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replacement stainless steel grill grates CNN LIVE TODAY
The Iraqi Governing Council approved one of its own committees as prime minister in May 28, 2004.10: 00 ETTHIS is a hurried transcript.This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.CNN anchor Darren Kagan: we will start at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.I'm Darling Kagan.As always, we start with the headlines.After the transfer of power on June 30, the Iraqi Governing Council approved one of its prime ministers.Alawi, a Shiite Muslim, has set up an exile group, the Iraqi national agreement.There was no response from the US.N.Special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, who is working to establish an interim government.Baltimore residents reacted to the terrible crime.A mother came home and found three of her children killed.At least one person was beheaded.Police have been questioning a person who has been described as interested.Earlier that day, the man apparently had a disagreement with his mother.A village is a virtual mud.The rain is fine, Ghost City-The soaring River washed over it.The Red Cross says floods in Haiti and the dominican Republic have killed at least 900 people.More than 15,000 people have lost their homes.The weather forecast predicts rain.Two Japanese journalists are believed to have been killed in an attack south of Baghdad.Japanese officials failed to make a positive I.D.Because the body was badly burned.Today in Fallujah, the kidnappers released four NBC newsmen who looked in good shape.The journalists were taken hostage on Tuesday.The high price of gasoline did not stop Americans from leaving the country this weekend.S.Aaa said nearly 37 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles during Memorial Day.That is to increase 3.A gallon of gasoline is 50 cents less than last year, 6% less than last year.Let's see what we're watching live this hour.Nearly 60 years after the war for freedom, thousands of veterans are celebrating a new victory, the creation of the World War II Memorial.We are heading to Washington, where workers and law enforcement are preparing for tomorrow's dedication.But let's go to Iraq first.At least on paper, the new government has been formed.Not long ago, the Iraqi Governing Council approved one of its members as prime minister.Just a month before the alliance planned to hand over power.Our Harris Whitbeck is covering the latest news in Baghdad.Harris, hello.CNN correspondent harris whitbeck: Hello, darling, a member of the Iraqi Governing Council told CNN that a new interim prime minister has been chosen.He said Arawi would become Iraq's new interim prime minister after June 30.He says U.S.Administrator Paul Bremer and the United StatesN.Special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi attended the meeting held in Baghdad today for the most part, and the prime minister, the president and the vice presidents of both countries have been talked about.Now, we have not received news from the United States.N.Special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.He has been working for weeks to form a new government.He's been nervous.This is a very, very delicate diplomatic and political process, he said.The process itself is not very clear.In fact, everyone is looking forward to the United States.N.The special envoy himself will announce the name of the new government early next week.However, a member of the Iraqi management committee once again said that IGC had endorsed Alawi as Iraq's new interim prime minister.He told CNN that this is what will happen after June 30.Now, allad Allawi is the head of the Iraqi national agreement, one of the opposition political groups set up here in 1990 with the support of the United StatesS.And British intelligence.It was made up of many soldiers who defected from the Saddam regime.Allawi is a revival party.He is a secular Shiite who has close political and commercial ties with Washington and London.He is not only a politician, but also a doctor, very famous in Baghdad.Now, about another story we 've been focusing on, the situation with Najaf.A fragile stop, as you knowMilitants, Shiite cleric mukhtada al-Sadr and U.S.forces.That cease-The fire seems to have broken.We have reports that several civilians were killed and wounded in Najaf after clashes and fighting between the United States and the United States.S.Once again loyal to al-forces and militiaSadr --Daryn.Kagan: Harris, I would like to ask you a question about this newcomer who may become the next prime minister.What to do to accept his Iraqi people, especially since he