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sniper - chapter 1sniper - chapter 1sniper - chapter 1  -  stainless steel natural gas grill
(April 17, 2004)--
The story has graphic content.
Who is Hugh Short: Hamilton obstetrician, shooting at the home of Ancaster.
The Buffalo obstetrician was shot dead at Amherst's home.
James kopp: a native of California active in the anti-abortion circle.
Chuck kopp: James Kopp's father.
Mike Campbell: Detective Hamilton police was assigned to investigate the shooting of Dr. Hugh Short.
The target is in front of the microwave.
Lift his left arm, the quality of the shoulder on the cross-line ---and out again.
The sniper waited in the woods against a tree. The doctor --
Abortion. -
He thought, must have pressed the number on the microwave and left the room.
He will go back to that place in 35 seconds, maybe 40 seconds.
You can dig a few holes in the fence around the death camp.
Derail some trains.
Let a few babies crawl freely.
A little relief from the abortion massacre. But you do it.
It is your responsibility to do this. Steady. Patience.
Orange flash in the dark, complete metal jacket blast from barrel, spiral up like football, rotate, stable, 2,300 feet per second, through double
The glass and the silk screen are like a paper towel. The hot copper-
Coated lead is inserted into the doctor's back and, according to the design, the rounded soft tip grows rapidly in contact, tearing cartilage, spine, right lung, two ribs out of the underarm, the blood poured into the clean white floor.
The leaves and branches split outside and the Gunners moved.
Martyrdom was never part of the plan.
Do you think a soldier is at war with the enemy under the cover of darkness and stays around?
Reach out to catch him and wait for his date with the firing squad? Some do.
No sniper.
The gunman considered an analogy: Did the CIA ask its agents to start a task ---
Morally legitimate mission-
And suggest that they take some unrealistic gestures, some of the behavior of the boy Knight spirit?
In his mind, he saw the escape route through the narrow Woods, between the pines, the thick fallen leaves under his feet, and in the dark, the thin body of his body, knowing the lights in blue, red and white will soon light up the whole area.
The shooting was out of passion. And rage.
As defensive action.
Maybe, in this case, all three are.
One thing is clear.
This is not a typical shooting incident in a shooting country.
The law was broken.
A symbol is stuck.
What the Gunners did was as inconspicuous as the burning cross.
With the smell of Russian smoke
He almost disappeared from the woods and disappeared into the cold air.
He later reflected that it was a difficult way of life to photograph the abortion.
This is the case. he is very good at it.
Good, but like most violent people who break the law, snipers make mistakes.
Small, yes, but there is something more important and deadly to the soldier's mission ---
Personal blind spots, even in bragging intelligence and self
Realize that the sniper can't see.
Probably never.
Minutes later, Amherst police arrived at Barnett Slepian's home, a gynecologist who provided abortion services as part of his practice.
But they have nothing. No weapon. No trail. No suspects.
The FBI was alerted.
Washington issued a political statement within hours.
Attempt at the doctor
The life of Pippi is called a "brutal act of terrorism ".
Two tourists came to Buffalo to meet their families in person.
Visitors are Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Anccast, Ontario, is an unusually warm autumn and the wettest autumn anyone remembers.
Three years before shooting in the darkness of Amherst.
It rained heavily, as if it were raining every day.
The smell of wet leaves, grass, and bark filled the air, like a mirage calling life, obscures the reality that any day, any hour indicates the grip of winter.
The days are getting shorter and shorter, dark.
The large residences along castcast's Sulfur Springs Road stand out like an invasion of the Dundas Valley Reserve Forest Park that dominates the area.
You can park your car on the side of the road, walk a path and get lost instantly between sugar maple and red oak, perhaps you can see the endangered Louis Anna State thrush above your head or hat-capped through a narrow silver stream rolling over the rock, except for the swaying dead leaves in the autumn wind, nothing is heard. Short. Dr.
Hugh Alexander shortSixty-two years old.
Internship at Henderson Hospital
His house on Iwo Jima Springs is backed by the Woods.
Every night, the doctor, a man of average height and computing power, had dinner, and then, walked down the curved stairs to the second --
Sit in his favorite armchair and watch TV.
Maybe he's looking at a day line, a fence, or X.
Files, all of which run from 9 to 10 on Friday.
The Gunners studied the planned routine and were prepared for the night the filming was going to be there.
The chair in Hugh Short's study was opened 45
Angle of degree, facing the TV, pushing up against the low hanging window, showing the right side of the chair and the doctor.
From that place, short can feel the light and heat coming from the window during the day, can turn his head and look out at the trees behind the house that fill his world, the green haze that sprouts in life in spring, burnt orange rot in autumn.
From the outside, in the dark, the light outside the window perfectly matches the doctor.
What is the sniper mission?
Shooting and killing?
Or is it more accurate, precise, and unconventional?
Is it a shooting injury?
The Gunners can play the role of a secret agent, float to the town, float out again after shooting, leave the person who was injured by walking, and leave a message: abortion, you may be injured, it's terrible.
Gunmen can defend the violence.
In any case, by an explanation of it, it realizes the theory of "just war" as outlined by the theology from Augustine to Thomas Aquinas: the cause must be just, the level of force must be proportional to the target.
Killed the doctor to stop his abortion?
Not proportional. Wounding? Proportionate.
However, if the goal is to hurt people, then the actual action is in line with the intention.
Aiming at the torso and hitting the center mass of the human target is difficult enough.
