Skewered Southwest Steak - gas grill with side tables

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
Skewered Southwest Steak  -  gas grill with side tables
Flat-The iron steak cut from the animal shoulder muscles provides a great choice for this quick steakMarinade recipe (see notes below ).The meat strips on the skewers remain tender even if they are fast, highheat cooking.You need eight to ten minutes.Or you need to soak the same amount of wood strings in the water for 10 minutes;It's easy to marinate the meat.We tested this under the broiler, but can cook skewers on the gas grill if you want.Mix with crushed/roasted small potatoes and roasted red peppers or with roasted sweet potato fries.To read the attached story, see: how to cook steak in 4 minutesKeep it soft.Where to buy: a rectangular cut with a flat-Each Iron steak weighing about 12 ounces (the muscles that have been trimmed ).Place a grill of 4 to 6 inch from the broiler element;Preheat the broilerPeel the clove and put it in a mini (or normal-Food processing machine;Pulse until chopped, then cut the lime into 8 wedges and put half of them into a food processor bowl.Add a two-6 leaves of coriander stems, chili sauce, oil, soy sauce and cumin.Puree into smooth marinade.Start with a short end of the rectangular steak, cut horizontally (against long grains) to 1/4inch-thick strips.Put them in a baking tray or in a gallon.size zip-top bag.Pour the marinade on the meat and stir it to the coating.Let's sit for 10 minutes and weave the straps with wavy linesand-Fill in the style for each skewer.(Think about it: The Monster of Loch Ness is in the hump.) Placed on a barbecue pan or grill;Medium scones (top rack) about 4 minutesThis is rare, or longer, for the degree of donation you like.Divide the skewers in each plate;Lightly seasoned with salt.Decorate with small branches on the remaining coriander stems and serve with the remaining lime wedges.Note: If you replace it with a flank steak, trim any excess fat and cut it into strips along with the grain on the diagonal.
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