Scrap IPL-7 to clean up game: Lalit Modi - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-05
Scrap IPL-7 to clean up game: Lalit Modi  -  how to clean cast iron
Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi asked Thursday to suspend the upcoming Indian Super League (IPL) season to clean it up and restore confidence in the 20 th century Championship.
Pre-secondment BCCI chairman shas Hank Manohar, IPL has lost credibility and should take a break to clean up
Modi said in a statement: "conduct a meticulous investigation immediately and punish all those who make mistakes so that we can clear the cricket and start to clean it up completely so that, this generation and all future generations are able to take the gentleman's game seriously.
"Modi's statement supports his bill Noel Manohar, which was very interesting when BCCI kicked him out of the IPL and all cricket activities during the latter's tenure in 2010.
Secretary of srinkle.
Modi is currently based in London, and during his tenure as commissioner of the IPL, he has fought many legal battles against financial chaos.
"I fully agree with Mr. Shashank Manohar and his view on the fact that there is a serious allegation about gambling, spot
Fixed and match
The fixes are seriously damaging the image of the game, and it is important that fans and the public are slowly but surely starting to lose confidence in the IPL, especially for the whole game.
In view of the above and the current situation,
"Before people restore confidence in the integrity of the game, I think the IPL tournament in 2014 should be suspended," Modi said . ".
Modi also accused the current BCCI administrator of not doing enough after the IPL match --
Manipulation and gambling scandals were discovered in last May.
"Unfortunately, BCCI has a whole year --
Some action was taken in 365 days, but unfortunately there was no effect.
We all know what happened.
Many players feel the same way, especially given the uncertainty in the air, but they do not express their views because they will not be strongly opposed by those in power, Modi said.
"I agree with Mr.
Shashank Manohar said wholeheartedly that when the scandal broke out, we conducted a fair and thorough investigation and today we will be in a better wicket.
Because, if the confidence of these fans does not recover immediately, who knows what far-reaching impact will be.
"I can only shudder at the consequences of the time," he added . ".
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