But hit an extreme?
The Gunners will have a very close range.
But even so, as Hollywood has portrayed, shooting knees in the dark under pressure is fictional.
Most police officers are not experts, the Gunners know.
They have to practice their goals two or three times a year.
How about a person staying at the rifle range day after day, wearing earmuffs to block the echo of the repeated explosions that the rifle pops out of steel?
Plated walls, gathering wheels in tight circles--Pop! Pop! Pop!
On the other hand, the gunman used the army.
Assault rifle, not high shot rifle.
Precision sniper weapons
Of course, the Italian Army, manlizil-
The Carcano rifle is not a sniper's weapon either, but it killed Kennedy Airport, isn't it?
However, he shot in order to kill people.
An experienced shooter would say he was shot with an anti-aircraft gun.
The power rifle is not a rational proposition at all.
If the victim is bleeding, it is easy to cause death even if it hits the limb. Rational?
Maybe only one person who truly believes that he can succeed.
Or, in fact, people who have been successful.
November 3, 1995 9:50. M.
The police watched the car travel 403 metres from Mohawk Road. Green. Old beater. Dodge Aspen. Vermont plate. BFN 595.
It's about two kilometers away from Hugh Short's house.
The cop was 25-year-
Old Dwayne frock
He lives in Burlington.
It has been a police officer for four years, but just joined OPP the year before and was sent to the local detachment.
Once the car was merged onto the highway, the driver entered the police jurisdiction of Ontario.
Maybe it's not just the slight weaving of the car in the driveway.
Maybe it's because an old Dodge Aspen stands out on his own in anccast.
Maybe the action of the beating machine is too cautious. it seems that someone drank a few glasses of wine.
Or maybe it's because the license plate of the beating machine shows Vermont, which is not typical.
Or maybe it's not these things, maybe the police feel an atmosphere, a presence, a thing that doesn't belong to themselves in the fast-cooling air.
His eyes kept on the car.
The wet snow continued to fall.
Dwayne Frook stopped the car.
He walked slowly along the wet sidewalk.
The driver rolled down the window and the police looked at him.
The glasses are thick, the skin is pale, and the chin is obvious.
Light blue eyesMaybe grey.
"Can I have a look at my ID card?
Canadian police. Must be RCMP. Polite.
Like the mounted police on that TV show.
What is it called?
Once in Chicago. Due North? Due South?
Tall and handsome actorPaul --Gross. Yes. Paul Gross.
Perfect part.
Not a cultural icon like Jonny. He was soft-
Speak with respect when talking to police and lawyers.
Others might laugh at the idea considering his history, but Jim respects authority and he does.
It's part of him, part of his roots.
He's a man of law and order. -
As long as the law and order do not belong to the side of the person in favor of abortion.
Now, authority does not always respect him and he can reflect calmly.
Unless you consider the arm lock of the police during the protest. -
Feel like your bones will break the arm lock-
Respect, but this is the world. No offence.
The police looked at the newspaper.
James Charles.
Dodge Aspen 1977BFN595. Residence, St.
Albans, Vermont
When routine traffic checks don't take time, officials don't usually think about the encounter and write it down.
But Dwayne Frook wrote down the stop.
It's just a good habit.
On the way, you never know when the information will come in handy.
He took off Vermont's plate and the name of James Charles popular and put it into his computer and added it to thousands of others in the database.
Flo let him go.
There is no reason not to do so.
The driver did nothing wrong.
He spoke consistently and had no alcohol in his breath.
Jim Knapp always sounds smart and polite. Routine check.
It probably took five minutes.
However, Dwayne Frook will be reminded in time and will never forget that it is a traffic station.
Jim Science rolled up the window and disappeared into the dark.
The snow stopped.
It's been a week since November 10, 1995.
It was black on Friday night in anccast and was lifeless.
It's cold and humid, and the wind blows a lot.
It began to rain.
Earlier in the evening, doctor.
Hugh Short went home with his wife Catherine.
The doctor came out of his car and was ready to attack.
But this is not a plan.
The Gunners were in the backyard, right behind him in the woods, and kept dry in a shed behind the house.
It was not the first time he was sitting there, like a shadow, monitoring the movements of the property, the doctor and his family.
He planned well.
There is no police station in the suburbs of Hamilton.
If there is a police presence, it will take a few minutes to respond to any emergency.
He waited for the moment the doctor appeared at the window at 9: 30 and he knew he would.
In the Army, Infantry prepares rifle bullets with strip clips to reload quickly and easily.
Tonight, in the anccast forest, the Gunners don't need a strip clip for assault rifles.
No quick reload required.
All necessary, or possible, only once, maybe twice.
The Gunners waited and listened to the rain blowing pepper in the shed.
He can load a bullet at a time, put it into the slot at the top of the rifle, feel the smooth metal surface of each bullet, their blunt and round nose, Click to hear the sound of each cabin. One down. Click.
Next side parallel. Click.
He pulled back on the cold round metal bolt and felt the stiffness of the spring.
This seems to be another test of the Gunners resolve. -
Loading cannot be done unexpectedly.
He pulled the Bolt All The Way Back, heard the weak chick back, allowed the first wheel to slide into the chamber, and then loosened the bolt, becoming more difficult, giggling more violently in the cold air of the cabin. It was time.
The gunner walked out of the cottage and into the yard, invisible in the dark, his face was covered by a ski mask, and the ground at his feet was soft and wet.
