Shanghai food tour: The best South Korean food in Koreatown - the best charcoal bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Shanghai food tour: The best South Korean food in Koreatown  -  the best charcoal bbq
About 10 years after the Korean soap opera won the hearts of the Shanghai audience, Shanghai's Korean restaurants began climbing the list of local restaurants.Although there are countless Korean restaurants in downtown Shanghai, to get a real deal, you have to go to Shanghai's own Korean city.Korea city is located in Shanghai Minhang District Jinhui South Road, Lu Hongquan.About three-The population of the region is long term for several quarters.North Korean residents (from North and South Korea ).There are eight restaurants that you can't miss.The price is 2 cups, but drinks are not included.1.Zheng Yiping let your own grill rest and go to Zheng Yiping.Price: Yuan, the reason why we like it here: it is probably the most famous Korean barbecue restaurant in Shanghai, and it is a good restaurant.For most Koreans in ShanghaiThis venue is famous for its pots.style barbecue.Jin Mingshi, restaurant manager, said we were picky about the quality and freshness of meat.Food is directly from high-Technology, ecology and contaminantsfree farms.Their meat was cooked on a large iron plate for smokingFree healthy dining experience.The best way to cook your order: leave a small portion of the meat on the iron plate, let it heat for a few minutes, then soak the meat in the dipping sauce and pair it with a piece of fresh vegetables.Our free cake is good too-Kim added that it is popular among customers.Don't miss: Five-Pork (RMB 50), fresh beef (RMB 120-260, according to which part you ordered) and chicken soup (RMB 60 ).225 Jinhui Road, close to Hongquan Road, 86 21 3432 2735,86 21 3432 2736;open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.2.Gammiok (Gammiok) goes back to basics: they won't supply it if they can't boil or steam it.Price: Yuan why we like it: While most people automatically think of "BBQ" when talking about Korean food, Gammiok goes against this trend: all items on the menu are eitherShin Seunghwa, owner, said we don't do barbecue here.In the past few decades, barbecues have only appeared in Korea.Until then, we mainly make food by cooking or steaming.We want to continue this culinary tradition by providing only the most authentic Korean food experience.Their signature dish is snow soup (a kind of beef soup) and you can have snacks while you wait for your order.Customers are reported to have come from Shanghai just to taste their side dishes.The Korean couple who own this restaurant are very friendly and they go out of their way to make customers feel like they are invited to someone's house ---The rare hospitality of Shanghai.Don't miss it: snow soup (RMB 40), steamed beef pancakes (a small part of RMB 100, most of RMB 130) and chicken soup (RMB 60 ).No. 193 Jinhui South Road, near No. 3431, No. 8345, No. 3431, No. 8458, No., Hongquan Road;open 5:30 a.m.-3 a.m.3.You describe the wine as "Woody" but have you ever described the duck like this?Country town bet you will.Price: RMB 150-Why do we like it: Beijing is not the only place known for its roast duck-Korean chefs also know how to make a correct bird.This restaurant is known for its Korean roast duck and uses oak in the cooking process.Before being used to cook ducks, Oak is heated in the oven, giving the dish a faint woody flavor.It is said that the duck is not only making a delicious meal, it is also conducive to the circulation of dinner.Eating a little Chinese medicine for dinner is definitely not painful.In addition to being a delicious duck, Xiangcun Tucheng is known for its roast pork and good service.Don't miss it: roast duck (RMB 190) and roast pork (RMB 95 for two copies ).193 Jinhui South Road, close to Hongquan Road, close to 1004 supermarket, 86 3421 3232;open 4:30 p.m.-11 p.m.4.Myeongdong pavement is your favorite juicy noodle.Price: yuan-the reason why we like it: Don't be fooled by the name of this restaurant;In addition to Korean noodles, they offer a variety of dishes such as Korean hot pot and dumplings.This is also the only Korean restaurant in Shanghai that offers authentic Korean kalguksu or knife noodles, a bit similar to Chinese handspulled noodles.The noodles are made by cutting a large piece of round dough to get a thin dough strip to form a very smooth bowl of noodles.Add some delicious beef soup and we promise you will lick the bowl clean.Restaurant waiter Cai said:Couples who want to taste bowls without rushing should come at rest --During peak hours, it will be the only time they will be able to find seats easily.Miss: Kalguksu (RMB 40) and dumplings (RMB 40 ).1051 Hongquan Road, Building 209, Building 2, close to Jinhui South Road, 3432,3258 ,;open 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 5 p.m.