shopping trolley bbq grill Thailand: Thai Street Food (Desserts, Sweets and Drinks)

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shopping trolley bbq grill Thailand: Thai Street Food (Desserts, Sweets and Drinks)
N.Think of Thai cuisine, you will think of the world-famous street markets and street stalls, where there are scenes and sounds of the wok, as well as the aroma of cooking, attacks on all senses, many people will find it hard to resist.Think about the Thai recipe and you will think of rice and noodles, seafood, spicy papaya salad and Curry, herbs and sweet and sour flavors.Candy, dessert, chocolate, fruit and drinks are not immediately thought.
However, the desserts and cold snacks on the Thai street stalls are as colorful as cooked food, and they are more attractive.There is no doubt that in my opinion, in a country, temperatures can reach 30 °c for any month of the year and most of the day, thirst-quenching drinks, light desserts and cold food are at least as important, especially for Western tourists who are not used to being so sultry.This is the second of two pages to watch Thai street food.
Because the country is so famous, the roadside stalls also offer an amazing range of dishes of amazing quality.But this second page looks at some snacks and desserts as well as cold snacks and the extraordinary creativity they have shown on the streets of Thailand.Thanks to Wanna Sonkunha and Fern Butsawa for helping to identify the food in these photos.
Thank you very much Wanna for contributing 12 of the 30 photos on this page.These are all obtained by clicking on the "source" under each photo.There is no doubt that some less adventurous people who go on holiday to Thailand from Europe or the United States will be more comfortable with Western diets such as hamburgers and chips, barbecues and vegetables, may not be willing to try some of the more exotic Thai cuisine or spicy recipes.
But even if you are not very interested in Thai dishes, I guarantee that the appearance of some of their desserts and cold snacks will make you more confidentRespecting sweets or chocolate can create an irresistible desire for them!This is the true meaning of this article.Demos, even works of art, do not put too thin on it, it will go into the agricultural products on a simple roadside stand.There is also a cultural interest in preparing these desserts.
No detailed recipes.
This is a photography paper with a focus on photos and videos.The videos are linked from YouTube and I thank the contributors to these videos.All the photos were taken by the author on several trips to Thailand, or wanted-My favorite Bangladeshi resident :) Enjoy It!!Street food is an important part of Thai life.
You can't escape.
Early in the morning, there will be stalls on the main commuter route, providing local people with breakfast when they go to work, and throughout the day there will be stalls offering cheap and quick snacks for their lunch break or for anyone out shopping.In the evening, the snack stand lit up the air with a golden red flame burning in a commotionA frying pan or grill, accompanied by the sound of fish or vegetables bubbling in hot oil, serves commuters returning home when tourists go out for the night in town.And it's not just on the side of the road.
Street marketDay and night marketsIt is common in cities in Thailand where there are usually a range of vendors who provide food from carts, stalls or larger kitchens.Hawkers can also be found in public places, such as the train station where dim sum is sold to travelers, and even in the shopping center, if there is more air, the food court also offers the same serviceConditional choiceFor tourists, these street food shops are not just quick and cheap alternatives to restaurants;They also offer authentic Thai cuisine, the same dining as the locals, and offer a wide variety of food, similar things are hard to find in Thai restaurants and not found anywhere else in the world.Street food is a cultural experience, a visual experience for tourists, and a taste feeling.
More information about street food can be found on the companion page of this page.Four food experiencesWorld-famous Thai cuisine-Known for the mix of fresh locally grown ingredients and spices and herbs and the spicy, sweet and sour flavors they produce.But when it comes to "sweet", maybe not many people will link Thai food to dessert.
But they should probably do so for quality, diversity, presentation and preparation reasons.Like cooked food, it is highMuch higher than the usual situation of Western street foodBut to prove this, the reader has to sample it.Traditional and modern desserts, as well as desserts from all parts of Thailand, are quite impressive, and I hope there will be some obvious impressions at least on this page.
Hopefully the food at the Booth is also obvious on this page, in some of the photos taken by me and Wanna.preparation.Thai desserts sold on the street provide a truly authentic cultural experience as visitors may see local recipes ready and made entirely from scratch.This aspect will be discussed in the next few sections.
Many Thai deserts are very unique to that part of the world, and of course they are different from anything that Europe or the United States may encounter.But the simplicity of these recipes and the need for freshness also means that they are usually ready on the street in front of you.This makes walking along a series of street stalls a fun experience in itself.
