sausage making tips for oktoberfest - best charcoal bbq grill to buy

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sausage making tips for oktoberfest  -  best charcoal bbq grill to buy
The world of sausage is vast, and the chances of taste are endless.
From merguez in North Africa to lap cheong in China and bratwurst in Germany, the wrapped meat occupies a special place in the hearts of meat lovers.
Make themselves a rewarding project.
Whether you're making small batches of sausages with friends or family, or a kilo of one kilo of sausages, homemade sausages are completely customizable.
You can play with composition combinations and come up with your own unique spice mix.
Meat, seasonings, casings and digital scales are what you need to get started.
With the opening of the Munich beer festival on September 17, the Bavarian festival kicks off across Canada, and now is the perfect time to embrace the rich and diverse traditions of German sausages.
"Every region of Germany produces its own sausages and they are very, very proud.
Each has a different spice mixture.
Said Chef Doreen Prei.
"For example, if you are in Bavaria, you will get a white sausage cooked in very light water (weisswurst).
At least 51 cents for veal.
Of course, Bavaria is also known for its pretzels.
You will get a pretzel with sweet mustard.
Jesse varlins, chef at the Maple Leaf Tavern in Toronto, develops and guides sausages --
Attend classes at George Brown College.
Many German sausages are emulsified, he said.
Style: sausage, cottage and Frankfurter, for example.
Hot dogs are probably the best.
World famous sausagewide.
"I really like the sausage and the texture.
The pork is good, and the seasoning is good. The German sausage is usually like this.
"In general, German cuisine is based on pork and this is one of my favorite things," he said . ".
"We made a weisswurst of half veal and half pork in class, adding milk and quatre é pices (four spice)
Cardamom, white pepper, cloves and spices.
You can make some changes in this regard.
Some may add ginger and some may add mace, but this is your basic weisswurst.
Michelin's Prei
Star chef from Oriental Weimar
Central turlingen state known for its charcoal-
Grilled sausage.
"Sometimes I crave them so I try to recreate my childhood memory of this beautiful Thursday sausage.
I like the taste of fresh love.
That's how I grew up, so I used marjoram.
Mixed herbs and spices.
Super delicious.
I like to use pig shoulders, pork belly and (hog)
"When I make sausage, I have a sausage coat," she said . ".
As for making sausages, first of all, to ensure that the casing does not break, she pulled the sausage very gently for about five minutes.
She then cooks them on a charcoal grill, occasionally seasoned with beer.
"My grandfather always spray sausages with a little beer when they are cooked.
It keeps them good and moist when they are doing their thing, "she said.
"We ate it in lovely white buns with spicy Dijon mustard.
Those sausages will keep you alive.
In my area you can buy from the supplier (about)two euros.
"You can walk, eat sausages, drink beer, and you're ready for this day," Prei said . ".
If you are serious about your own sausage, consider investing in a food grinder and a sausage filler, or a stand mixer accessory.
But as Valeria points out, they can also be filled by hand
Feed the sausage mixture into the shell with a spoon-
Or not at all.
"You can make meatballs or meatloaf if you don't want to eat sausage.
It's basically the same way as making a good meatloaf;
You can bake on a plate.
You can make sausage gravy or pasta sauce.
"Once you mix, you have a lot of options," he said . ".
The beer festival is a celebration of beer. it is a natural sausage. But spit-Grilled, crispy
Chicken Skin (Brathendl)
Prei said it was actually the most popular meal at the German beer festival celebrations.
Potato or flour dumplings, pretzels and, of course, sauerkraut sausages are the main pillars.
"If you go there with a bigger team, it's easy to feed your friends.
You share a chicken in a group, eat a few sausages, and then enjoy it while drinking beer.
"These festivals are completely comfortable food," she added . ".
"The beer festival is very popular, people are excited about the opportunity to drink beer, listen to Bavaria-
I like national music and eat a lot of greasy food. It’s cosy.
You just like to sit outside when autumn begins.
You're here to celebrate food and life.
You have to keep everything cold when you make sausages (
Ingredients and equipment).
Very clean-the finer the meat you grind, the easier it is for you to open the surface to contact the bacteria.
"If you're not used to it, start with a small section instead of making a few kilograms of sausage," Prei said . ".
"I like to measure recipes with metrics because it's more accurate.
"My spoon may be different from yours," said valrier . ".
When making fresh sausages without a recipe, stick to the ratio of 70 cents of meat to 30 cents of fat.
"When you make sausages;
You will never add more than 30 cents of fat.
It's always something you have to remember no matter what kind of sausage you make, "Prei said.
