Roasting a Turkey in a Charcoal Grill - charcoal bbq grill b&q

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
Roasting a Turkey in a Charcoal Grill  -  charcoal bbq grill b&q
The 22 inch or larger charcoal grill is perfect for roast Thanksgiving turkey.Advantages--This leaves men out of the House and allows them to drink adult drinks without obstructing women.It's like having another oven where you can prepare something else in a normal oven when the turkey is cooking outside.The taste of the turkey will be a little pleasant.I'm sorry I don't have a real turkey cooking that can be included in the illustration.First, I made a metal sheet shield to protect the finish on the side of the grill from very hot coal.It is your decision whether you do so.In the photo, the red ring identifies the joint between the two sheet metal pieces.You can see several popular rivets.The yellow line shows the top and bottom of the sheet metal side protective tape.The white paper shows how to develop patterns for cutting sheet metal parts.Remove the grill from the grill.Put a piece of paper on the side of the kettle where the charcoal grate is located.Track the profile of the ledge supporting the charcoal grate to get the correct curve.Draw a curve parallel to this one, about 1/2 or 4 inch from this line.Use this as a pattern for cutting the sheet metal part.Install these parts inside the grill and mark them for alignment.Remove these parts from the grill.Drill holes, fix the section together with pop rivets.When you're done, you'll have a sheet metal strip that fits right inside the grill above the charcoal grate.Unfreeze an 8 to 12 pound turkey.Check out the website for cooking the turkey for the time and direction of unfreezing the turkey.Remove the gallows from the inside of the bird.Butter or rub the turkey to your liking.Don't put stuffing in the bird.Don't cover the bird with paper bags.You can put the aluminum foil around the wings if you want to prevent them from excessivecooking.Place the turkey in a disposable aluminum baking tray.Form a pan around the turkey so it fits well with the turkey.Put about 2 inch of the metal meat thermometer into the breast.Do not touch the bone thermometer.It should have a large, easy-to-read dial.If it has a "bug" you can set it to indicate where the bird should be when it is done, set it to 185 F.If your turkey comes with pop music, the thermometer is optionalCompletion indicator.However, sometimes pop musicFailed up indicator.After trying a variety of tools and methods to start a charcoal fire, my favorite thing is the chimney lit from below with a newspaper.In about 25 minutes, your charcoal fire will burn.Put two crumpled newspapers under the chimney.Fill the chimney or most of it with charcoal.Light the newspaper with matches.Only one game is needed.Pay attention to make sure the newspaper is not out and make sure the coal starts to ignite.In a few seconds, you can put your hand on the charcoal.If charcoal is lit, you will feel the heat from the coal raised in the chimney.) Be careful about chimneys filled with hot coal.When pouring them out, a coal can come out from the bottom and fall on your legs or feet.Fire outside and outside the grill.After putting the turkey into the grill, you will move the coal to the grill.To know when to start a fire, you need to do some reverse calculations.The cooked bird may be placed for a few minutes before you start carving.Carving also takes a few minutes.It takes 30 minutes or more to start coal.Turkey needs three.Cook for 5 hours, probably more, depending on the size of your turkey, the temperature maintained during cooking, the external ambient temperature of the day and the wind.Windy days require more cooking time.Remove the grill cover and grill and place it for a day.Open all the vents of the grill.Place the turkey and disposable baking tray in the grill in the center of the charcoal grate.Pour your hot coal into an old pot.Use pliers to place the coal between the side protector of the grill and the disposable aluminum baking tray.Pile up as high unlit coal as possible on burning coal.The black ellipsis in the picture is coal.You use two thermometers, one for the meat in the bird's breast to understand when the meat is finished, and the other for the metal meat made of candy, hanging on the upper vent hole, to understand the air temperature inside the grillThe use of these two thermometers gives some precision in cooking a turkey in this way and makes it a very practical alternative to a normal oven.The temperature under the grill cover can easily rise to more than 450 degrees Fahrenheit.Especially at the beginning.Use the vents at the bottom to block the air and reduce the temperature.Look at the candy thermometer in the lid of the grill.When the temperature starts to drop, open the vent at the bottom a bit.The thermometer lags behind the coal situation and you don't want the temperature to be too low.The temperature is 350 to Fahrenheit.Almost ideal.Try not to let the temperature drop below 325 degrees F.If you need to increase the temperature, add more coal and get more air into the grill.The coal you put in the grill at the beginning is not enough to cook the turkey for more than 3 hours.Lift the lid every 45 minutes and press the burning coal tightly with pliers.You will be surprised at how much ash is lost in the coal and suddenly look very little.Pile Up New unlit coal on the burning coal and cover it.The new coal will be lit in a few minutes.The candy thermometer will record the air temperature for a few minutes in the grill, but it will recover to a more accurate reading in a short period of time.Place the lid of the grill so that the vent holes are above the meat thermometer of the turkey breast.As the cooking time draws to a close, remove the candy thermometer from the vent, read the meat temperature timing through another vent, and shine the vent with a flashlight.Don't let too much smoke into your eyes.It stings.When the meat reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheitremove the lid.Lift the Turkey and its disposable pan from the grill with a pair of large pliers.Put it on a plate and carve it inside.There may only be a little bit of ash on the Turkey's skin, but you can wipe it off.Turn off the grill and its vents and let the charcoal go out.Enjoy turkey.
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