small grill with side burner Salt shakers

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small grill with side burner Salt shakers
In a restaurant, a beautiful pink slate is decorated with sliced frozen fruit and placed on the table.At the other end, a chef grilled the fish on another slate blackened by high temperature.It's hard to believe that the two blocks are actually pink Himalayan salt.You are in salt when you release you.Co.531, a new restaurant in Chennai, it is foreseeable that the focus here is salt.Chef Palvinder Singh Rathod, a resident selmelier (salt expert), not only introduces guests to food cooked with salt nuggets, but also to 15 kinds of dried peppers containing chili peppers from all over the world, cumin, even coriander seeds."I 've been working on salt for three years, trying to pair different salt with different dishes," said Rathod, deputy head chef at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT.Style selmelier in India.He was inspired by American food writer and entrepreneur Mark Bitman, who created the word "self-improvement.According to him, the sommelier's attitude towards wine is "to provide information and expertise to help diners, chefs and retailers get the best results from their food, restaurants, and shops ".In India, there are very few selmeliers, and interest and experiments in food salt are still in its infancy.However, as interest in healthy cuisine grows and interest in salt-the most basic ingredient-grows, chefs are now experimenting with special salt."Seasoning salt and salt blocks have become a fashion.We have been using these at Taj Mahal, Japanese restaurant Wasabi and French restaurant Zodiac in Mumbai, "said Hemant Oberoi, chef consultant at Indian hotel, Taj group.After a tour of Genoa in the Italian Riviera, he was inspired to get a fine version from Japan."There is a salt shop, just like a perfume shop."One of them sold 80 to 100 kinds of salt," he said, adding that his restaurant even kept Jewish salt certified by the Orthodox Union because they had a lot of Jewish customersHis experiments even led to dishes like curry leaf salt shrimp, coffee salt flavored fish and truffle salt fries.Vikram Cotah, chief operating officer of GRT Hotels and Resorts, said his interest was sparked during dinner at a small independent restaurant on an Alaska cruise at the ice-cold Channel Point."I found the fish to be very delicious, so I walked up to the chef and saw him cooking on the pink slate, and he explained it was Himalayan salt block," Cotah said .".His interest stirred up and Cotah did some research and started importing pink Himalayan salt blocks from mines in Khewra, Pakistan.Legend has it that Alexander the Great found his horse licking stones on his way to conquer the Indian subcontinent.The rocks turned out to be salt, and this is how the salt mines of Khewra were discovered.It should be one of the purest sources of salt in the world."At the time it was commercialized in Turkey and elsewhere, they started using it in The Salt Room at the Spa because they thought it could improve health and longevity," Cotah said .".It is said that pink Himalayan salt can promote blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, help the intestines absorb nutrients, enhance bones and discharge toxins.Now, coming out of the spa, they are in the kitchen, and the blocks are used as utensils to support the burner or grill with the food cooked on it.The temperature is maintained at about 250 degrees after gradually increasing."If you suddenly raise the temperature, the block will crack," Rathod said ." He has been working on salt with executive chef Abhiram Gona."Because there is no need for oil for this cooking, the food is fat --"Free," added Gona.Interestingly, their restaurant got its name from the number of trials they cooked with salt.They did it right in the 531st trial.Sujan Mukherjee, executive chef of Chennai Taj koromander, said that there was a great interest in salt because it would change the texture and taste of the food as a basic ingredient.Italian restaurant Prego in Coromandel, in-Use home salt such as Sicilian lemon Salt and celery salt."You squeeze out the Sicilian lemon extract and mix it with salt and sunshine --Do it, "Wanted, planning to stand in Octagonal in its salt, its fullDinner and party of the day."In the live demo, we will throw away vegetables or meat with olive oil and different salt," he said .".Meenakshi Bajaj in ChennaiHowever, nutritionists warn that the ingredients of salt need to be known before eating.A normal person's daily demand for salt is about 7gm."Six grams come from visible food preparation, and 1gm comes from invisible food such as wheat, rice, beans, vegetables," Bajaj said ."."Intake increases through kimchi, pappad, processed foods, etc.The more sodium intake, the greater the risk of stomach cancer.Other health hazards include high blood pressure and heart problems."So while it's OK to eat something like this occasionally, it's better to know what your salt contains.
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