He moved sideways on a slope behind Hugh Short's house.
He knelt down, made a pose on his belly, raised the rifle butt to his right shoulder, left hand under the wood forest, and right index finger outside the trigger shield pointing forward.
His body is very stable and his rifle is now a vassal to him.
He released the safe with his shooting fingers.
He lay on the slope, aiming at the second floor of the House and the study where the doctor was-
Abortion. -would be.
It began to rain three hours ago and never stopped. The ground is now like a damp sponge.
The shooting conditions were not perfect, but at least the wind that blew up earlier in the day had calmed down and blew up from the south. At 9:20 p. m.
, Through the vision of the rifle telescope, a perfect circle is carved on a bright window 125 feet away.
Can he hold the circle steady?
The rifle mirror provides advantages and disadvantages for precise shooting.
Infantry will never use them in combat.
Put down the rifle and the alignment of the range can be broken.
The situation is different for snipers.
However, only snipers with iron gods and body control, the scope is the advantage.
This range amplified the target, but also amplified the anxiety, changing the target with precious inches, with a slight change in the breathing or swing of the hand, shoulder, head, trunk.
In front of you, scope is the touchstone of your abilities, training, and beliefs.
Snipers must have a steady heartbeat and measured breath, which is directly transformed into rifles by repeated training, coupled with clear thinking and firm conscience, so that shooting is only mathematical certainty of the angle, this rifle is just an extension of the shooter's mind and vision, allowing him to position and lock the target as quickly, smoothly and effortlessly as the naked eye.
If something happens, it's just a bit, it's missed.
Or hit the wrong part of the target.
The most subtle change in the trajectory is the difference between life and death.
Bullets change during flight and change direction after hitting any object.
Ronald Reagan was assassinated in 1981, the fifth shot of John Hinkley
Bullets pop down from the armor layer of the Reagan limousine, squashed like a dime, passing through half
An inch of space between the open door and the car was cut into Reagan and hit under his arm.
The bullet rolled forward, then turned around, tearing the muscles into his lungs, and finally stopped beating from 1 inch of his heart.
This is how fragile all this is.
The Doctor appears within the scope.
Can the sniper sit on the sofa in the same room and see the doctor's wife? "Doctor.
This is a misnomer.
He had an abortion at Henderson Hospital.
Many of them were told by the gunmen.
In fact, Hugh short happened to have a wooded house with its back and frequented a room that was clearly photographed from the outside, making him the perfect target. It was 9:25 p. m.
The short man sat watching TV, his armchair leaning against the window, a lonely, still target, with his right elbow on the armrest, and his right, upper and head exposed. Wait.
If he makes an obvious move and makes a mistake, the whole game is over. Patience. Acquire target.
Pull the trigger. don't pull it. Squeeze.
The fire is flashing, a craze is echoing in the trees, and the stock is grinding on the shoulders of the shooter ---
Second shot, fire-
Smoke, launched a counterattack against the body of the gunman, the smell of burning in the air.
Victims of gunshot wounds react differently depending on where they are hit and how their brain handles the sudden invasion of hot metal.
Pain is subjective.
Sometimes it feels like a heavy punch, then a hot heat, or maybe the heat that the wind is passing through the body.
Usually there is no feeling, and the body feels nothing but rapid blood loss and cold.
If his eyes stay for a fraction of a second, the shooter can see Hugh Shawk, as if he had been electrocuted and his dark blood sprayed on his clothes.
* The Rain blew into sheets on the parked cruiser windshield.
A few minutes after the shooting at Hugh Short's house, the police arrived.
He looked at his watch. It said 9:37 p. m.
Decide: stay in the cruiser or go in?
Stay in the cruiserGo by the book.
If you are alone at a shooting scene that may still be hot, please wait for a backup at a safe distance.
You make your own rules, go on patrol alone without knowing what's there, put your head in, and you may be divided into parts to give to your brain. No.
Mike senchak opened the door of the cruiser and walked alone into the dark, cold rain to the scene of the shooting.
He spoke well on the radio.
"This is three-eleven.
I am approaching the hotel.
"During his seven years at the Hamilton Police station, he rarely pulled out his weapons.
But he felt the weight of the gun was still on his hips.
The police have been away for several months.
After several gun battles in Ontario, 38 turned revolvers to automatic locks, and criminals had the upper hand in fire.
He stood on the front steps of the big house. Shooting.
May be domestic.
The husband can have a gun and wait for the next person to come in to make a hole.
He knocked on the door.
Senchyshak is 32 years old, 6 feet years old, nearly 200 pounds years old, and four years from marriage.
At that time, Mike senchak still called himself Mike Stephenson.
He hasn't changed his name to the original Ukrainian version of his father John. -Ivan --
It was British years ago.
Mike always wanted to do this and go back to his roots.
Of course, this change confused people at the station.
However, it is not enough for him to take two paychecks.
On that rainy night, Senchyshak covered area 311, with only two policemen patrolling and the other on area 321.
He got a call before 9: 30 near Highway 53 and Sany.
"Send three-eleven, over.
The police picked up his transmitter and spoke. "Three-
11. continue.
It could be shooting.
Sulfur Spring Road
"Dispatchers are often translated into hysteria. Shouting. Screams.
Please come right away.
They received some rushed, panicked messages from the 911 call and then had to be communicated to the police on the scene in a coherent and accurate manner.
Senchyshak did not hit the flash.
Sometimes they slow you down.
