Restaurants in private homes — sharing economy's latest trend - where to buy charcoal for grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Restaurants in private homes — sharing economy\'s latest trend  -  where to buy charcoal for grill
Nadya Khoja ground pepper on Brussels sprouts and hisses on the stove.Sarah Lee, her roommate, smashed feta, butter and parsley in a bowl.The evening menu was carefully prepared: Brussels sprout salad topped with apples and walnuts, followed by macaroni and goat cheese with tiger shrimp.Khoja added that they do know the names of the guests and some details they have collected from Facebook.She explained: "We checked it out just to verify that you are a real person and you look relatively normal."Neither is a professional chef: Lee works in the sales department and Khoja works in the marketing department.But 24-year-The elderly are passionate about food.They started their adventure a few months ago because they realized that they always cooked too much for both of them.Roommates decide that sharing their food is a great way to meet new people.Dinner strangersTuroto-In the long run, peer car rental has expanded Canada's regulation of the shared economy, which is now serving dinner, could strengthen the shared economy.People can run hotels in their own homes or rent their own cars in Turofor.There are a lot of websites that come up right now, where people advertise take-out services, or where restaurants are sold out.The original site includes Feastly, which operates outside the United States.S.and Israel-Headquartered in startup EatWith, people can book dinner at homes around the world.Cheaper than restaurants. The cost of a family restaurant is usually much lower than the real one, but not everyone wants cash --Some people settle accounts by trade.While many family restaurants are becoming a real business, nomoni has turned around at Chez Lisgar.Khoja and Lee prefer the barter system, so they ask for alcohol from guests.Two roommates started promoting Chez Lisgar on a trading site called Bunz.They soon found themselves overwhelmed by requests, so Khoja created a separate site where potential guests could learn about the restaurant and register."Then we can remind them if they made the cut," explains Khoja .".That's right —Chez Lisgar has become so popular, with 300 people on the waiting list, according to final statistics."The response we received was so strong."It really shows people's desire for this connection with people," Li said .".For those who are hungry but can't stay for dinner, there are an increasing number of websites that can order homemade takeout.The MealSurfers website promotes family dinners in Toronto to showcase food for pick-up and drop-off.Expanded country service plan-Wide next monthOn the day Menews interviewed her, she was preparing to roast 20 beef satay.She is going to stick them on the takeout before the meal, each with a peanut dip and a cucumber sauce.She later reported that she had sold every meal."It was a great experience," said Iqbal, 27.year-Old financial analyst-in-Trained at Toronto's George Brown College.She explained that she was not selling food from her Toronto apartment for money, but to experience it."It's about getting to know my neighbors, sharing what I'm cooking and getting feedback."What will the health inspector say?Iqbal said the feedback has been positive so far.But people may be worried about food safety.When the restaurant is inspected by the local health authorities, who is checking the hygiene of the home premises?Toronto Public Health told CBC News that anyone in Ontario who runs a home food service must comply with the provincial food handling and storage regulations.According to Iqbal, the Toronto Health Department randomly checked some home chefs.She hasn't been checked yet, but she says she knows and follows the rules.Khoja admitted that the health department did not knock on her door at lislis gar.But she says she has a background in food services, a certificate for food processors, and she and Lee follow the proper procedures.Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?The two hosts soon learned that guest Alex Cioppa is a social media expert and her friend Jordan Leung is a college student.The food was served by Khoja and Lee poured wine and they all sat together for dinner.The conversation began immediately.Four people talk about everything from their career to their love for food.Liang admits she's a little nervous about eating at a stranger's house, but she thinks it's worth taking risks."It's very close and nice," she said. "I'm glad to be here ." She dropped her macaroni and Feida cheese and announced it was delicious.She told the owner that she felt "at home "."This is a great concept," added her friend Cioppa ."."It was a very pleasant way to spend the night."As the dinner conversation continued, everyone came to the same conclusion --Food is also shared to share new experiences."It has something very amazing," said Li .".
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