replacement stainless steel grill grates Turn Your Gas Grill Into a Smoker - Simple Woodchip Tray

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-12
replacement stainless steel grill grates Turn Your Gas Grill Into a Smoker - Simple Woodchip Tray
Like a crowd in a backyard bar.b-Quer's, I want to get more smoke smell on my gas grill without buying a full smoker.One day I believe I will have a suitable smoker but now I am just out of that range or range.To improve my condition at the same time, I built a very simple wood sheet tray with custom sizes comparable to my Weber BBQ.My easy-to-make, cost-effective smoker tray bent from some metal sheet to shape in a few minutes was a good fit for my casual rib making needs and was very simple to use.While not used to comprehensive meat smokers, it does produce a lot of smoke and help me find one of my favorite foods --BBQ ribs.I measured the width of my grill and the height between the flavor stick and the grill and measured it to the store.The goal is to create a simple metal reusable tray that places the wood pieces above the elements of the barbecue flame to produce smoke.I made the chip tray with some old metal pieces.In my case, mark the size of the box, 20 "wide x 4" deep x 1 1/2 "high.1 1/2 "is about the maximum height of the tray so it can still be placed under the grill, 20" is the width of the interior of my grill.Sheet metal will fold up like a carton, so mark the bottom of the tray and on the four walls.The remaining four corners of 1/2 "will be cut off.Bring the sheet metal to the jump cut and cut the metal to an external size.If you don't have a jump cut, the clamp saw that cuts the blade with metal works very well.Take the material to the corner cut and remove the material in four corners.If your building Tray box is as big as mine, it should be four square 1/2 Square.Once the paper is cut into size and shape, fold the box using a metal fold bender.Now the bundeers will only bend both sides.The adjacent sides are difficult to do on the metal bending machine, so bend the long side on the bending machine and handle the short side in the next step.The bending technique I used to fold short edges in place is a bit rough --It is called a hammer and a steel block.I put a steel block inside the chip tray and a solid L-shaped steel block outside.This creates a shape that makes the steel plastic into the right shape.Beat the inner block with a hammer and create a bend.With a bit of a trick, this is actually a very effective way to create a bend.Although the bending is not as brittle as the metal brake bending of the previous step, it looks almost the same.Soak in the water for hours of wood fries.I used pecans in the picture above, but they have a variety of varieties and flavors.Stick to something natural.I'm using a very small chip.The big pieces of wood will definitely smoke for a longer period of time, but the problem is that they are not very easy to put in a barbecue.It's a small chip.Place the chip tray on top of one of the BBQ burners.Drain the soaked pieces of wood and fill the tray with the pieces.I chose to put the tray on the burner in front (one in front of my BBQ and one in the back ).Put the grill back in the position above the chip tray.I bet you know where I'm going now...Ignite the BBQ that only opens the front burner.I would like to smoke ribs for a few hours with indirect heat at a relatively low temperature (between 220 and 250 F.Direct heating will burn the meat in such a long cooking time, so it is important to only ignite the flame under the front chip tray.I only made the chip trays 4 "deep so they have enough space behind to hold the ribs.I recently read that it's not great to put the meat directly on the smoking fries...This warning, I'm sure, is well worth debating.Once the tray reaches the temperature, you will see wood chips starting to smoke after about 20 minutes.This is the clue to throwing meat.The ribs I put on the grill smoked for 3 to 4 hours.Because the chips are small and the tray is not so big, it can only smoke for about 1 hour...However, it's OK, it's easy to change the used chip to a new one, just a few minutes.Remove the meat from the grill, remove the grill, throw away the scrap pieces of wood, fill the new pieces of wood, replace the grill, and finally replace the ribs.All in all, what I want to say is that this method is the best way I have come up with to create a poor smoker.After trying Mark Bitman's oven smoked pork ribs recipe, I re-created this recipe on instructures and tried a one with disposable aluminum baking now similar to what I outlined in this Instructure, I can say for sure that this DIY smoker approach works best.I have a ceramic BBQ project that is planned for spring 2013 and would love to provide me with a great backyard smoker/pizza oven/grill but the project was very good before that.
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