When you light up the street like this, the driver's behavior is very strange.
He will have a better life without them.
Senchyshak does not know if anyone has been hit.
The scheduling information is very rough.
Every word has meaning.
They crossed his head.
He knows that the sulfur spring is a wooded area, "possible shooting ".
People heard gunfire and called.
Usually it's just a shotgun.
He opened the sulfur spring and drove past the house.
Then he drove by again.
He has gone back and forth many times on that road, but it is dark and the House has returned from the road without seeing any numbers.
The dispatcher now has more information.
"The shooting has been confirmed. Repeat. Shots fired.
"These words will bring patrol cars from all over the country in time.
But at that moment, there was only one.
Senchyshak is parked on the long driveway close to the house.
It took him time to find the place.
Confirmed shooting.
Someone may have been seriously injured. He had to act.
Knock at the door.
Catherine Short opened it.
A man shouted frantically from upstairs. "Help! Help!
Catherine walked up the stairs, and senchak followed behind carefully.
He still had no idea who was in the House, who took a picture, and there was no backup.
He made a quick note of the layout of the main floor, planned an escape route in case he needed it, and carefully went upstairs.
He whispered again on the radio, live. by-
The consequences of his decision. "Three-
Go upstairs at Eleven
Senchyshak entered the study and found that he was not in danger.
He saw the doctor.
Hugh Short was lying on the floor and his clothes were soaked with blood.
Hugh Short is still alive.
The Doctor and his wife shouted hysterically.
Not as painful as fear and fear.
Short feels an unusual pain when a bullet hits, but adrenaline goes through his system, shock, fear ---and survival.
Stop bleeding.
Don't do that, or you will die.
His medical intuition about speeding
Wrap the wound up, wrap it up now, or bleed to death.
Short tied a belt on his right elbow.
The bullet went through it.
His heart pounding jumped straight and said it again on the radio. "Three-eleven. Three-
Eleven victims.
Conscious victimsArm wound. Bleeding.
"Call an ambulance on it.
After shooting, the shooter knows that time is running out.
The wife came to the doctor, shot it, shot it twice, and ran 911.
How long will the police arrive?
Don't wait to find out. Disappear.
Come out of the backyard, next to the House, in front of the garage.
The road is winding and has two lanes.
A police car is in the wrong place. you're done.
The whole action is bold. Or was it?
For those who are not active, the trick looks dangerous and reckless, clinical and fluid.
* The police received first aid, but when Mike senchak walked into the study, it was clear that Hugh Short was in charge of his situation.
All in all, adrenaline goes through his system, his brain racing, and there is a calm action.
Tied tightly to a belt above the wound, with the help of his wife, he tried to use the second belt to further control the bleeding.
His eyes touched Senchyshak.
"I'm a doctor," short panted . ".
The police reached into the battlefield and soaked his hands with blood to help tighten the second belt.
"What happened?
Asked Senchyshak, he is still trying to get more information, but it is possible that the gunman is nearby.
"Two shots were fired from the window," Short said . "
First to hear.
Hit by the second one.
"The medics are here, several police cars, and the lights are flashing on the dark streets now.
The brief continuation indicates that his instinct for survival and healing is combined in speeding.
"Okay, doctor," said the medical staff.
"Let's do what we have to do.
"Short was damaged by nerves and muscles.
His arm was paralyzed.
Senchyshak took a short bus to Hamilton General Hospital in an ambulance.
Later he returned to Central Station to finish his report.
He ventured in alone.
This is the right decision.
But his mind flashed through all sorts of ideas, and all kinds of possibilities were reproduced.
Where did the Gunners go?
Can he escape back into the woods?
Not a good plan.
Driving past Senchyshak on the other side of the sulfur spring? Unlikely.
Shoot at 9: 25. m. Victim down. Mrs.
She made 911 calls with the help of her husband. Dispatch.
Drive to the house.
Arrive at 9: 37. m.
The sniper is already on the road and will plan to escape in advance.
Driver, did he help?
So many questions
But the shift in Senchyshak ended at dawn.
Investigators have this case now.
Mike senchak washed his hands in the bathroom.
Hugh Short's dry blood turned into liquid again and rushed down the drain.
The news spread.
Jim science was among the people who heard it.
He reads with hunger, stressing that knowing everything that happens in the abortion war always links these together.
Canadian Hugh Short is still alive.
A sniper's bullet broke his elbow.
Maybe he won't practice anymore.
Jim was well aware of the ethical considerations involved and liked the debate.
The gunman wounded the doctor and, no matter who he or she is, stopped the doctor from having a miscarriage for a period of time.
The doctor can no longer break the doctor's oath and do no harm.
Hippocrates Oath?
Yes, it is true that the oath of hipoklata mentions abortion. True.
You haven't heard much about it. The oath has been revised over the years.
But the original statement was that doctors should not "do abortion for women ". " Harm?
It's really painful to hit the elbow with a bullet, and it's a nasty thing.
What about the unborn child, Jim thought? -
What child is no bigger than a wild mouse, helpless in the face of the suction device, equivalent to being thrown inside the jet engine?
You want to talk about the victims? Harm?
In his mind, he could see the baby in the womb safety battling the tweezers with the legs, feeling that the miscarriages grabbed the femur and twisted it and broke it like a turkey leg, yes, even so, he will also fight back and try to escape, but there is no chance.
There will undoubtedly be many hands
Uneasy about the doctor's shooting.
