replacement stainless steel grill grates Rusted Parts Repair for a BBQ Grillware GGPL-2100

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-09
replacement stainless steel grill grates Rusted Parts Repair for a BBQ Grillware GGPL-2100
I got my grill free of charge from my dad who is throwing it away and I need one.I have been eating for a few years and it has worked very well.At least it was like this until the burner started to rust recently.I ordered some replacement burners from Amazon as well as some heating plates and a new Enamel coated grill.When I finished, I expected it to be as good as the new one.But when I started to remove the burner, I found that the metal ledge that the burner usually sits on was very rusty, and when I removed the old burner they were broken like an ancient scroll.The grill body was not sold as a replacement part, so my only Road became clear --I went to the hardware store.Note: all the hardware below is 304 stainless steel because I don't believe that galvanized can last for a long time in high temperature outdoor conditions.To create a "shelf" for each of the three burners, I used the following items, tools: when I tried to remove the burner, the two remaining racks in the three burner ledge on my grill let me know the height of placing the replacement ledge.I marked the positions of these holes with a pencil.Next, I drilled two holes for each new shelf/stand.After I finished the hole, I applied some high temperature spray.rust spray-Paint to avoid future corrosion to every area I remove paint during drilling.This is the easiest part, especially since the holes are a bit larger than the bolts, which gives me a little bit of room for error.For each the U-Bolts: after installing the bracket, I used a 1 "Bolt, several different types of washers and wing nuts to attach each burner to the bracket assembly.Each bolt: after assembling each set of burner hardware, I put the large Fender gasket on the top and bottom of the previously installed bracket, tighten the wing nut with my hand, and keep the Bolt still with a wrench.The Fender gasket should be clipped to u-Bolts are assembled and the burner is fixed in place.I repeat the process for each of the remaining burners, everything gets very clean, and the stainless steel hardware may exceed the rest of the grill.
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