round metal bbq grill Simple Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-09-01
round metal bbq grill Simple Welding Project Ideas for Beginners

If you are looking for ideas for welding projects for beginners, we will give you some simple ideas such as making shop stools, barbecue grills, etc.\ "A welding car with welding machines, gas cylinders and some welding accessories is a great, very useful first project!Welding is not only an interesting hobby, but also a good source of income.Nowadays, it is very easy to learn the basics of welding through books, Internet videos and beginners courses.Once you understand the welding process, you can start building simple projects in the garage.These items will help you hone your welding skills for beginners.Before proceeding, let's take a look at the type of welding process.This welding is commonly referred to as metal inert gas (MIG) welding and is most commonly used for domestic and industrial purposes.Suitable for welding of aluminum and non-aluminum thin platesferrous metals.During this process, the metal sheet is welded together with the help of wires (like electrodes) and inert gas ar (acting as a shield against oxidation.This process, also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is similar to MIG welding.However, the only difference is that the metal sheet is melted together using the "Tungsten" electrode.It uses inert gases such as ar, he, or ar-In order to weld active metals such as aluminum, magnesium, helium mixture.This is probably the most basic of all welding types.This process uses a special device that releases current to weld even if those materials are not conductive.This welding method is also called "arc welding" because of the archJust like the current generated between the welding device and the material to be welded, it is very useful for metals with a thickness greater than 4mm.You can prepare your own barbecue grill at home.Square metal tube for legs and framesSheet metal for charcoal pits-1.Weld four metal tubes into rectangles to form a frame.2.Mark the length of the frame and cut the metal plate used to make the ash catcher.3.Bend the paper until both sides fit on both sides of the frame.4.Weld this metal plate to both sides of the frame to form a parabola-shaped arc.5.Stand on the frame on the side and place a 1 \ "steel square net at the end.6.Weld where the mesh holes overlap with the ashtray.7.Cut off the remaining overlapping mesh and clean up any sharp edges.8.Cut the wire mesh into a tray to hold the charcoal and place it on the ashtray to make the spike edge intersect the end of the side mesh.9.Keep the grill at a comfortable height, measure the diagonal distance to the floor, and cut out four metal tubes accordingly.10.Take a pair of these tubes and fix them together with nuts and bolts to form X-Styling structure.Repeat this step for the remaining pair.These X-The shape pair will be used to form the legs of the grill.11.Bolt the \'X\'-Shape legs on the side of the frame.12.Cut the wire mesh according to the length and width of the grill and place it on the top of the grill.Your grill is now available.The stool in the store is another simple thing.to-Do projects for beginners.8 square metal tubes for frame and leg support-Square steel plate for seat-Four square metal tubes for legs-Horn bracket for legs-1.Weld four metal tubes into rectangles to form a frame.2.Make the seat by welding the metal plate to the metal frame.3.Weld 4 equal-Keep the metal legs high with the seat and the angle rail bracket through the lower half of the stool and seat.Your store stool is now available.This is another simple project you can do at home.4 steel No. 12 of 40x20 inch-4 cold-Rolling steel bars 1 feet long1.Tack-Weld 4 pieces together in 90-Degrees corner each other, keep 20-The sides of the inch form a square together.2.Weld 4 rods in 4 corners of the square.Your pit is now ready to be anchored to the ground.An L-The shape book head is a very simple project that can be made with anything that can be welded to metal.2 heavy-4-metal parts for measurement6 inch wide-Paint -1.Put two pieces of metal in 90-The angle of degree is welded together.2.Your bookmarks are now available;However, apply a layer to it in the color you choose to make it more attractive.You can even surround your garden by yourself.To do this, you need steel bars (the number of bars depends on the area to be fenced) and aluminum-Magnesium alloy wire mesh.Place steel bars vertically at equal distances to each other.Make equal screens accordingly.For example, if the height of the bar is 3 m mm and the distance between them is 2 m mm, then cut the mesh into a size of 3x2 m.Now you can weld these screens between the two steel bars and continue welding until your entire garden is fenced.You can even show your creativity by welding various artworks with scrap metal parts.Some of these ideas include decorative garden stakes and plant stands, miniature sculptures, statues, and more.So select your favorite item from the list above and start trying your welding skills.In doing so, be sure to wear safety helmets and welding gloves and take other necessary precautions.
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