However, Kopp believes that someone has been injured in the war. Preborn babies.
When God measured the time, he thought that everyone would be called to complete the task.
What do we do when the world enjoys the blood of our children?
On the morning of Saturday, November 11, the rain in Ancaster stopped, the temperature dropped, the thick clouds cracked and the Sun crossed.
The detective walked up the stairs in a big house on Iwo Suquan Road.
Mike Campbell walked into a room with plenty of light.
Campbell is the plainclothes detective of the Hamilton Police Division.
He is blond and sandy. His eyes are friendly and his speech is classic. the-facts-
The police changed.
Mike Campbell is a Roman Catholic.
Think of yourself as prolife.
He approached the window and saw the doctor in the chair.
Hugh Short sat down.
Obstetrician Hugh Short
Even if most leads point to a motive, investigators are trained to keep an open mind.
But Campbell has a feeling.
He saw debris on the floor.
Instead of piercing the window glass, the two rounds broke the wooden frame.
He noticed that the two holes were very close.
Talked to him. Accuracy. Intent. Abortion.
Campbell's father, the late Jimmy Campbell, was one of Hamilton's greatest detectives.
Maybe dad will come to this conclusion.
Hamilton's crime is not as colorful as it was in the past, nor as colorful as people remember.
The past was filled with movies, gangsters with tommy guns, tough police officers, and dimly lit rooms full of smoke.
Stilltown produced tough, hardworking police officers to deal with organized crime, the "moral squad" that cleans the streets: Godfather like Johnny (Pops)
Papalia, the bomb in the bakery, paid clicks, Justice with two blood in the alleyby-
Some people think that it is eternal that the four-legged and triad leaders are trapped in the concrete at the dark bottom of the Hamilton harbor,
Close observation of oil tankers entering the port loaded with iron ore.
Tough cases, tough customers.
However, the nature of these crimes is not difficult to understand because they are concentrated on money, alcohol, drugs, sex and power.
Black and white, good and bad.
But on a dark night in a wealthy suburb, Hugh Short was wounded by assault rifles, for the first time, opening up a gray world even in stilltown,
How could Jimmy Campbell's son go another way besides being a policeman?
The People Mike admired as he grew up were basically police officers.
Jimmy will sit on the kitchen table with the other police to talk about the case. Mike listened.
The police conversation didn't make much sense to him, but it was the way they spoke, the tone they used.
They sound smart and secular.
Mike Campbell has the same wording as an adult. -
Computing, authority.
It's not easy to follow a legend.
His father died when he was 50.
It has a great influence on him.
Campbell heard the sound.
You will never be the police of your father.
Mike will answer logically without emotion, "No, but who is?
Still, he did not feel his path was forged until he was in his 20 s.
He is different from his father.
Jimmy is a powerful man.
Mike hates the spotlight.
He compared the conversation with reporters to the root canal.
He said to a scribe, don't make me look good, that's what I'm asking.
Back in the past, when Jimmy Campbell was working on the street, a detective assigned to take part in violent crime might jump on a car and go for a run --
In the bar, wandering in the ranks of the deprived, shining a lamp in the dark corner, watching where the cockroaches are running.
Mike Campbell at Modern High School
Technical version of that bar
He was surfing the Internet in 1995, a relatively new tool.
Campbell entered keywords in search engines such as "abortion", "violence", "radical ". " He waited.
The Internet is a mirror of human nature.
It is usually not a beautiful image, in this place, some people who frequent it will feel that it has no face and no name, which is the perfect appetite that exists in the cracks of the soul.
But the Internet is also a link between philosophy and moral trends.
Abortion is inevitable. -
Perhaps the most controversial and heated debate in modern history. -
One of the most electric clues in cyberspace will be formed, reflecting all levels of moral, religious, philosophical, medical and sociological meaning and belief.
The home page of the Army of God appears on Mike Campbell's screen.
In the United States, it is a core anti-abortion organization with unknown strength and number of people.
Flowing blood, photos of aborted fetus, broken limbs, red tear
The brown meat, in their grim presentation, is a picture of porn.
A related website called The Nuremberg archives lists doctors who provide abortion services in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Some of these names have strokes.
I have already felt the taste of sports, Campbell thought.
It is clear that the abortion war is real in cyberspace.
But who are they, where are they, what are their names?
Will one of them take the war to the outskirts of Hamilton? And why?
Campbell felt the scale of the case.
He thought the man who shot Hugh Short might be American.
The number of potential suspects is unknown and distributed throughout the continent.
He needs to find suspects through the US authorities, prolife activists with violent resumes, and dig federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies.
It makes people confused.
On the Internet, there is a document called the Army of God Handbook.
This is a declaration that provides direction for those who are anxious to take off their gloves during the abortion debate.
"For those who have understood that the struggle against abortion is not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and all the evil he can muster, it is a manual.
"There are suggestions on how to fight in court and strategies to disrupt the clinic.
"By simply walking through the door of the abortion room and spraying super glue into the lock, you effectively prevented the opening of the killing center.
"There's some philosophical thinking about bringing your life to your career completely and completely.
In some places, writing takes a pleasant tone.
"Some Secret activists will be considered wise, at least from the perspective of prayer, the possibility of a single life --
Secret action with thoughts
In fact, a secret activist without contact can save thousands of children and their mothers in a lifetime.
Once an activist gets married, especially with children, the restrictions on parenting are far-reaching.
