round metal fire pits How to Plant Flowers in an Old Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-16
round metal fire pits How to Plant Flowers in an Old Fire Pit
Late-When you have a dedicated fire pit in your yard, the night conversation in the backyard becomes a lasting memory around the campfire.If you don't have a fire in the yard, you can use that fire pit as a beautiful garden.The type of garden you make depends largely on the type of fire pit.Some fire pits are just holes in the ground, and there may be a little stone or brick trim on the top edge.Other fire pits cover the fire with fire bricks and rings made of several bricks.Remove as much ash as possible from the bottom of the fire pit until you reach the soil layer below.If the fire pit is lined with bricks, remove the ash and put it on the brick layer, then either remove the bricks, reveal the soil, or place the bricks in the same place as the bottom of the pot.Before planting in spring, do so in early autumn so that there is time to adjust the soil as needed.Dig the soil in the fire pit with a garden hoe, break any soil mass, and loosen the soil.If you are going to leave bricks at the bottom of the fire pit, please skip this step.Soil testing is performed using a home test kit to determine the pH value and available minerals in the soil.From this test, you can determine whether you need to add ash to reduce the acidity or whether you need to add iron sulfate to reduce the alkalinity.Fill the pit to the soil level with a combination of garden soil, ash or iron sulfate to adjust the soil pH, finished compost and organic matter such as chopped leaves, grass scraps and aged fecesIf you have bricks above the ground to create a raised flowerpot, please leave 4 to 6 inch on the top edge without soil correction.Turn the ingredients repeatedly with hoes or garden forks to fully absorb them.Spring adds more compost to the pit, filling it back into the grade after the soil fertilizer breaks down and the soil settles.Turn the soil with a hoe or rake, loosen the soil and add new compost.After the soil fertilizer breaks down in the soil, another soil test is performed in the spring to determine the pH value so that you can make the best plant choice.If the soil remains slightly alkaline to alkaline, the pH is higher than 6, and mature potted plants are grown instead of seeds and seedlings.5. it can prevent germination and growth disorder of seedlings.If the pH of the soil is significantly reduced due to soil improvement, you can try to plant seeds or small plants, but generally fire pits have a pH that prevents seed germination and hinders growth.Based on the results of the second soil test, fill the fire pit planter with plants that prefer neutral soil instead of alkaline soil.Skip acid-Like plants such as cuckoo (Rhododendron spp ).), Phoenix Flower (Phoenix Flower ).), And many bulbs like tulips.) And swordland (swordland ).
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