If you buy a dessert, then from the beginning to the end of the meal, the preparation process to watch it is fascinating and adds to the fun of the experience.Several examples shown in the following sections illustrate this.\'.In English, it is called coconut pudding or coconut zongzi, coconut pancake, etc.
It consists of a crispy cupcake and soft coconut stuffing.The tray is used with a semi-spherical metal mold to heat up a little oil in the mold.Then add a mixture of coconut milk, rice, sugar and flour and wrap it around the mold lining to form the base.
Then pour more coconut milk, sugar and flour to make the filling.At this stage, ingredients such as corn or onion can be added to color or add flavor.The further steaming of the pudding continues until the outer layer is golden brown, and the filling is soft but solid.
It's usually hot, but it's a dessert and a snack, and I'm sure it's well worth tasting when traveling to Thailand..The example of kanom krok can also explain kanom krok, Jianom krok etc).\ 'Is a typical Thai version of what we call cantavros in the UK, and the most famous in the United States is Marshmallow.
.Freshly prepared at the street stalls here is still the best you can buy anywhere.Thin crepes made of flour and eggs, filled with fine sugar, like marshmallow.Then, the crepes are folded and look like burritos.
Whether it's pancakes or marshmallows, there are different novelty colors and flavors.This burrito, sometimes called "marshmallow burrito", can also be called "sweet angel hair" or "silk ".All the terms properly describe this very sweet dessert.
\ ', Shown in the photo here.
To attract children.
The alternative English name of "delicious imitation fruit" made the game disappear.Mix mung beans with sugar and coconut milk and mash them and cook them to make a thick paste.The paste is then molded into the shape of a miniature fruit, as if molded with clay or Plasticine.
Food coloring makes "fruit" look more authentic.Each "fruit" is then immersed in the agar jelly/water mixture.Imitation fruits made with this method include oranges, apples, watermelons, bananas, mangoes, peppers, dragon fruit and many other fruits.
Although it looks novel, it has a long tradition.\ 'Is another dessert made of mung beans, and the first stage of its creation is similar to what look choup describes.The beans are mixed with sugar and coconut milk and cooked to paste.
The paste is then molded into a granular shape, immersed in the egg yolk, coated with hot syrup, and then cooked for a period of time.The last dim sum is sweet and nut and served at room temperature.This section shows two variants of what we call "potato chips" in the UK, and what is called potato chips in the United States.
First of all, on the chatchak market in Bangkok, people are seeing a good meal being prepared.Special kitchen utensilsA hand-shaking cutter-It uses potatoes with wood ske.Turn the handle on the cutter, wafer the thin curls to cut in a continuous spiral, and while these curls are still attached to the stick, they are fried before they are sold for consumption.
Sounds interesting?The preparation is of course, but the snacks are basically potato chips curled up on the stick!The second type of Thai fried potato chips is slightly less prepared, but the ingredients used are more unusual than potatoes.On the companion page of this article, I described an exotic Thai sauteed worm dish that was eaten hot.But how about fried flowers as a cold snack?"Fried Flowers" means "fried flowers", including applying edible petals to flour and water batter and frying them in an oil pan.
Sometimes described as "flower tempura", the resulting fried petals are eaten like potato chips, and may also be dipped in chili sauce.Many types of petals, including rose petals, and even orchid petals, are picked for frying, but here are the modified leaf buds, these bracts provide the most common exotic tropical plants with a nine-fold GE.One of the most traditional desserts, once served at festive ceremonies such as weddings or career promotions, but now available every day of the year.
Why was it originally prepared for auspicious occasions?It means "layered cake", which perfectly describes its unique features --Sweet and sticky dessert bands in different shades.\' -Serve the progressive people in life.Use the familiar ingredients of coconut milk, sugar, water and flour (cassava and glutinous rice flour) again, mix them together in a bowl, and then divide them into two parts.A mixture of green pandas, sugar and water was added to one of them.
Then, pour a small amount of green part into the pan to create the base, which is steam-Boil until partially solidified.Once strong enough to avoid mixing, the same number of color-free parts are added to form the second layer and then steamed to solidify.Then repeat the process until nine layers are created.
Once the dessert is set, it is cut into green, color-free squares.This is a traditional approach, but there is nothing left today.Sometimes it is possible to add jasmine extract or other flavors to alternate layers, and sometimes to add edible pigments to different layers to produce more.
