replacement stainless steel grill grates Take your home outside

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replacement stainless steel grill grates Take your home outside
New York (Currency Magazine )--Pam and Mark Elmo did not buy a house in the market last summer.But when the curve, the ore.A couple happened to pass by a new house with 1,000-square-Fully equipped outdoor kitchen-foot terraceRefrigerator and stove includedA fire pit, they immediately realized that they had to have it.Now Elmores makes dinner outside about four nights a week."It opens up a whole new space in our house," Pam said ."."We often have fun here." Good-Goodbye, turn over the house.Hello, burger.Americans seem to be rediscovering the fun of their backyard.For many people, the place that used to be a casual barbecue with friends has now become a complete placeMature rooms with all facilities in the room: gourmet appliances, lamps, upholstered furniture, and even apartmentsTV screen.In the cold areas of the country, homeowners are installing heating lights and fireplaces so that they can rest outside at almost any time of the year."The whole standard of outdoor space has changed," said Stephen Melman, director of economic services at the National Association of Home Builders.Recently, NAHB's survey of builders and other industry professionals found that outdoor fireplaces quickly became the standard in high-end homes, with almost twoLast year, 30 architects surveyed by the American Institute of Architects reported an increase in demand for outdoor kitchens, terraces and decks.The most compelling reason to build an outdoor room is its sheer pleasure.But you can also benefit from it: it's a relatively cheap way to expand your living space."Outdoor is basically the second living room for many of our clients," says Stefan Thuilot, Berkeley's landscape architect .".In many areas, Mother Nature will heat and cool the space so that your utilities will not be increased.The valuation of the property tax assessor is usually based on "livable" (I .e., indoor) square feet, so an increase in outdoor should not increase your tax bill.While you may not get your full investment back when you sell, you may get a lot back."At the high end of the market, houses with outdoor rooms sell faster and at higher prices," said Teri Herrera, a real estate agent at Wash Bellevue .".But a back-Deck remodel can easily be turned into sixDigital event.You can buy a basic Stainless Steel Grill for $500$100,000 or more for a kitchen with granite countertops and luxury appliances;Customized prices for a fireplace range from thousands of dollars to $50,000Built stone version.But it cost too much money.Especially when the housing market is weak, the backyard is not smart.Before you open it.Air home theater, invite your friends to the barbecue of this century, you need to figure out what the meaning is in the yard and match your dreams with your budget.There is no magazine to inspire you, but the following practical questions can also be considered: What do you do outside if you want to entertain, you need enough space to accommodate a large table or lounge area;If you want to curl up reading on a cold night, the fireplace may be at the heart of your design.If you are in a rainy area, you will get more use in an area that can be covered with a solid awning.Once you have the idea, "Audition" the different parts of the yard with a portable grill and basic patio furniture, outdoor Deborah Krasner saidKitchen designer and author of new outdoor kitchen."It will help you to find out which places in your yard have the best views, or the least noise.When Olga and Hayes in Manchesterby-the-Sea, Mass.Start design 1,000square-In the deck of the backyard and the rest area of the garden, they think about the movement of the sun."We put the living room and the water garden on the east side so that I can enjoy the morning light of the garden in the summer," Olga said ."."In the afternoon, there were lights in the West --Side terrace for our entertainment."Depending on where you live and the scope of the project, your local rules may require approval from the city," said Julie Moir Messervy.The author of "not that big house outside."Many communities prohibit the use of fences and rattan stands, as well as canopy structures, while others stipulate what materials can be used.You may also need to be approved by the homeowner association to make drastic changes to your property.Your neighbor's yard peeks on a nearby fence to make sure your plan is not canceled."If you overspend your area, it will be hard for you --"They were asked to re-sell," said John bradmeyer, an appraiser at Omaha .".What will you spend if you don't have cash to fund this project, what will you get, get a fixed-rate home-Equity loans (about 8% today ).This is better than a variable family-At present, the average interest rate is 8.7 percent.But don't take on a lot of new debt for a project that won't necessarily recover the cost at the time of resale, says berlingame, Calif.Financial planner Barbara stanmetz, especially if you don't have enough time to enjoy it."If you're not sure you're going to be there for five years, put it in a nice patio and buy a grill and when you leave,"It is likely that your wish list is not fully synchronized with your wallet.Keep these tips in mind to reduce your budget.For anything more extensive than a simple deck, hire the right help and you may need an expert to help you make your plan.But unless your renovations require complex engineering work, you may be able to hire a landscape designer for $50 to $100 an hour instead of a landscape architect who MayThe typical plan takes about 20 hours, though it will be different.It's usually worth paying 15% to 20% for a "design and build" company for a complex project, and the company can do anything from outlining your plan to subcontractingUnlike most indoor projects, outdoor rooms can be built in many summers.It gives you more time to be big-Ticket items make it more feasible for you to do some work yourself.Consider trade-Instead of buying a custom for $10,000Built fireplace to pay $200 for a portable fire pit or chiminea.If you like the look of the outdoor kitchen, but are not prepared to spend $20,000 on the full set of equipment, then choose the high matchKevin Scheffer, landscape designer and artisan outdoor life president in Bend, Oregon, says high-quality grills are set on farmed stones.Slabs are usually considered necessary.There is yard material, but about $30 per square foot, which could be a budget break.An elegant-Schaffer says the alternative is stamped concrete, which is about $13 per square foot.When Bill and Jackie fridges, Dad.They bought a grill for $13,000 and a hot tub for $13,000.On the other hand, Bill says the TV is "the cheapest flat-screen TV I can find ".It's been used a lot."We have never been out for five years," Bill said ."."Now, the patio furniture is not used for a week after the new year.
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