seafood foraging - gas grill for camping

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
seafood foraging  -  gas grill for camping
And shivering inside.
As our Zodiac signs bounce back in the heavy waves, I take my net bag and dive.
I realized my expectations for this seafood --
The feeding class is far from here.
I had imagined walking around the tide pool in my pants. Roll up the cuffs.
Instead, my classmates and I swayed in the icy waters of Tomales Bay, 90 minutes north of San Francisco, where it was the playground for the great white shark.
Our guide, Dennis Judson, is the owner and founder of California's Santa Cruz Adventure Sports Unlimited, who is more than just taking students outdoors;
He led them to take risks.
With tough skin, golden hair and carved shoulders from years of kayaking, 58-year-old Jason has been a hunter since childhood.
He said: "When I was a kid who grew up in Los Angeles, I used to dive near Palos Velde and take abalone and lobster home ---
But my mom doesn't know what to do with them.
"With a master's degree in marine biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Judson solved the problem by becoming an excellent chef.
During the two days of camping, we ate oysters such as Rockefeller, Qingkou, goose neck rattan pot.
Curry mayonnaise)
And grilled abalone. -
Then bake on the gas grill.
Classes begin on Friday afternoon.
We sat on the kayak and enjoyed the gentle paddle, taking some time to check the rainbow jellyfish and the purple jellyfish. to-peach sunset.
There's a pelican on top of the head, then the nose. dived.
I was wondering if we would enjoy a similar success when a bunch of fish surfaced.
The next day, we stuffed our bags with a fat green mouth.
When we got back to the camp, Judson prepared two yarballon that he had pried from the nearby rocks.
As one slowly twisted, he cut and cleaned the other with a quick, professional knife, revealing the gorgeous white meat dome.
Then he took a bite.
Abalone size pieces (
Awabi, to Japanese)
Put them on the leaves of Lorle and distribute them to us for our approval. "Not bad, huh?
"This is sublime, We mumble murmured like the sea.
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