skewer station: the dumbest in grilling tools - bbq fish grill basket

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
skewer station: the dumbest in grilling tools  -  bbq fish grill basket
Look, if you really want a successful Grill
There are only a few things you need.
First of all, you need a grill.
It's not necessarily new.
It's not necessarily gas or charcoal.
It doesn't even need to look like a grill.
It only needs to be able to hold charcoal or work with propane tanks ---
It must allow you to cook food on fire.
What you need next is food.
When it comes to barbecue, the most important thing is food.
You want to make sure everyone has enough money.
Keep your focus and don't burn the food.
You should pay special attention to the best taste.
You don't need much else if you have food and grill.
BBQ tongs or forks are good and easy to handle food.
It's a good idea to have a clean plate or plate on it. But that's it.
You don't need a fish basket.
You don't need a grill clip.
You definitely don't need a skewer station.
Unless you want to sell a skewer or two, there is no reason to present your food this way.
Not only can it cool your BBQ food faster, but it looks really stupid.
Just use the plate.
It does not take up unnecessary space in your kitchen;
No additional charges are required;
It just works better overall.
Let's end the stupid barbecue tools once and for all. Please.
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