is already a member of this interim government.Many people think this is just a puppet of the United States.S.?WHITBECK: Well, the name was made public less than an hour ago, Daryn.So people --Many people don't even know that this has happened. it is very possible.Similarly, the news is expected to be officially announced early next week.Many of the people you just said think the new interim government is a puppet of the United States.But they certainly want Iraq to fight for sovereignty for the Iraqi people.First and foremost, the new government will hold new elections in January 20.Kagan: Harris Whitbeck is in Baghdad and you will have more news later today.The senior officer of the league in Najaf said,S.Troops will not retreat from that area.In fact, Major General Martin Dempsey said the US army was carrying out a reconnaissance mission to monitor signs of the withdrawal of the Mahdi Army.Dempsey appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper's 360 show last night.He said by videophone that the United StatesS.It will not change its position physically or in philosophy.(Start video editing)GEN.Martin Dempsey, United States of AmericaS.Army: as far as I am concerned, as far as we are concerned, the problem here is that those with the best ideas should not have the most guns to decide the future of IraqThe militia is therefore disgusted.Kagan: Dempsey said that the importance of these ideas, the general military force, is crucial to the success of democracy in Iraq.Also in Iraq, a convoy carrying political leaders was attacked.Dr.One of the three women who served on the Iraqi Governing Council, Salama hafaki, was not injured in the ambush.Her son and bodyguard were killed.Hundreds of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were released today, the third major release since the abuse scandal surfaced.U.S.Troops escorting a bus convoy exchanged fire with gunmen for a short time.The U.S.The military said the release was part of a plan to reduce the prison population and had nothing to do with the scandal.It was reported that at the time of the abuse of prisoners last fall, there were more than 8000 detainees in Abu Ghraib;That number is less than half now.A soldier facing the court.Abu Ghraib prison is accused of ill-treatment at Penn prison for crimes.Drew Griffin of CNN has this exclusive report.Drew Griffin, CNN reporter (start video)End): This is where they met.The green state correction agency is one of the most serious criminals in Pennsylvania.Nicholas Aris is a death row.Charles Grana is one of the guards.Former prisoner Nicholas Yares: his personal pleasure is to provoke prisoners, such as having them lift their testicles two or three times, or simply, for the sake of his Yab, burn this guy "you're not ready yet," and go on.When someone yelled at him, he just liked it!Yaris is bitter.For 22 years, he has been in jail for not being convicted.He was convicted of rape and murder in 1981 and sentenced to death.Last year, DNA evidence proved that the killer was someone else, and Alice went out.But when he opened the newspaper and saw it, the painful memory came back.Yaris: Charles Grana smiles at a dead person in the picture, just like Charles Grana smiles on the tray he spit on, and I 've seen him vomit.Griffin: The History of the prison is very troublesome.The director was transferred in 1998.More than a dozen guards were disciplined for abusing prisoners.But Grana was never involved in the scandal.Soon after, however, a prisoner did accuse Grana of throwing him on the floor, kicking and hitting him, and putting a razor in his food.The second prisoner accused Grana of picking him up 1 feet and throwing him into the cell.The two proceedings were dismissed and Grana was not disciplined.ARRIS said that Grana never hit him.But when Grana's face appeared in the picture of Abu Ghraib, Yaris was not surprised.Iris: because I know what he used to do, I just feel sick about it.I can only imagine what he is doing without any supervision.Griffin: what Grana did in Iraq has not been confirmed.He's waiting for court.martial.But Yaris, who was released on January, said that what Grana wants to do in Iraq is not a secret for anyone who is willing to listen.Alice: Charles is just filled with the joy of the opportunity to go there, because as we walked along the corridor, he said, "I can't wait to kill some sand niggers."The smile he showed, when he made some prisoners lose it, break it, lose his mind and yell at Charles, he did his best.He loved it.Kagan: Charles Grana's lawyer responded last night on "Paula Zane now from cnn."The unidentified man: Maybe the gentleman has already snapped.The Graner experts have not done these things.Of course, at Abu Ghraib, what he has done is bad enough, and that is to follow the orders.Kagan: The Penn Department of Corrections will not comment on the story.Ten minutes in an hour.We have a development story from Iran.Reports of a strong earthquake in northern Iran.Shirzad Bozorgah, a reporter from Tehran, told us more on the phone about this.