"Most people grind the meat, season it, and put it in the casing, thinking that the sausage is just that --making.
"The really important step is to mix your meat properly," Valdez said . ".
"So take the meat, take the salt, mix a little bit of liquid well-we use our grandstand mixer here.
If you have a table
There is a top mixer with paddle attachment at home, which is very, very easy to do.
Sausage is a blank canvas.
You can add anything you like.
We enjoyed our sausage (
At the Maple Tavern).
We made one with all the decorations of Reuben's sandwich.
"The meat itself is bris meat, and then we add sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, rye bread and coriander, so it tastes like a sausage sandwich," Valdez said . ".
"It's always important to make a small tester and try it.
Fry the filling with a little oil to see if you like the taste, "Prei said.
"What people call beer festivals is actually a style called Märzen.
It is called "Märzen" because it was brewed during the parade, soaked in the summer, and then drank for those festivals.
It is also called festbier.
This is a dark beer that is still quite dry.
It has some very tasty scones and caramel flavor, no sweetness.
It's really good for things like barbecue and pork, "says valrier, who is certified as a sommelier and cicerone.
"Weizenbiers or wheat beer is delicious.
They are a little sweet to them and they make this beautiful little foam on your glass.
Sometimes it's nice to have a little lemon to refresh yourself.
This beer is very, very well matched with this food.
Very good. "Prei said.
With regards to wine, Valeria recommends
Commander Lei of quality Canada or Germany.
"Risling was my first choice.
Canadian Riesling is often the style of German riesling, so they are slightly dry and very sour. A lot of (
Commander Lei of Canada)
There is a very strong green apple flavor, sometimes peaches, compared to Germany, which may be citrus.
"But these apple-flavored pork are very classic," he added . ".
Recipes extracted from new German cooking by Jeremy and Jessica norun (
Chronicles Books, 2015). (
Jeremy and Jessica norun wrote in their Nuremberg: "Using fresh marjoram here provides a pleasure you can't find in a supermarket sausage --"Delicious sausage.
Credit Chronicle. )NUREMBERG-
Flavor sausage note: Since precision is required when seasoning any sausage mixture, Nolens measures the seasonings in this recipe in grams.
For the best results, use the digital scale.
Ingredients: METHOD Place the cut pork and meat grinder parts in the fridge until the pork is very cold and firm, the meat grinder parts are cold, about 1 hour.
If you use minced pork, skip this step.
Mix the salt, white pepper, coriander seeds, Langya stick, ginger and mayoram in a bowl and stir well.
If you are using a pig shoulder, please set up a meat grinder according to the manufacturer's instructions and cooperate with the grinding plate.
Grind the pork into a large bowl.
Add the seasoning mixture to the pork and stir it evenly with your hands.
Once seasoned, pass the meat through the grinder again.
If you're using broken pork, put it in a big bowl.
Add the seasoning mixture to the pork and stir it evenly with your hands.
When you set the sausage stuffing, cover the bowl and refrigerate the mixture.
Or, if you prefer to make a meatloaf instead of a sausage coat, make the mixture into a meatloaf now, 3 servings per pack.
5 cm in diameter and 12mm thick.
The pie can be cooked right away on the grill or on the stove.
Or you can arrange them on a plate and stack them up with square wax paper, lid and refrigerator.
Soak the casing in warm water and cover it for 30 minutes, then rinse off some salt with cold water.
Set the sausage filler according to the manufacturer's instructions and attach the appropriate-
The size of the casing fills the tube.
Slide the shell onto the filler tube, tie the knot at its end, and start filling the shell to make sure it is not filled too tightly, otherwise it will burst during cooking.
A sausage is formed when all the sausage mixture is in the casing.
Start at the bundle end, shrink and twist at 6/15 cm-
Interval, alternating the direction of distortion.
When you reach the end of the sleeve, tie the end.
Put the sausage on the plate, cover it, refrigerate for the night and rest. (
They need to rest, otherwise the shell will crack when you cut between sausages. )
You can cut between links and cook sausages on a grill or in an oven at 300 °F/150 ° C until the heat is over.
They can also be wrapped tightly with plastic wrap, refrigerated for 2 days, or frozen for 2 months. Makes: 5 lb/2. 3 kg sausage(
"Typical German mustards are non-alcoholic but add a dark beer such as double
Bock lager from southern Germany has created a particularly pleasant image of malty here, "Jeremy and Jessica norun wrote in the far left.
