silver gas grill How to Convert a Gas Grill to Charcoal

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-10
silver gas grill How to Convert a Gas Grill to Charcoal
When a gas-The grill burner stops working effectively, and the purpose of this outdoor cooking classic is still: to convert it into a charcoal grill, which many barbecue purists prefer because of the rich, charcoal gives a smoky taste to the meat.With some modifications to the interior of the gas grill, these devices will continue to operate in the coming years, despite the different ways of grilling.Disconnect the propane cylinder from the grill and remove all gas hoses and regulating valves from underneath the grill.
Removal Techniques vary depending on the type of grill and the manufacturer;In the process, there is the original grill manual on hand to help guide.Keep all gas burners intact in the grill.These will be brackets for homemade charcoal grate.Turn up all gas burners-Heat the setting and open the grill cover to allow any gas remaining in the line or burner to escape.
Temporarily remove the grate of the cooked rice and put it aside.Cut shredded chicken to fit the size inside the grill.When this homemade charcoal stove is lined up on the old stove inside the grill, it should hit all the grill walls.
It will provide separation between the lighted coal and the grill floor so that oxygen can reach the heat source.Drill six holes directly through the grill floor and between the burner (if not already) to allow air outside the grill to circulate internally.This provides an oxygen source for fan charcoal fires.
Put the cooking grate back in the grill.
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