-Shirzad.Iranian journalist shirzad bozorgmehr: there was an earthquake of magnitude 6.The Richter scale that shook Iran.Basically, at around 13: 40, the north and west of Iran.Because we were 70 kilometers away from the epicenter, the intensity was very strong.We felt very strongly that everyone ran out of the building.Earthquakes of this magnitude usually cause great damage;Both in terms of property and human life, we are preparing for the upcoming report.Some windows were broken in the west of Tehran city.It is reported that buildings near the epicenter were destroyed in Mazandaran province, close to the Caspian Sea.Beyond that, we know nothing about the number of losses or the number of casualties.We are still waiting for the relevant authorities to inform us about this.If that's what you can say, it's normal for this earthquake to happen in Iran.You know, on December 26, in the ancient city of Bam, we had a behemoth of almost the same size that razed the city to the ground and killed nearly 40,000 people;More than half of the population there.The difference is-The possible difference between the earthquake and the earthquake is that the city of Bam is a very old city.It is basically composed of mud houses, and there is no consideration for earthquake safety measures in the construction.Where it happens now, it is more developed in northern Iran and western Iran.The buildings are a bit solid but still not up to international counterEarthquake safety measures.Therefore, we are preparing for the large-scale destruction, there are still many people, many casualties.But like I said, these are the guesses at this stage.We just look at the history of the earthquake in Iran and the history of human life loss and other casualties.Kagan: We appreciate it and we will get back to you.Tehran reporter Shirzad Bozorgmehr has brought us an update on the earthquake in northwestern Iran.There's more ahead.In addition, news from the United StatesS.There are some key issues in today's Michael Jackson case.His lawyer is hoping Jackson will cut his $3 million bail.But will it put him at risk?Live Report aheadMonument almost too lateWe will take you to the World War II memorial in our national capital.And Mr.Moviefone joined us.He has a preview of this summer's cataclysm movie.It is called the day after tomorrow "."But is this a good movie?CNN live today returns after that.(Business disruption) Kagan: now we are looking at a story that is almost too scary to report.Baltimore police are investigating such a terrible crime, and even senior police officers have been numb by this barbaric act.A woman reportedly returned to her apartment and found three children murdered, at least one of them beheaded.Our Catherine Koch shares the details with us.She knows who will do this in Crime and Investigation.-Kathleen.CNN White House Correspondent Catherine Koch: Darling, as you are very precise, the police do say this is one of Baltimore's most horrific and brutal crimes ever.Obviously, there are two families sharing this apartment in Baltimore, a very quiet Northwest neighborhood.At about 5: 25 yesterday, one of the two mothers went home and found one of the three children beheaded.The other two were partially beheaded.One was a 9-year-Her 10-year-old girlyear-Brother, nine more-year-old girl.Police said the last three were seen alive at around 3: 30 yesterday when they returned home from school.Now, last night, police officers a few blocks away did detain a man who they said was not a suspect but a person of interest.(Start video editing) kenneth blackwell, director of environmental protection.COMM.Baltimore police: We know there are some differences.I believe that through the efforts of the translation, we got some information from the mother.In processing this information, we are directed in the direction of the person concerned.