round metal fire pits Outside Fire Pit Ideas

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-16
round metal fire pits Outside Fire Pit Ideas
The fire pit provides the focus of gathering with family and friends.The design possibilities of the fire pit are unlimited, but these can be reduced to four basic options: round, square, fireplace, or slot.Each design has its advantages and disadvantages, but it provides you with a comfortable place to enjoy the yard.Round Fire pits arrange outdoor seating by providing a focal point to create a talk area in your landscape.The round fire pit is usually made of poured concrete or metal and can be decorated with stacked stones or tiles.The circular fire pit can be as basic as the excavated ground surrounded by stacked natural stones, or a prefabricated fire bowl made of concrete or metal, covered with tiles or river rocks.Pre-The casting fire bowl requires very little setup and you can buy it at the garden center and the fireplace shop.Fill the fire bowl with lava, colored fire glass or other fire-Flame retardant filler to add an atmosphere to your social gathering.Formal or structured landscapes suggest linear fire pits for squares or rectangles.These fire pits can be made of metal, stacked bricks, natural stones or pre-builtcast concrete.They don't fit into comfortable seating arrangements like round pits, but the linear design adds elegance to your backyard.The linear fire pit has a range of design options including custom padding, brick, tile, metal or stone veneers and detailed decor.These designs work well with other hard landscape designs such as rock gardens, terraces and stone retaining walls.The fireplace combines the elegance and formal aesthetics of the fireplace with the simplicity of the fire pit.They can be independent or built on retaining walls or stone walls.The building can be as basic as the wall background of brick and wood and stone sleeve, concrete and steel can add detailed decoration to provide personal style for your design.The actual pit of fire burning can be built with a basic square or half bowl.Use the fireplace wall for extra privacy, or as a way to create focus that other pit designs can't provide in your yard.Hearths are not as effective as the fire pit design for other large parties, as they are usually enjoyed from one side, but this makes the fireplace perfect for intimate parties of several friends.The rectangular fire pit or fire slot provides another fire pit design option that is fully functional, versatile and attractive.The sink can be built on a stone table, placed next to a bench or stone seat, set on a terrace, or used as a backdrop for water features.This allows you to install a fire pit even if your landscape space is limited.The fire slot on the table or on the seat also provides a place to gather and dine, with ample atmosphere and comfortable warmth.Install fire pits in areas far away from high traffic areas and densely covered areas with trees and shrubs.Make sure you stay at least 12-inch-Wide non-burning decoration or top around the fire pit.If you use it as part of the seating component of your landscape, expand it to at least 16 to 18 inch.For extra safety, be sure to place a fire extinguisher nearby.Check your local code before you start building a fire pit.
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