revealed: the exact temperature to cook each meat at for the perfect barbecue plus how many times to flip your burgers (and it's fewer than you think) - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
revealed: the exact temperature to cook each meat at for the perfect barbecue plus how many times to flip your burgers (and it\'s fewer than you think)  -  what's the best charcoal grill
No one wants their guests to leave Pimm's house.
Barbecue with salmonella in the summer, or politely reject the social embarrassment of raw meat
Chicken breast or grilled sausage.
Luckily, this simple guide on how to perfectly cook each meat in the sun has everything you need --
From how to prepare skewers to the exact temperature each meat needs to reach.
According to food experts, the most important thing before starting a barbecue is temperature and time.
They also reveal the best tips to perfect your communication
Including pointing out that the burger only needs to be flipped once.
Researchers at health food retailer Musclefood.
Com's idiot-
This also reveals how to get the ideal smoked flavor from your BBQ vegetables.
If you keep these tips in mind and follow the rules below, your guests will definitely be back for a few seconds after the sun goes down.
Make sure you have two of the most important tools, a meat thermometer and a timer before you start.
For a charcoal grill, spread it out at a certain angle so that each side of your grill has high, mild and medium heat.
Once lit, leave for at least 20 minutes or reduce the flame until the coal turns white.
Top tip: Keep your BBQ at its best throughout the summer by refuel the food slightly instead of the grill.
In this way, once you have finished cooking, the oil stains on the grill will be reduced.
Burgerspertemature temperature: 71 degrees CelsiusCook your burger is cooked at high temperatures as you will want to bake outside while keeping the meat in the middle pink
A burger should be cooked for about 9 minutes, but if you want your burger to be cooked all the time, you might want to make them a little longer.
Internal temperature of a well
The temperature of the burger should be around 71 degrees Celsius.
Top tip: If you are adding cheese, move the burger to the cool part of the grill once it is fully cooked, and then let it melt on it for about two minutes.
Steak House temperature: 60 degrees Celsius (rare)
Like a burger, the steak should be cooked at high temperatures, creating a nice scones texture outside while leaving the juicy interior.
If you like steak, then the internal temperature of the steak you want should be between 57 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius, while the medium cooked steak should be around 65 degrees Celsius.
Anything around 71 degrees. done.
Each steak should be cooked at a high temperature for five minutes, then transferred to a lower temperature and cooked for another three minutes for rare use, six minutes in the middle and twelve minutes in the well.
Top tip: the quality of the steak you buy is critical, so if you want to make your meat bolder, make sure you buy a leaner steak with less fat content.
SAUSAGESPerfect perfect temperature: 65 degrees CelsiusA perfect grilled sausage requires a lot of attention and needs to be rotated between high temperature and medium heat to ensure the interior is fully cooked
After crisp texture.
The ideal internal temperature should be 65 degrees Celsius when cooked, reaching this point for no more than 20 minutes.
Chicken perfect temperature: 73 degrees CelsiusChicken must always be cooked under medium fire, because the barbecue at high temperature will make the inside of the meat raw, and the outside will lose its taste due to burning.
It's better to cook your chicken after the rest of the meat, as the heat of your barbecue will decrease.
The little chicken breast takes about 8 to 12 minutes to cook under direct medium fire.
The best temperature to cook through chicken is 73 degrees Celsius.
Tip: If you are using chicken slices, then put the meat in a pot before the barbecue because it will make the chicken more flat, which means it will cook evenly.
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