Mini Altoid Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-06

small grill with side burner Mini Altoid Gas Grill
You need to get the following items. Most importantly, you need to get an Altoids box and an Altoids mini box from the classic Altoids. Next, you need a hanger with no plastic coating outside the wire. You need to get a lighter that has been hacked, you can figure out how to make a lighter that you also need a bullet plug by watching our hacked lighter video on this link, to package the burners, you can find them on the Radio shack and several pieces of aluminium tape. Finally, you need to take a small coffee straw or straw from the end of the compressed air blower.OK, the actual burner will be a bit tricky right now. The first thing you have to do is put your bullet stopper at the end of the straw. Now using the aluminium belt, you need to use the aluminium belt around the straw and bullet plug. There are actually two purposes for this, (1) it can protect your tube from fire and melting. (2) it will allow you to bend the tube in any position you want. Once you have the straw ready to work, you need to open a small hole on a small Altoids large enough to fit the bullet plug. You then need to place the plug on the small hole and wrap the side of the container with aluminium tape to prevent the gas from leaking from the side of the Altoids box. Once you're done, you'll need to make a few holes in the top of the Altoids box, which will dissipate the gas to several grills. So this will prepare the burner for ya' so as you have the straw ready for the lighter, So you will need to connect the chopped lighter to the end of the straw. You can do this by placing the straw at the end of the gas outlet valve. Press the gas, ignite the burner, test the burner and see if it works. The lid of your Altoids Grill will be made from a large Altoids box. You need to cut the edge of the Altoids lid using the Dremel drill bit. Once you remove the lid and cut off the small parts of the hangers, you will use them as the top of the grill. Then use the aluminium strip to put everything together to increase the resistance. Finally, you need to drill a small hole on the side of the Altoids box, which is where you place the straw. So you have finished the top of the straw, burner and grill. Next, you need to place the straw in the side hole of the Altoids box. The bottom of the Altoids small burner uses an aluminium strip to connect it to the Altoids grill. Then place the top of the grill on top of the Altoids box and attach the light to the end of the straw. Finally, ignite the burner and get ready for it. Remember, it's not good for you...We have read a few articles saying that Ding benzene is not good for you. With this in mind, just use it as a novelty or heat the water and so on.                                

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