(Video clip) Koch: Now, the police did say that a weapon that they thought was used in the crime was found behind the apartment.It is now being tested for DNA and fingerprints.The mayor's office, the mayor's Martin O'Malley office, does now have human service personnel canvassing nearby and in the apartment here.Whether or not these children are known, everyone is destroyed by this terrible crime.Unidentified male: Well, I don't know the family, but I have seen the children around me.They seem to be good kids, okay?Very cute, lovely kids, they always play together, full of love.I mean, it shocked me.Now, we have collapsed.But I am not afraid because I personally think it must be a member of the family or someone close to the family.I don't know.Woman: Before this, you-What I want to say is that this is a very quiet place.Not people--Everyone gets along very well.It's terrible to hear that the three precious little children you see are playing here, and something has happened to them.KOCH: Baltimore police will hold a press conference at 11: 00 A.M.m.Give us the latest results.-Daryn.Kagan: Is there any clue?Maybe in this family, just like someone this family knows?Who are they looking for, Catherine?Koch: Daryn, right now it's just speculation about people who live near here because they say that nothing like this has happened before here.Quiet, no crime.But the police haven't said that yet.Kagan: We're looking for more information from a press conference later this morning.Thank you.Even if the pop singer is absent, Michael Jackson's case will open next hour.His defense lawyer is expected to argue that his bail should be reduced by $3 million.The hearing is scheduled to begin in about an hour and a half.Meanwhile, our Miguel Marquez is outside the Santa Maria court in California.Good morning, Miguel.Miguel Marquez, cnn correspondent: Yes, they're going to argue a lot today.I can tell you, it's a big difference from Mr.Jackson's not here.I'm counting: one, two, three fans here right now, and a few more people are talking about who will be in court later.A big thing they are willing to do-What they're talking about today is the judge--The judge of the High Court, Rodney Melville, wishes to set the date of the trial.Now, whether the trial date will last is another question, but he has said in the past that he hopes to start the trial before the end of this year.We therefore expect that there will be a trial date for today's hearing, at least an interim trial date.And that's what you said about bail relief.The prosecutor said, becauseJackson is an international superstar with unlimited resources, which in itself puts him at risk of flying.But in the motion and legal documents presented by his defense lawyer Brian Oxman in court here, he is a longtime lawyer for the Jackson family, he said, his $3 million bail affects his ability to do normal business.It does not allow him to vacate property to finance his business activities.He said, sir.Jackson is a longtime resident of the county.He obviously has a property here.He has three children here.He takes care of his elderly parents.And that Mr.Jackson has escaped a lot more damage than he has left here fighting him.Jackson called it a "false accusation "."Another thing that will happen in court today is that the defense and the prosecution will have a lot of back and forth when they find out.The defense said the finding had not been released by the prosecution.All the evidence obtained from the search warrant and the interview, fast enough, and even some of it was not at all, they wanted the judge to step in and force the prosecution to release all the findings to the defense.On the eve of today's hearing, a gentlemanJackson's old friend, Mr. Macaulay Karkin, spent a lot of time with Mr. Jackson.Jackson said he was very close to him when he was young.Jackson is in his bedroom.And said, sir.Jackson was basically misunderstood.Host larry king live: What happened?Actor Macaulay Karkin: nothing happened.You know, I'm nothing, really.I mean, we play video games.We play at the amusement park, you know.He slept in bed?Carl King: This is the case.-The thing is, you know, they're gone, oh, you're sleeping in the same bedroom as him!I don't think you understand.Michael Jackson's bedroom is two stories.It has three bathrooms, this one and that one.So when I sleep in his bedroom, yes, but you have to understand the whole scene.(End video clip) Marquez: media lawyers will also argue that the transcript of the grand jury in the grand jury indictment should be published to the public-Daryn.Kagan: Miguel Marquez in Santa Maria.Miguel, thank you.Live on CNN today, the recognition of the greatest generation.Before tomorrow's dedication ceremony, we will take you to the New World War II Memorial.For many Memorial Day weekends, it also means it's time to break the BBQ.Our Gerri Willis has some tips on the best purchase-Gerri.Gerri willis, CNNFN personal finance editor: Hey, there.We are dealing with the meat-heavy topic of barbecue.This is the next show on CNN today.