-9:30 p.m.5.Shuiyuan King barbecue (no one left Shuiyuan King barbecue when he was hungry)-Remember not to fill the free side dishes.Price: Yuan, the reason why we like it here: Shuyuan King barbecue is the place for meat diners, because the specialty here is roast steak."Wang" in the name of the restaurant indicates "big" or "No. 1" in Korean, and the venue meets expectations ---The meat is delicious. you won't leave hungry.The steak was prepared in South Korea.Style: roasted with charcoal until almost all the oil is cooked, the meat is tender but not greasy as described by the chef at the restaurant.All the ingredients from Suwon are imported from Korea, so the taste is really authentic.In addition to a wide variety of other dishes to choose from, there are plenty of free side dishes to be delivered to your table ---Make this place a party point for a large group of people.Miss: steak (78 yuan to 98 yuan), cold soup (35 yuan to 40 yuan), five-Layered pork (RMB 45 ).No. 1101 Hongquan Road, Building 8No. 9, near Jinhui South Road, No. 10 No. 8-9, 3432, 3001;open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.6.Jin xiujiangshan (love fresh seafood )?Jinxiu Jiangshan with its-game.Price: RMB 70 why we like it here: Jin xiujiangshan is famous for its seafood and relaxed atmosphere.To meet all the budget, there are three levels of seafood in this restaurant.Budget plan based on seafood-Based on soup, only 70 yuan is required for two (excluding drinks.More expensive menu hundreds of pieces per menu.After choosing seafood, you can choose the way you want it.The choice of soup ranges from clear and gentle to mouthon-Hot soup base.Sashimi is also available when ordering.More articles about CNNGo: Island of Thailand-When you wait for the order to arrive, a half dozen side dishes, including kimchi and seafood, will be served to keep your chopsticks busy.Korean seafood soup is particularly fresh--Xu yuanfen, restaurant manager, said it was not oily at all and very nourishing.People who like spicy foods can try our spicy seafood soup.Miss: Royal Seafood hot pot (RMB 40 -)400), raw octopus (30 yuan per piece, can also be fried) and fish hot pot (120 yuan-220).1101 Hongquan Road, Building 59, Building 2, near Jinhui South Road, Building 1101, Building 59, 3432 1711;open 10:30 a.m.-10 p.m.7.Seafood (seafood)®Only one thing is done with rich seafood, and it is done well: octopus.Price: RMB 200-Why do we like it: this is the only Korean restaurant in Shanghai that specializes in octopus, and only restaurants with big appetite and big stomach should take risks because you can buy OctopusAll forms of leg-like creatures here, whether raw or rawFry or cook in hot pot.The service is fast and efficient, which means your octopus will arrive soon and will not be too much trouble.If you end up having dinner with people who don't like the theme of this restaurant, there's a Korean BBQ next door that's run by the same boss.Miss: grilled octopus (RMB 180 -)230 yuan), cabbage and octopus hot pot (RMB 150) and raw octopus (RMB 100 ).Hotel 3988 Hongxin Road, 1 floor, Dijon, near 3988 Hongquan Road, 86 21 5157 8520;open 10:30 a.m.-11 p.m.8.The pottery garden offers two great dishes, all on one menu.Price: Yuan-why do we like it: the food in the pottery garden stands out because it is the only Korean food in ShanghaiChinese cuisine.This is a restaurant that shows Chinese cuisine, but has the flavor of Seoul.Inspired adjustments and quickly gained loyal followers in the city.Fans of Korean dramas know that Chinese bean paste noodles are a popular take-out option in South Korea, which can be bought here.South Korean-Compared to the original version found in Beijing, the style bean paste noodles are thicker, less salty, and they have more sauce.The Taiwanese version of this dish is very similar.In addition to bean paste noodles, another feature of the pottery garden is sweet and sour pork and fried dumplings.When the business is good, they sell about 1,000 fried dumplings and sweet and sour pork every day.If you are worried about missing your favorite Korean soup while dining, don't worry, the show will be shownstop in here.If you 'd rather watch TV than watch it, choose a window seat.Don't miss: sweet and sour pork (70 yuan RMB), soy milk noodles (20 yuan RMB) and fried dumplings (35 yuan RMB ).No. 103 Jinhui South Road, near No. 86 Hongquan Road, No. 21 3432,2177;open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
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