"Compassion for your child will reduce the level of secret activities (
There are many other activities! )
Most of them will be busy building the next generation of warriors.
But with these exceptions, continue with pride in the anger of impunity and justice.
The umbrella glorificetur God of Ut Kang!
"All our choices are out of date.
The Lord God, our most feared Lord, asks that anyone who shed human blood will shed his blood.
Not out of hatred for you, but out of love for the people you are extinct, we are forced to pick up arms for you.
A simple equation for us to live for you. Dreadful. Sad.
Nevertheless, reality.
We will torture you.
Revenge belongs to God only.
However, execution is rarely moderate.
"Mike Campbell did not see the right name.
There's a nickname: Baby Huey. Intimidator. Mad Gluer. Cannonball. Daisy. Road Warrior. Scruffy South. Iron Maiden.
Campbell took a deep breath.
They are chasing a nameless, faceless shadow that may not live in Canada at all.
Someone who shot others for a political cause
He thought, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack, in the field of Haystack needles.
The Book of the Army of God contains the mysterious spirit of dedication.
"Special thanks to the Atomic Dog, you Nuclear dog.
1989 Jim and Doris sit in front of the TV like old friends.
No, it's not true.
Not old friends, but passionate acquaintances.
They are all committed to saving the baby.
Jim popular shared the connection with Doris Gray and others like her.
But few others.
Jim has lived in her house in Pittsburgh for years.
She chatted with her husband Pat, a Vietnam veteran, a former Marine who was injured in the operation.
Jim respects that.
He has military service at home.
They watched the rented movie.
Jim likes classic works such as Gone with the wind and whistling Hill.
He occasionally drinks a beer, maybe a drink.
He's a mild drinker, that's what he said.
For Doris and others, Jim is a devout, spiritual person with no personal belongings and does not seem to have any passion other than faith in God and faith in cause.
But he's not Superman.
This made him more likable.
Doris chats with Jim.
She raised his girlfriend.
Well, she's not really a girlfriend, but Jim does claim to be in love, grinning in his shy way.
Jim lives in a monastery in many ways, with little clothes, washing clothes with his hands, embracing a single body, or at least a one-husband.
But one day he wants to get married and have children.
"Come on, Jim. what's her name? " asked Doris.
Jim is laughing all the time. "Sorry.
Did you know Uncle Harry was drunk on the porch?
The family got together for Thanksgiving. he was drunk again. you don't care about him. You know?
You don't go there.
I'm not going there.
Women who have children cannot shut their mouths.
They will tell everyone and give them a chance.
Doris later found through the grapevine that Jim Knapp's theory was proved to be correct.
She lives in the northeast.
Her name is Amy.
The word is that Amy may even have feelings for Jim.
Doris likes to chat with Jim.
He reads well and he can talk to anyone about anything.
You began to talk, unconsciously, three hours passed in a twinkling of an eye.
She enjoyed exploring philosophy and politics with him.
That's who he is.
You feel a connection, a respect for his faith and quiet wisdom.
But Jim science did not connect in a different way than Doris.
He adjusted the conversation to the person he was with, played any necessary role, trying to make his audience happy with his relationship with them.
He's been playing.
Later in the evening, the man who was watching a movie with Doris, drinking beer like ordinary people went out for a walk again, walking around alone, as he had always done, walking alone, always thinking alone, praying, planning, a lonely slimming shadow disappears in the dark.
Maybe there are a few people that Jim can connect honestly, he doesn't need to put a mask on them and play a role, and his confident person will appreciate his wisdom and reward-
Maybe, who can look at the bloody abyss, like everyone else, without blinking.
This is not the case with Doris Grady, although she is lovely and, to some extent, as determined as the cause of saving the baby.
Anti-abortion protests in Pittsburgh are fierce.
Randall Terry, the founder of the rescue operation, came to the city and mobilized the church. Activists --"rescuers" --
I will meet at the clinic where abortion is conducted, try to block the door, prevent abortion that day, and then talk to the patient outside the clinic.
In spring and summer, there may be a rescue in a month.
Sometimes they send 300 people to the clinic.
Doris took part in the battle like everyone else in the campaign and seems to be taking part often
Take a closer look at abortion, it's not abstract, it's visceral. And bloody. Very bloody.
It was 84 years, maybe 85 years, she recalls.
She was already active, but one day she went to the clinic with a few others-the abortuary. Lesson No.
For prolifers, never surrender the language war to prochoicers.
Health clinics are always called "miscarriages" or "mills ".
The clinic sounds like it's treating patients.
In the mind of prolifer, they did not heal anyone, they killed the unborn child and destroyed the life of the woman.
In this regard, the "choice" should not be mentioned ".
They are "proaborts" not prochoice. Choice?
As a choice for murder?
To be honest, I thought prolifers.
Doris and her friends raided the trash can behind the building.
At least in the United States, some clinics have developed uneven privacy agreements over the past few days.
So this is a typical strategy for fertility activists: collect a bunch of garbage and see what the abortion guys are doing.
Doris stuffed a few bags to take home.
Sometimes the guys in the city garbage will be there and in exchange for a box of beer they will let them rob the garbage. You know?
Doris goes home and sorts things out.
The Golden item is a Bill record with a phone number on it. "Yes, hello --
Doris would say, "Rewind.
You know, pretend to be her best gentle, caring, nurse voice.
"Barb, just check to make sure you know your appointment time. Uh-huh. That's right.