Credit Chronicle. )
Hot and sweet beer mustard (Biersenf)
Ingredients: method in a medium bowl, mix the black and yellow mustard seeds, vinegar and 1 cup/360 ml of beer together and stir well.
Keep the lid cold overnight.
In a medium cooker, mix the remaining 120 ml cups of beer with honey, brown sugar, salt, spices and ginger powder to boil at medium temperatures
Heat and stir to dissolve the sugar.
Cook to half less, about 15 minutes.
Remove the pan from the high temperature and cool to room temperature.
Transfer to blender, add dry mustard and mustard-
Seed mixture, treated at medium speed until fully combined, but still a bit bulky, for about 2 minutes.
Before serving, transfer the mustard to the glass jar, lid and refrigerate for the night.
Mustard will be kept in the fridge for up to 3 months. Makes: 1 qt. /960 mL(
"There is hard skin outside, and it is soft, sweet and salty inside "-
The perfect Bavarian pretzels for Jeremy and Jessica norun's new German cooking.
Credit Chronicle. )
Bavarian pretzels (Laugenbrezel)
"You can make these pretzels in a variety of ways, such as long sticks, burritos, or traditional cross burritos --
What is described here is an armed or symmetrical circular form.
Serve pretzels or butter together
"Cereal mustard, cheese and/or cold meat, and of course a delicious beer," Jeremy and Jessica norun wrote . ".
Note: norun weighs all the ingredients in this recipe in grams (
Except for water soaked in alkali)
, Due to the accuracy required during baking.
For the best results, use the digital scale.
Ingredients: for alkali dip: combine the room in a Vertical mixer with a dough hook
Heat the water, sugar, butter, and buttermilk and then break in the yeast.
Stir at low speed until the yeast dissolves.
The butter will still be thick.
Add bread flour and all-
Use flour and continue to mix at low speed until the dough starts to gather together in a fluffy mass for about 1 minute.
Add salt, increase the speed of the mixer to medium, knead the dough until the dough looks dense, moist and smooth for 5 to 7 minutes.
Cut the dough into four to six equal portions.
Wipe the working surface gently with all
Place a portion of the dough on the surface of the flour.
Palm in the back-and-
Move forward and roll the dough into a rope about 24/61 cm long and 2 cm thick.
Keep the center of the rope on the working surface, pick up one end with each hand, cross one end at the other end, form a loose ring, and then wrap the two ends once.
Now fold the twisted end over the other end of the loop, then connect one end to each side of the loop.
If needed, use the tip of the peeling knife and make a slash about 2 in/5 cm long, 12mm deep along the bottom edge of the pretzel to give it a real look.
Repeat with the remaining dough part.
Preheat the oven to 375 F/190 C
Lined up in a large pan with parchment paper and coated with a non-stick cooking spray on the paper.
Dip alkali (
Options are as follows)
In a medium bowl, combine the base with cold water and stir to dissolve the base.
One at a time, completely immerse the pretzels in the alkali solution, and then transfer them to the prepared paper tray.
Let the pretzels rise until they almost double their volume for 10 to 15 minutes. 6.
Sprinkle the pretzels with toppings (if using);
Or salt.
Bake pretzels and rotate the pan back to the front in the middle to make sure the bake is even until the top is evenly dark golden for 10 to 15 minutes.
Before serving, let the pretzel cool in the pan for at least 10 minutes.
Pretzels taste the best when baked.
Any leftovers can be used to make bread.
Making: 4 to 6 pretzels
The traditional pretzels use grade alkali.
Make it unique in flavor, color and texture.
It is difficult for a family chef to find a source.
As Harold McKee wrote in The New York Times (Sept. 14, 2010)
, Similar effect, can replace alkali with baking soda.
To make baking soda, mark the baking tray with tin paper and lay a layer of baking soda. Bake at 250-
One hour at 300 degrees Fahrenheit
Store the baked soda in a closed jar and wear gloves when handling as it will irritate.
Dissolve about 100g (instead of the alkali dip detailed in step 4)2/3 cup/150 mL)
2 cups of baking soda (500 mL)water.
Prepare the second bowl full of clear water.
Soak the pretzel in a baking soda solution for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse with a bowl of clear water.
Transfer the pretzel to the prepared paper tray and follow the rest of step 5. (
"What people call beer festivals is actually a style called Märzen," Valdez said . ".
Alexander hasenstein/Getty Images)
Ingredients for all pretzels: method in the spice grinder, Mix onion slices, garlic slices, fennel seeds, dill seeds, pepper, and pulses until coarse ground.
Pour in a small bowl and add poppy seeds, sesame seeds and salt.
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