you'll want to release the pressure on the kegs (after you 've finished all your beers, of course!).My bucket has been sitting for a while, so I really don't want the beer crumbs to come out on my face.I found that the best thing to do is to put the rag or t-of the old shop-The shirt is placed on the ball valve at the top and pressed on it with a screwdriver or other tool you might think.You are ready once the pressure is gone!Now is the interesting part.First, pick up your sharpie and draw a line around the outer perimeter of the barrel at the bottom of the widest part of the first top.If you look at the picture, you can get a better idea of where it is.There are two reasons for doing so.First of all, you have enough food space under the lid, and secondly, the outside of the lid will be well placed inside the bottom.The easiest way to do this when cutting is to use an angle grinder with a cutting wheel (make sure you have some extra wheels in case it gets messed up ).However, if you have something crazy like a plasma cutter, go crazy.No matter what you decide to cut with, be careful!!!Wear safety glasses, open-toe shoes, pants, and fire extinguishers.These are dangerous tools and I can't take responsibility for you idiot if you really decide to do so.Now that you are ready to cut, please slow down so you can get a good cut along your route.After that is the tedious part.Take out your metal file and start smoothing both sides of the shell cut.This part is important, take a moment so that you end up with a good finished product instead of a pile of garbage.It also helps to combine the top with the bottom.Also, if there are any dents on the edges, make sure to hammer them out.Probably the most important step.Buy some bleach if you feel the need, but be sure to clean the inside and rinse it out (especially if your bucket is old ).Now you are ready to have a vent at the bottom.Cut a hole large enough on the lower lip of the barrel to get the 10 "3/4" ID pipe through-make sure the bottom of the hole is about 1/2 "above the bottom inside.Next, mark an oval hole on the side of the convex bottom of the kettle so that the pipe slides through and opens in the center of the bottom.Look at the photos, otherwise it will make no sense.The idea here is to minimize the number of invalidThe space around the pipe, the air can leak without control.Take out the pipe you slide into the bottom and drill some holes in it to get a better airflow and assemble the pipe as shown.Wrap a hemp rope around the top of the kettle to determine the circumference under the ribs where the top is cut off.Put the string on the table and measure it, then divide the number by 6 and mark the string as that increment.Wrap the rope back around the barrel, be careful to make sure it is uniform and horizontal, and transfer the mark.Drill 6x5/16 holes around the top and tighten 5/16 bolts, nuts and washers into the holes.I had a problem finding a fully threaded 5/16 bolt, so I ended up having to use a bunch of washers, so rest assured if you want to change the size a little.Make sure you have at least 1 Bolt.5 inch long or they won't lift the grill.You should be able to remove the sankey keg valve fairly easily.There is a ring clip on the top to secure it inside.Just find a screwdriver in it and it will come out easily.Now grab the tube and screw a little to the left and it should come out right away.Now you can remove the spring part of the bottom by compressing the spring and twisting the shell to the left, it should fall off right away.Now, you can simply grab the rubber around it with pliers and pull it hard (it's just pressed there and I promise it will come out) to get the ball valve out.Turn the whole thing upside down now, JB weld that beast to the top!Now you need to take some heavy shredded chicken and cut it off so it can be placed at the bottom to load the coal.Once finished, clean the metal pieces again and prepare to roll!Put some coal on the bottom and ignite them.After about 25 minutes, it should be white and white, then put some of your favorite wood chips on it (make sure you soak them in the water first ).Now put the grill on the shelf and put your favorite meat on it!
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