replacement stainless steel grill grates Hints From Heloise: Grilling 101

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-11
replacement stainless steel grill grates Hints From Heloise: Grilling 101
Dear Reader: it's only a few days away from Memorial Day weekend and it's time to get the outdoor grill ready.Here are some tips to start the season correctly: * remove all the grilles, clean them with soap and water, rinse them clean.* Check all parts of the grill: burner, gas tube and lava (if used ).Make sure there are no bugs in the line (they like to hide in small spaces), grease or dirt to prevent gas from flowing out of the line or from the burner.* Wipe the interior and exterior of the entire grill with soap and water.Rinse and dry.* Remove any old grease from the collection tray or the accumulated Ashes.* Make sure the grill is set away from the house and not near any bushes or hanging trees.--HeloiseP.S.Your garage is not the place to grill either.Imagine that if there is an unfortunate event, a fire will begin!The same advice applies to Turkish Fryer too!Send a good tip to: HeloiseP.O.Box 795000 San Antonio, TX 78279-5000Fax: 210-HELOISEE-Mail: Heloise @ HeloiseDear Heloise: is the pastry mixer really a must-have tool for making pastry dough?--Joanne in Colorado would say "Yes!"Pastry mixer is a baking tool worth investing in.This tool, which is usually stainless steel, has a smooth round handle with a curved wire forming a halfmoon shape.The wire cuts the shortening or butter evenly and quickly into flour.Before the butter or shortening starts to warm up and melt, mix the two ingredients using a pastry mixer.It is the larger butter or shortening oil inside the dough, forming a flaky shell once baked.--Dear Heloise: I tried to cook some lima beans a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I let them cook and burn.The bottom of my pot looks more than just clean.I remember your book "Heloise from A to Z" was mine."I found the following tips on the pan bowl pans Basin:" Wash aluminum: enlarge about 3 tablespoons of tartar cream and about 1 quart of water in the spray pot.Boil the mixture and let it continue to boil for about 10 minutes.Wash the pot well.Perfect job!Thank you. Heloise--Emilie P.Welcome to ArkansasYou and thank you for your kind words about my book!--Dear Heloise: The other day, my next day --Door neighbors are making cupcakes, but there is no cupcake pad.I told him to use aluminum foil.Just cut the tin paper into four squares and put it in a pine pan to make a cupcake.Really great!--Dear Heloise: watermelon can be roly-Try to slice, resulting in a dangerous knife slide.I cut a small piece on one side so I can put it down without scrolling.Enjoy yourself.--Suzie, via e-Mail send prompt to Heloise, P.O.Box 795000 San Antonio, Texas78279-5000, fax to 210-HELOISE or e-Mail to Heloise @ Heloisecom.Please include your city and state.
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