sawdust briquette machine 11 Benefits Of Wood Briquettes In Comparison To Other Hard Fuels

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-31
sawdust briquette machine 11 Benefits Of Wood Briquettes In Comparison To Other Hard Fuels
Demand for wooden coal balls has increased dramatically in recent years as they are also very useful and affordable.They are an effective source of heating, while maintaining an ecological balance.Unlike pellets, coal balls can ideally replace other solid fuels such as firewood and coal without proper furnace and boiler modernization.
How is the wooden block made?They are usually made of oak, pine and Beachwood.The wood of the coal ball is the waste material extracted from the furniture and wood industry.Wood blocks or hot logs are generated from unprocessed or processed wood chips and then placed under high pressure into fuel used in home applications or industries.
Wood (adhesive) is released when the wood is placed under high pressure, and this glue is used to produce wooden coal balls.Depending on the size of the pressure and the type of wood, the heating value and quality may vary.1.Wooden coal balls made from the press machine are easy to store as they are standard stackable shadow packs.
The use of wooden coal pellets can reduce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions, which means that sustainable energy can be generated.3.Hot logs are the most effective and cost-effective compared to hardwood floors.4.The wooden coal balls produced by the press provide more heat at a lower cost, but do not emit any toxic chemicals when burning.
Wooden coal balls produce only a very low ash of 1 and therefore require less maintenance.5%.6.They are basically made of forest waste and residues, resulting in excellent waste management.7.Compared with conventional fuels, the amount of sulfur and ash produced by firewood coal balls during combustion is low.
And, afterThe burning residue is very low, and the amount of smoke is very small when burning, and there will be no sparks even.8.The coal ball can also keep the heat for a long time, not even burn quickly.However, ordinary firewood naturally contains moisture, bark, knots and resin, which makes burning irregular and difficult to control.
High compared to other optionsHigh-quality hot logs manufactured by the block factory contain less moisture, I .E.e.It's almost 6 to 8%, and it's also very good.In fact, the coal ball can eliminate more energy per kilogram, rather than ordinary firewood.
Due to its high calorific value and high energy content per cubic foot, they are an excellent source of fuel because high density means less storage space.11.The wooden coal ball is conveniently packed and you can manually load and unload in the basement, garage or even storage room
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