Also, we would like to talk to you about this procedure. " "Procedure?
"This is in return. You know.
Try to convince them, to be clever at first, and then to play with something graphic.
Doris thought it was beautiful.
"Has anyone talked to you about this procedure? "It's not true.
They always say that.
Maybe just mention things like they shouldn't eat in advance.
Doris will list the risks of abortion, the risks to her own health and mental health --being.
If she hadn't caught the audience, Doris would have done it.
"Can you tell us what you want us to do with the body? " Silence. "Barb?
"Sometimes they get angry at this.
Doris will continue. -
Cool, clinical, even.
"Barb, there's a baby inside.
We have something to do.
What do you want us to do?
Rinse it out, or put it in an incinerator, or. . . ? " Click.
Yes, Doris is a player.
But one day, as she rummaged through the rest of the rubbish, she grabbed some hard stuff wrapped in gauze.
When the fetus is aborted and removed from the woman, it rarely comes out completely, but is made into pieces, which are easily identified as human after 10 weeks of pregnancy.
The clinic visited by Doris Grady may have dealt with the fetus rashly, failed to properly send it to a pathological examination, and then burned.
Doris untied the gauze.
Did she really see it?
Or is this just a story that's good for your career?
She will repeat the story many times.
There is a leg.
She untied the gauze again. More parts.
There is a small head in the middle.
She looked straight into her eyes and felt as if she were pleading with her in pain. That did it.
She trembled excitedly and felt angry spreading through her veins.
Later, she tried to understand all this.
One thing is for sure: if she had an explosive in her hand, she would go straight to the clinic that afternoon and blow the place to pieces.
But Doris had no explosives in her hand, and she did not try to buy them.
She feels this desire, but like most prolifers, she has no ability to hurt anyone. And Jim Kopp?
Doris is a great person.
But she has her own life. Young children.
Loyal husband
She can't be a warrior, she can't pay the price.
Doris also knew and felt guilty about it. -
Guilty, worried that one day she would be called to the carpet by God for half her measures.
Jim science came back on a walk behind Japan.
Today is Tuesday.
It's only a few days before surgery.
This is not a typical rescue. It was bold. Risky.
Jim knows all this.
It was timed to the last second.
They will save the baby who will be aborted.
They are not sucked out of the womb.
Jim will do that.
His expertise has become very good.
Known in the circle of prolife.
He designed the complex Krypton.
This style of lock allows rescuers to block the clinic for hours, forcing the police to relax and delay enough to stop abortion for a day.
Kopp attributed it to science.
First of all, he will twist the cardboard into pieces and wrap them together like a maze, like a roll knot.
He then took steel with his spray light, copied the design, heated, bent, and shaped.
These locks mean that you don't need a large group of people on site, it's enough to just be locked and blocked.
Jim had to take a welding class in order to rescue him.
He thinks learning can be a chore.
In fact, he fell in love with welding, it brought a bright smile on his face.
He thought, he took the instrument that was waving 3000.
Cut stainless steel like butter and drop metal like water but the result is so long lasting.
On Friday morning, the group gathered before dawn, about 20.
Jim likes this time of day.
Jim seldom speaks in such a morning.
He is not an outspoken leader.
He is inside himself and let others talk.
Maybe he looks very religious.
Maybe, in it, his mind is turning and planning.
Jim is smarter than others.
He has a deep understanding of science, politics, and religion, which others cannot access.
He apologizes for his wisdom, he tries not to talk to others, condescending, though his attempts are sometimes considered condescending. Sorry.
If it sounds like I'm talking to you, please say, Jim, shut up, okay?
Of course, he doesn't look like a part of genius, nor does he wear clothes that look like soup kitchen refuses.
This masks his growth and his wisdom as if he were dressed like everyone else, the way of life is simple, and ordinary people happen to be dedicated to the cause.
Several of them came to the south from Canada for rescue.
Jim science looks like everyone else, but he's not one of them. "The Dog!
"Jim can smile when he hears his nickname and hints at his tone ---
What, celebrity, or whatever, among activists.
Who started the atomic dog business anyway?
This refers to his technical magic, but why is it an Atomic Dog?
Is it a 1983 George Clinton song?
Why do I have to have this feeling/Why do I have to chase cats/Just dogs in my body/Except dogs in my body/Just walk dogs. Oh, atomic dog.
Jim Knapp said nothing.
He is a rescue worker. He knew that.
It's okay.
It would be useful if someone else did something in this regard.
This will not distract his opponent from his first task.
A man named Walter introduced himself to Jim.
He's a Vietnam veteran. -
The background of prolifers who helped block the clinic is not uncommon.
In 1969, Walter served in the Army as a resupply officer.
He is a Catholic.
When he came back from the war and the abortion problem began to heat up, he was attracted to his career.
If I could serve my country in a foreign country, he thought, I would be able to serve these babies.
God wants him to speak for those who can't speak. "Hi, Jim. My name's Walt.
"Jim Knapp's reputation is getting bigger and bigger, but here he is completely unobtrusive in faded jeans, old shirts, thick glasses.
"Where are you from? " Walt asked.
The answer is East Coast ".
That's it.
* The group was driving a van and Jim was behind in the car and they bought a garbage truck for $75.
They drove to the clinic.
The first appointment will come soon.
Block the gates and save some lives.
After 6. m.
Jim Kemp has a clear mind.
The truck stops first.
