rose parade route merchants look to collect from cold campers - portable fold up grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-07
rose parade route merchants look to collect from cold campers  -  portable fold up grill
Last year, campers at the Rose Parade braved the cold.
This year, the weather is relatively mild and the temperature is around 2: 60 in the morning. m. Monday.
The low is expected to fall to 45.
The owner of the Peruvian restaurant Choza Mama on the parade route, Ric Linares, tends to his coffee and hot chocolate booth set up to attract campers.
Linares, who has lived in Pasadena for a long time, is partly due to the slow pace of his business caused by the warmer weather.
"It was very cold last year," he said . "
Good tonight.
I think I can sell hot chocolate and coffee.
Photo: When most people sleep under heavy blankets, many viewers only wear jeans and T-shirts. shirts.
Linares is one of several Pasadena Old Town businesses catering to the overnight crowd.
Some cafes have posted slogans saying they are open 24 hours a day.
But many viewers are ready.
A family grilled corn sticks on a portable grill.
Other settings fold-
Dining table with plenty of food.
A thermos seems to be a must. have item.
Linares expressed regret for the slow development of the business.
He wanted to sell some empanadas as well, but he said he hasn't sold much so far.
At least two people asked Linares if they could have coffee or food for free.
"I don't know what this is," he said . "
"Sales are not so good.
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The octopus at the feet of the enterprise greedRose parade participants barely slept before the Pasadena event ---
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