saucy lady: salming grills, salming scores - gas charcoal grills

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saucy lady: salming grills, salming scores  -  gas charcoal grills
Hockey legend Borje Salming was undaunted when he saw my teensy Smokey Joe Silver charcoal grill. Six-foot-
A tough guy met 14. 5-
Portable BBQ
Not the behemoth he expected)
And bravely prepared to bend over to cook at its level.
The former Toronto Maple Leaf is from ice to fire and there are recipes to prove this.
The barbecue with Salming, which was released in Sweden last year, has just been published here in English.
Recipe: salmon caviar stew green peas stew pineapple, coconut ice cream and maple syrup. Photo blog: he came to Toronto last week to promote the book with manager/business partner Peter Oster.
"You were a very tough hockey player before this book," Oster told Salmin . ".
"Now people see the people behind them and your legacy.
He pointed to Sarmin's bracelet and motioned for his explanation.
Salming is from Kiruna in northern Sweden.
His father was a Sami, a descendant of the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, also known as the Lapland people.
Sarmin, 60, has been proud to wear Sami bracelets since arriving in Toronto in 1973.
His mother has been doing it for many years.
Now her friends have made them with deer skin and antlers, white wax and silverware.
Reindeer play an important role in Sami culture, and Salming often talks passionately about reindeer meat.
Today, however, we are going to make his salmon recipe and two creamy sauces.
One is caviar and the other is frozen peas.
"I learned one thing on the ice. . .
"You won without taking the risk," Salming wrote . ".
"There are the same rules for barbecues: You have to take some chances.
"He asked my Weber grill to start working after groping for Maple Leaf wood charcoal and non-charcoal in Quebec
Toxic lighter
The gas grill is easy, he points out, and don't give you dirty hands.
But I bought a charcoal because he kept talking about them in his book.
Salming smiled and admitted: "I also have a gas grill . " He added that he preferred to use the chimney starter as charcoal.
"It's okay," he added quickly . "
"I often work from home. I’m not a . . .
He hesitated and pointed to Oster.
"He's not like me," said Oster, who did wear a suit.
As president of King Salming, he manages a brand empire that sells cosmetics, glasses and underwear, as well as golf, hockey and indoor sports equipment.
Yes, King Salming.
From 1973 to 1989, Salming, a fan favorite of Leafs, was called "king" after mocking his teammates for repeatedly asking if he was the King of Sweden ".
It was these teammates, people like Lanny McDonald and Darryl Sittler, who introduced the young Swede to Canadians --
Barbecue style.
Salming grew up hunting, fishing and barbecuing in a fire.
In Toronto, he has social activities in his backyard and a family barbecue with special meat. (
The leaves are loyal to one of St's butchers.
Lawrence Market)
He had a barbecue at his home in Mississauga and High Park, and even dragged two huge charcoal grills to Sweden, as large barbecues were rare at the time.
Swedish women, Salming and Öster all trust kitchen cooking, but BBQ is a male thing.
Barbecue with Salming is actually the idea of a Swedish book publisher.
"A lady called me and said we should make a barbecue book," Salming remembers . ". “I said ‘Why?
You know why, she said.
Because you live in the barbecue area. Canada —
I think you baked it there for 17 years.
Then I realized that I had baked it at home.
His four children still live in Vaxholm, a small town in the Baltic Islands. age 12 to 36)
And four grandchildren.
Drawing on his favorite simple family recipes with Salming BBQ, as well as recipes from his brother, mother, girlfriend "very good at salads and vegetables" and the recipe team.
The second recipe, full of "natural food" such as reindeer, moose and raspberry, is about to be released in Sweden.
Our fish is baked with olive oil, flaky sea salt and black pepper.
This is wild Chinook salmon from Colombia, England.
At home, since the price of wild salmon in Sweden is four times that of the original, Salming is likely to use Norwegian salmon.
"Well, let's have a taste --
The chef said: "bon Appétit.
The smoked juicy fish works perfectly with caviar and mung bean sauce.
It was a blow, even if Salming lamented that I didn't have the optional lemon pepper that was requested in his recipe.
"If you don't like things, you can take them out," he admits . ".
"A recipe or barbecue book is an idea for you to do different things.
"I prepared a pineapple for his grilled pineapple recipe.
He looked at it confidently with a knife and quickly baked it away to season the air.
"When you have a big grill, you have both sides and you can do anything at the same time," Salming mused . ".
"But it's okay.
Like when I was fishing and hunting
This is called primitive.
"The decorated hockey star puts pineapple on coconut ice cream and pours warm maple syrup into everything.
He said with appreciation: "Canada.
He will return to Sweden with maple syrup and club Canadian whiskey, Red River cereal and licorice.
His family is eager for "Canadian licorice "(Twizzlers).
Salming struggled for a while on the English words of pineapple and discussed it with his friends.
"When I came here, we talked about hockey.
"We don't talk about food," he said of his hockey friends . ".
"But now, when they know that I came out with the grill book, maybe we will. ”jbain@thestar. ca www. twitter.
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