replacement stainless steel grill grates Grill Drip Pan - Heavy Metal Edition

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-09
replacement stainless steel grill grates Grill Drip Pan - Heavy Metal Edition
Stainless steel is a good anti-corrosion material that is used on many barbecue racks.However, many of the "Stainless Steel" grills on the market only have stainless steel on the protruding outer surface (like my intermediate Grill)range grill).Many internal metal and support pieces are made of plain steel and rust before shiny stainless steel surfaces.To make matters worse, these parts are usually made from light steel that does not last (size 20 or thinner.One of the first pieces to rot on my grill is the big drip pan under the cooking area.I can't buy another light spec replacement pot for $70, so I made it myself with heavy 16 steel.This heavy-duty part may exceed the rest of the main parts of the grill, which gives me an excuse to play with a bunch of sheet metal manufacturing tools.I did it on TechShopwww.techshop.Ws16 specification sheet metal (about 24 "x 24") 1/4 "x 3" bar material high temperature grill paint hydraulic shear angle opener turret stamping sheet metal breaking MIG welding machine angle grinder sand (OK, there's not a bunch of things like this that you can go through, but they do make things easier) the drip tray is usually made on a huge hydraulic press that forms a sheet of metal into a shallow disclike shape.I'm not going to make an exact replica, but a basic V-A pot of shape made from metal plates cut, folded and welded.The key size of my grill is the overall width of the grill and the size and shape of the label that hangs the grill from the bottom of the grill.My pan is 21.5" x 15.5 "I want a high edge of 3/4", so I cut a rectangular metal sheet of 23 "x 17.I marked the fold line of 3/4 "on each side and the fold line along the center of the metal.I also marked where the drip hole will be located along the center line.Next, I made 1 with a turret punch.25 "drip holes in diameter (Grease will leak from the drip to the tank hanging below ).In order to make folds, excess material must be removed from the end of each fold position.I used a corner cut to easily remove the perfect square from each corner and a V from both sides.The metal sheet brake is used to make beautiful straight folding.Folding must be done in the correct order, otherwise the part is not suitable for braking when it is finally folded.I started by folding the short label 90 degrees.Next I made the center line fold (which makes the main V shape of the pot ).This is a much lighter bend that should be made so that the depth of the new pot matches the depth of the original pot.Done by folding the last two tabs to 90 degrees.This special tray is hung by two L at the bottom of the GrillEnd bracket.These brackets are 8.5 "1/2 wide" lips.I cut two pieces with hydraulic scissors (note the bottom and V-The shape of the main tray ).There are two quick folds on the sheet metal brake and stand.Metal should be cleaned when preparing for welding (and final painting.I have sandblasted all three parts (and will re-polishSandblasting any part affected by welding ).Clamp the first brace to the side of the pan with a c clip.Weld between MIG welding bracket and pot.I make sure to fill the gap completely so that the grease does not leak any small holes along the seam.Flip the pan and do the same thing for the second bracket.Finally, Weld short seams along the four corners of the pan.Then, I used the angle grinder to smooth down what looked horrible welds I made...Anyway, the drip hole does not transfer the grease to the hanging tank cleanly.I hit the area around the drip hole with a hammer from the top to tilt the pot down into the hole.This is not necessarily in a very large area, right around the hole (maybe around 1/2 ).I bent the short stick into a hook and welded it to the bottom of the pan next to the drip hole.I want to hang a jar here and catch the water beads left when cooking.To prepare for painting, I did my last sandblasting in the welding area.Then, I carefully painted all the surfaces of the drip tray with a high temperature paint for the barbecue.I applied two coats to slow down the final Rust of the pan (which should be enough to extend the life of the grill ).It's time to install the drip tray, run the grill for a while, burn any smoke in the paint and start the barbecue.Take out the steak!
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