(Business break) Kagan: Well, when it comes to holiday weekend, Memorial Day weekend is one of the most cooked weekends.If you buy a new gas grill on the market, the consumer report, released in June, is the best option.Cnn fn's Gerri Willis tells us in the top five today what are the hot tips for today.I think we will come straight.We didn't even get into the charcoal and gas debate.I bet you don't know.It's the 100-Anniversary of HamburgOh, happy anniversary.I will bring you some gifts if I know.Willis: It's so nice of you to think of me.Well, let's start with the basics here.What kind of grill do you want to buy?You can buy things at the low end.Even so, if you buy a gas grill, it will still make you about $200.Or mid-range, up to $500.Take a look at this, if you buy a mid-range Grill, grill, you get side burgers, oil tables, steam engines, lots of fancy stuff.And even more expensive, Daryn, for $1500.With one of these grill you can serve 15 people.You might get a nice little roast meat shop.So, the more you spend, the more you get.Kagan: Ah, but at the same time, there's a lot of sales that you need to look.WILLIS:Right.You know, the consumer report looked at 29 grills to assess important issues such as their work efficiency, uniformity of cooking, etc.Here are some of their favorite.The winner is: Vermont Foundry, which sells for $400, is decorated in stainless steel and has a large shelf space.You will love it.There is also one in the thermos, which is completely stainless steel.Check that out.Now, it's $400.I want to say stainless steel, it looks beautiful, but it doesn't make much difference in cooking.Finally, the Coleman people have a long warranty period, always under $270-Daryn.Gerri, what is the swing test?(LAUGHTER) Willis: Okay.How did you pick the grill, right?You stand in the middle of the shop;They are very similar to you.You want to shake the grill and see if it's rocking.How strong is this thing?This is a simple test.It really works.Look for a good drainage system and make sure the fire stays lit.You know?It is important to put the lid down, check it and make sure it works.You know, look at how strong this thing is, because at the end of the day, you want to make sure that it doesn't fall apart in your yard.Kagan: of course.Even if you spend a lot of money on a barbecue or barbecue, or--It depends on the country you are in, no matter what you want to call it.You still need some key things to produce some delicious food.WILLIS:Exactly.Warm up the grill completely for 10 to 15 minutes or your food will stick to it.If you have thick meat, bake it first, then turn the fire down and cook it much slower.Clean up those grills because otherwise you will try to get the steak off the grill to ank it or it won't work.One important thing here is if you want to figure out how much gas you have in your tank, pour the hot water on the tank.Then run your hands along the surface where you feel cool, where the gas is.KAGAN:Oh!This is like a hint from Heloise.This is a good little suggestion.Thank you very much.Then a good BBQ, like good fashion, must have accessories.Willis: Oh, we have some great ones here.Hey, No.Look at this.This is a silicone food brush.Now, you will notice that this is not a traditional brush.It's actually made of silicone and it's easier to clean, and these don't melt on your food when you cook, which is really good!Here is --this is $17.50, by the way.Handle Deng Jin.You know, you don't want to burn your hands when you grill, do you?This is a $20 heat-resistant handle with light weightSoap and water are easy to clean.Finally, what would the barbecue be if there was no such thing?Right?KAGAN:Tongs.WILLIS:Yes.Only $7.25.This is for those guys.It should be a bit heavy to deal.I think it is actually very versatile and lightweight.Mercure hotel.Kagan: very good.Have a good weekend holiday.They called it baked in the South.Willis: That's right.Grilling out.Kagan: you're having a barbecue.Barbecue in the West.Willis: We would like to thank the people of "food and wine" for making these suggestions.Oh, very good.Thanks.Thank you very much.Had a good weekend holiday.See you next week.Thank you, darling.Kagan: 29 minutes in an hour.Change election results by terror.We have seen this in other countries.Let's see how the terrorist attacks in the United States happened.S.Elections in November may be affected.Then, I visited the World War II Memorial Hall and met the greatest generation.(Business interruption) to order a video of this transcript, please call 800-CNN-News or use our secure online order at www.fdch.
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