response to nuclear kitty litter is moving fast - long burning charcoal briquettes

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-07
response to nuclear kitty litter is moving fast  -  long burning charcoal briquettes
After the first radioactive leak in the world's only deep geological nuclear waste repository, no action is taken, and it is possible to use an improper scarlet letter to commemorate the most successful government project in history.
Fortunately, New Mexico, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the United StatesS.
Doe acted quickly and realized that time was not our friend in this case.
Recall that the only operating geological nuclear waste repository Waste Isolation Pilot Project, after 15 years of perfect operation, had its first minor accident on Valentine's Day (NMED).
This is a very small radiation release that will not hurt anyone or have any impact on the environment.
The people we study this issue believe that this must be a WIPP problem since WIPP happened, so we consider what might be wrong with the way the rock or WIPP works.
But WIPP is not the problem at all.
The problem is WIPP (Kitty Litter).
Some drums slowly heat up, and a drum blows up because of something inside.
Everyone was very cautious and it was natural, but it took us three months to get back to the dubious drum sound so focused on the wrong things like rock falling.
The initial investigation report was critical to the operation and management of the WIPP facility, but instead of grasping the actual cause of the incident, it focused on issues that did not make much sense to the accident.
In fact, the WIPP security system has almost complete control over radiation release during this incident. Only 1.
Released 3 ml of the amer to the environment (Am)
Of all smoke detectors in any small town in the United States, the number of Am is many times less than that of Am.
At the same time, mining files, documents and records (
Bar code and tracking for each container and drum)
Tell us what's in these drums and why they create heat and pressure in slow burning.
These reactions will not be affected by the shock, shock, friction or anything else you think of as these are not like bombs.
They're like slow.
Burn charcoal coal balls.
Reaction takes only time.
Doe is understandable to be careful (WIPP Recovery)
Don't want to guess and mess up the waters, maybe have to take something back later.
Their work is pretty sure, and the incident is nothing if it's not strange.
The possible legal issues alone will scare me.
In addition, the type of chemical analysis required, the difficulty of rebuilding events, the difficulty of entering the ground --
These are not actions that people take in a hurry.
But Doe's silence is seen as a confusion that has frustrated the country and the public.
Community support is shaking.
National support is wobbling.
This process of DOE will not end well without checking, and WIPP may never reopen.
Therefore, we cannot continue this situation on a formal time scale.
We need to seize it and take action.
If we don't act quickly, the Carlsbad community and New Mexico as a whole will be punished unfairly for 30 years as they support a mission that is critical to the United States --
Clean up the problems left over from the Cold War.
No one else stands up, no one else will.
We need to repay this support by not wasting time and making the site forgotten because the US is afraid to take action.
Fortunately, the New Mexico Environment Department is aware of this and has issued two executive orders to the Department of Energy to address the two most pressing issues as soon as possible --
The drum is still hanging outside of the WIPP and seals the room and panel where there are some drums in the WIPP (Nmed lanl order;
Nmed wipp order).
Use a knowledge document known as acceptable, detailing the content of each drum and its treatment history (such as CCP-AK-LANL-
006 and other DOE and contractor documents)
We can rebuild the story the following way.
From more than 30 years ago, activities involving the separation of amer (Am)
A small amount of ultra-uranium waste contaminated with amer has been produced from the old weapons materials (Am)
Other radionuclides, plutonium, uranium and small amounts containing various metal elementsnitrate salts (
Strong oxidation agent), such as (Mg,Ca)(NO3)
Contains a small amount of Fe, Na and K.
After dehydration, the bottom of these hot evaporator is poured into the tray, vacuum dry, flashing crystals, rinse with cold water, put in the bag, placed for 30 years.
When it came to treatment a few years ago, the waste also had some nitric acid liquids.
The Ministry of Transport stipulates that free liquid is not required (
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