Different shapes of molds can also be used to attract children.Chocolate snacks?Caramel Treats?Or what else?If there is a unique Thai flavor in the making of desserts like described above, one might think that there is not much to use in chocolate to make it original.Maybe it doesn't taste like this, but there must be a lot of things to do to show it in a novel way.
Take a look at the chocolate bites pictured above at Bangkok night market.Letters, symbols, even cartoon faces.There seems to be some pride in these hands-This is not only for chocolate with colored letters and pictures.Caramel Candy, lollipops, etc can also be seen, caramel candy sparkles like little jewelry.
Ice cream should be mentioned briefly now.Ice cream is usually pre-prepared in essence.Prepare and store in freezers, most of the stalls on the street are no different from those purchased in supermarkets or shopping malls.
However, there are some suppliers, especially in tourist resorts, who will freeze-35°C.Milk or soy milk is mixed with berries, nuts or chocolate on the plate, and when it freezes, the mixture is rolled up and rolled in a bucket for sale.The display is everything that many sweets and desserts in Thailand show.
The purpose is to make them stand out, to be unique, to attract children, or to just care and pay attention to the details.I have to admit that some time after I took this picture at a street market in ulonsani, the first thing I thought of was that these were more colored chocolates.No, it's a small sushi cake.Fruits -Familiar ...For the first time visitors to Thailand, it can be very popular to see familiar fresh fruits, and they are a little wary of local recipes and desserts.
You can also find apples and oranges, grapes, watermelons, bananas, pineapples, pears, coconuts and all other fruits that can be found in Western supermarkets or vegetable and fruit shops.A reminder-When it's hot, pay attention to the hygiene of street markets and roadside stalls.and flies -Is a common inconvenience.Fresh cut fruit or fruit wrapped in cellophane, as shown in the orange photo below, may be better than a full edible fruit and may be washed in tap water.
(The only time I got sick during my ten visits to Thailand was the result of washing food in tap water --Not the fruit sold in the city, but the salad washed in the village, but the principle is the same --Tap water may cause stomach discomfort....There are many kinds of fruits available in Thailand, many of which were previously uncommon tropical varieties, but now more and more in the West --Such as mango, guava, papaya and pitaya.But even in this era, there are still many relatively unknown things in the West.
What about other fruits that tourists to Thailand will encounter at street stalls?What about jackfruit, durian, longan, Langes, mango, red peach and rose fruit?These will be met at street food stalls and will be of interest to anyone who wants to explore new tastes while on holiday in the countryside.Try them and see what you think!Cold food and light desserts, even fruit, are certainly not enough in a hot climate.It is also important to maintain liquid consumption.
Similarly, the West usually offers alcoholic beverages (including Thailand's own brand), carbonated drinks and bottled juices, usually not stored in a refrigerator, but stored in a large can of cold water, it's usually frozen.The water should be consumed in large quantities and I will repeat the above suggestions on thisDrink bottled water instead of water in the tap.(In similar cases, one should also be careful with ice.
If ice is chilled tap water, it is better to avoid ice.But it's safe to commercially produce ice cubes with holes ).There are also some unfamiliar tropical juices, including watermelon juice, pomegranate, guava, mango, and of course, the ubiquitous coconut is provided directly from the shell of the coconut.
Milk iced tea is also a common and very popular drink, as is iced tea, with various flavors such as lemon grass, panda, chrysanthemum, etc.In view of the above ice considerations, all should drink safely.You can also buy smoothies and milkshakes.
No matter where you go, you won't want to stay away from the drink stand!If you are on holiday in Thailand, street food in all its forms is well worth trying.Cooked food and hot snacks appear on the other page, which are important components of the Thai cultural experience because of their quality, because of the value for money they represent, and the authenticity of their preparation.But what's more interesting is perhaps the unique variety of sweets and desserts in this part of the world, many of which may have been prepared on the streets in front of you.
Some of them are very amazing to see and maybe deserve an award ceremony and a taste award.But whether they're customized or notmade or pre-Ready, they may also prove more popular when you are exposed to a temperature of 30 °c each day, even the most focused and complex foodies, because the heat will run out, need to cool snacks.Whatever the reason for the attempt, take advantage of your visit to Thailand and take a look at the street stalls and taste some of the tempting sweets, desserts, fruits and drinks offered there.
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