Rock Salt Lamp - accessories for grilling fish

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
Rock Salt Lamp  -  accessories for grilling fish
Now, I guess needless to say, using salt on steel and cast iron tools is a very bad idea.Your blade, surface and debris will rust.It can't be fixed sometimes.So, a fair warning.Personally, I 've done it 4 times so I know what I'm doing.To be honest, some of my favorite projects started with very bad ideas.I walked into a local restaurant and bought a 12 "x 8" salt.Sell grilled fish at the grill.About $30 in my area.I then cut 2-I have 4 inch squares on my band saw.Slowly, slowly.Salt breaks more easily than cutting, and you're basically just guiding the break with a saw.Salt dust is strong.Protect your lungs.Wear a mask.Bloodwood is a beautiful, dense, hard wood that, unlike many other red wood, remains red.While you can use paduak or redheart wood, both quickly fade to reddish brown when exposed to UV light.The process is much slower for bloodwood.The downside now is that it is much more difficult to use tools and much more difficult to use them.It sounds silly considering I cut salt on my band saw, but the blood Wood will soon make the steel tool dull.I tore a board on my table saw to 4 "wide and then made two 4" pieces with my cross cut sled to match the salt block.Each of the 4 blocks needs to be drilled in some way.2 salt blocks will be drilled with 2 5/8 drill bits.Along the way, one will have a hole and the second black will stop not far from the top.(This will be the top of the lamp) I am using fornster bit as it tends to cut the cleanest.Stop often and let the pieces cool down.It took me 30 minutes to drill out every block.I still have a crack, though.It's just one of the fun to work with salt!Blood Wood is a dream after working with salt!A board is drilled with 2 drill bits of 5/8, and the other piece (bottom) has a hole of 1 where the light shines.Drilling, cutting or applying any heat or pressure can cause cracks in the salt.In my opinion, it is these works that interest them!The risk comes with it.The second salt I drilled cracked.There is a big crack on all sides, but one goes through all the way.So, I used some transparent epoxy made up of two parts and fixed it.After the cure, you can hardly find a place to fix it.Looks more like a character.I was hoping it wouldn't break, but it doesn't work much to fix it.When the resin is cured, I polish the blood wood into 220 sand, which takes almost as much time as the resin...Did I mention I hate blood Wood?!) The assembly process is simple.Glue all four blocks together with two parts of epoxy resin.Wait 24 hours for total healing time.I then added some rubber feet to the bottom as a stand.This will allow me to add a groove to the wire.On my local ACE Hardware, the wire was $7 and was labeled as a replacement for the ceramic building in Christmas village.It is perfect for 1 "hole and no other fastening is required!Finally, I added two layers of wipes to the exposed blood Wood and let it dry.I have been using it as a bedside lamp for the past two weeks.I like how it looks during the day and it will light up at night.The bulb is a 7 W bulb with little heat.Of course, you can use the LED light strip as a replacement and add the IR remote control.What I might do in the future...Thank you for your attention!
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