round metal fire pits How to Landscape Around an Outdoor Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-15
round metal fire pits How to Landscape Around an Outdoor Fire Pit
Sit in your backyard on a cold fall night and bake marshmallow next to the fire pit, which is appealing.While you may use it most often after dark, fire pits can be the focus of your landscape design when it's hard to see a lot about the landscape.Carefully select the elements of life to ensure that the remaining fire floating from the fire pit has no place nearby to make a fire.Kill all the grass and other plants in 7-Radius around the fire pit.Unlike the outdoor fireplace, fire pits do not have much wind protection, and their afterfires tend to drift in the breeze.Either spray the area with full sprayUse chemical herbicides such as glyphosate or pour boiling water into the area.Wait 24 hours and re-apply the herbicide or boiling water if the grass and plants do not wither and turn yellow.Dig out the soil around the fire pit for about 2 to 4 inch depth and clear all dead plants and grass.Clear at least 7 feet of the area from the fire pit around.If you use boiling water as a herbicide, place the soil and dead vegetation in a compost pile;Break down the mass with steel rake sub and put the new compost material in with the old compost material.If you use all of themUse chemical herbicides to place soil and dead vegetation in plastic bags;Soil and dead vegetation should not be introduced into the compost heap, in part because chemical herbicides can damage plants and change the pH of the soil when composting is used.Do not use chemical herbicide-treated substances in vegetable garden compost;This will help make sure you don't eat any of the herbicides.Cut the landscape fabric or plastic with a tool knife and use it to align the area you dig out.Hammer the landscape nail through fabric or plastic every 6 inch, attach it to the edge of the area.Non-covered landscape fabric or plasticFlammable materials that you can choose from, such as river stones, gravel, bricks or stone paving.If you use a paving machine, lay silica sand on the top of the paving machine, and use a broom to push the sand into the cracks between the paving machines to help hold the paving machine firmlyAdd seats around your fire pit.The big stone is twice the seat and a way to bring another natural element to your landscape.A wooden bench or Adirondack chair is a comfortable and attractive option, but at least 3 feet from the fire pit.Place Terracotta Warriors, metal or ceramic pots on the edge of the fire pit clearing area.Fill growers with blooming annual plants that are not as flammable as perennial shrubs and grass.Change flowers every season to keep the area fresh and interesting.All-Measuring tapeShovelSteel rake (optional) plastic bags (optional) landscape fabric or plastic facilities wooden benches or chairs, metal or ceramic plants each year plants discover that the soil uses the same ground skin as around the fire pit to define the walkway to the fire pit, such as river stone, gravel, brick or stone paving.Arrange sidewalks with decorative grass or blooming annual plants.Before the fire pit fires, sweep away the surrounding area and clear dead branches and/or fallen leaves that easily catch fire if touched by floating Ashes.Near the fire pit, attach a bucket of water, garden hose to the faucet or fire extinguisher to quickly put out the fire when the weather is windy.Use the fire pit only if there is no breeze or breeze;Doing so will help prevent the residual fire from flying.Keep your fire pit away from the big tree.Any extended branch should not be within 10 feet from the fire pit, or even more than 20 feet from the ground.The wind can bring the remaining wood high enough to blow away the lower and upper branches of the trees.
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