restaurant review: tacofino takes it up a tasty touch at new west of main location - the best charcoal grill to buy

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
restaurant review: tacofino takes it up a tasty touch at new west of main location  -  the best charcoal grill to buy
Three years ago, I talked to chef Stefan Hartmann about his research on carrots.
Stewed hot spring eggs with goat cheese and honey beans and parsley jelly, Jerusalem flour, Parma ham and more foam, puffs, foam and accent-
It's part of six of him.
Serve as opening chef tasting menu in Bauhaus Restaurant.
I wrote in a subsequent dinner Review: "then a gentle farewell, collage of tonka bean ice cream, crispy kisses, a little cake, rhubarb and strawberries . ".
Now look at Hartman.
He left the dazzling sky.
More than a year ago, wire act of haute cuisine became a regional chef for Tacofino, a small engine that could be done. No more foam.
Tacono was originally a trendy taco food truck in the parking lot of a surf shop in Tofino.
Recently, the owner Jason Sussman and kaelišsong opened the operation of eight Tacofino-
He is one of six cities in Vancouver.
They incited Taco fever throughout the city with fresh local ingredients and bright flavors in an attractive setting (sometimes wa-
Too noisy for me).
So Hartman's excited about the streets these days.
Mexican street food.
Tacofino Ocho is different from the previous Tacofino because it is covered with fire and the menu is glued to the new wood stone charcoal grill.
"It's Jason's big dream to have that charcoal grill," Hartman said . " Hartman worked closely with Susman.
"It offers a unique flavor and is beautiful to smoke.
Everything was moved by charcoal.
Even the salad is baked.
We work with the grille as much as possible.
However, this does require a new set of skills, and more dishes will come out of the kitchen when it is fully controlled.
The boss and chef recently visited Oaxaca and Mexico City and collected some suggestions from the Friends of Hartman, Mexican star chef Casa Oaxaca's Alejandro Ruiz. The result?
"We want to build a restaurant around the charcoal grill and work with pure taste," Hartman said . ".
"What we're seeing is not a complicated tortillas, it's just meat and stuff.
We are immersed in the energy of street food and don't want anything complicated or crazy.
"Tortillas are the center of other places, with smaller roles in Ocho, and they are also smaller in physical size, at 4 inch instead of six.
The Mexican street style is more simple and direct.
Ocho's menu is more ambitious as the plates on the grill are marked with heat and smoke.
The whole Rocky fish we tried. $28)
Three or four people.
Share the dishes with many tortillas as you wish --
Pack, eat alone or wipe the plate with it.
The fish was beautifully made and caught my eye, as well as a grilled vegetable salsa.
All the dishes are punched in to varying degrees.
Seven delicious
An ounce of grilled beef tenderloin, sliced, with a bold chimichurri sauce, I am happy to embrace the breath of garlic.
"We don't know how to make street food.
It's up to me to enjoy steak at home, a vanilla butter, "says Hartman.
"We also need to add heavy elements, so we added fried cheese curd to the dishes.
"First of all, I ate empadas, the most refined beef of all time ($8)
Sit on it with black bean paste and cream and hambanello dip. Equites ($6)
A plate of corn casserole with a mix of Mexican corn sauce, lime, cortia cheese, lime and pepper.
Roast corn on the stick with cheese, spicy, herbi decor
Will make me happier.
When it comes to dessert, if the meal is really good, we will order it and look forward to the calorie value.
So we ordered two, both for $6: Oaxacan rice pudding topped with sour cherry and chocolate sauce.
Alas, the thick cherro family has not yet cooked to the center.
Rice pudding is made in the way Hartman likes, German style, no creamy flavor.
I prefer cream, but the sour cherry on it is delicious and I mix the juice together to make the pudding soft.
In terms of drinks, there are a lot of local craft beer, Mexican beer on the side of the bottle, a bunch of wine and tequila --
Cocktail (no mezcal? ).
The service was quick and enjoyable, but I suggested that the waiter take the remaining stone head fish to the kitchen to cut and pack.
When I folded it into a container, I almost dropped it off my lap from the crowded little table.
As for the noise level, it is very high, but the ceiling is also very high, so I am satisfied.
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