The door opened, and the two men came out with the ramp and took them to the steps of the clinic, and Jim's car followed behind, bounced up on the ramp, and at the door, stopped, jim and another man jumped out of the jungle with the lock and nailed himself down.
Someone else came over to help.
Jim hardly said anything except to give instructions.
Always calm and calculate.
He thinks he is a teacher. "Grab this. Lock up.
You are there, you are there.
The staff of the clinic called the police and then watched at the door.
Other protesters
Tie yourself in a half circle around you-
This is what rescuers call the perimeter. -
If the police appear sooner than expected, it will delay.
Jim must be locked up before the police arrive. Done.
Jim and the side kick are locked on the axle of the car with Jim's habit, right under it
Just in front of the door, the lock was made.
Others stood by and prayed.
They closed the clinic that day.
They thought of everything.
Don't put too much gas in the car.
If the police break the lock with a blowtorch-
They will. -
The whole thing will explode.
Sure enough, the police came in with a torch.
The staff of the clinic and the police were very angry. It was amazing.
There, Jim was performing his duty, nailed under the car, and the fire of the torch was trying to destroy what his Jim science had built, the obstacle in which the baby was sucked out of the uterus and destroyed that morning.
The fire on the torch was sawed into the lock and threw heat at Jim Knapp's face as the baby before birth slept for a day in the mother's warm womb, safe. ROCHESTER, N. Y.
1970 as the year approaches, Bart Slepian still plans to become a doctor.
But getting a medical degree is trivial.
He has not achieved much success.
But being a doctor is something in his heart.
Barnett Slepian was born in 1946 and the family had high expectations for him before he entered the world.
Bart is the youngest of the children, perhaps without a plan, and a person with a completely different fate may never peek at life.
His parents are older and his brothers and sisters have opened up a difficult road for him.
Bart's grandfather, a Russian Jewish immigrant, began selling shoelaces on a cart in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
His own five sons are going to Harvard.
Philip Pippi did so.
But after he graduated, the family company failed and Philip never recovered financially, and even the degree he boasted was hard to earn a living.
He moved his wife Violet and their four children from Boston to his place.
Laurel Apartments in mckisport, southwest Pennsylvania, then head to Pittsburgh and Rochester.
He set himself as a freelance writer, driving a car across the country in Stu Beck, studying the origins of famous citizens, and for small-Newspapers in town
Even in his personal struggles, or because of them, Philip, like his father, insists on providing the best education for his children and works to push them forward.
It is part of the family tradition and part of his Jewish heritage.
Education is everything.
You did well at school.
The discussion ended.
Your grades drop, pick them up, quickly.
Perhaps Bart thinks differently about stress.
He is much younger than others.
He is very shy as a little boy.
"Bart, handsome guy, look at you," his sister Serena will blame him.
Bart looks awkwardly elsewhere and sometimes even cries. So fragile.
Bart looked at the other children's outstanding performance and provided him with an impressive certificate.
One brother became a doctor of mathematics, the other was an ear. nose-and-
Throat expert, educator Serena
At the end of 1960, Bart went to a community college in Rochester and then studied at the University of Denver, majoring in animals.
He is not a star student.
He's obviously smart enough.
Perhaps Bart is too active for a sedentary academic life.
He overcomes his childhood shyness, likes to put people on his body, jokes, and does not look at the world with respect.
Perhaps the academic paper "chase" is a lark for him, although he knows that there is only one way he wants to go or needs to go: medicine.
But he can't get into medical school in the United States. S.
He's not alone.
If your academic performance is below the standard, you will not have a chance.
Two of the three applicants were denied entry in their 60 s.
So if you want it enough, you will go where you can go in.
Belgium is one of them.
Bart went to Luwan University there.
The same is true of a man named Rick Schwartz, who grew up in Bronx and was unable to enter the respected New York University.
But schools in Belgium are also a different world.
Entering is not the most difficult part.
Stayed here because the standard was too high.
Moreover, Bart must learn medicine in French.
Sometimes he has almost no money, not even food.
He often takes all
The night owl studied with a friend named Carol Lieberman.
He made her laugh with disrespectful humor.
He is here, this guy is fighting to be a doctor, no money, very low level of French.
She saw him as an image of Don gikod, and attacked his fate with a quick playful remark.
Neither Rick nor Bart has been in Belgium.
Rick returned to New York in 1970 to consider his options.
On November, Bart went to see Serena in Reno, Nevada.
In the past July, she was left with a four-year-old widow. year-
Her daughter is Amanda.
Serena was also eight months pregnant and, among other things, traded cards at Harras's 21-point table to try to pay for ballet, piano lessons and summer camps.
One day Amanda will grow into a talented, fun, ambitious woman who will write an article about her uncle for George magazine about the days Bart struggles: November 1970.
Dark stringy Bart parked his rusty 65-year Chevrolet in front of my grandparents white door
Trim house in Reno, Nevada.
After my father died four months ago, they were still gray;
My father eloped with my Jewish mother five years ago and was still gray.
My eight months.
The pregnant mother embraced her little brother with a passion that angered me.
It took my grandfather a long time to say, "come in. Come in.
"In the study, the conversation was fierce.
"So you missed the funeral because you were in Belgium?
My grandfather asked.
"Yes," replied Bart.
"Medical school? " Nod.
"Shouldn't you be in class now?
"I failed. " "Cocktail?
"No, thank you. . .
It's my French.
I don't have enough time in French.
"Maybe you should make it easier for yourself to go to an American school?
They all rejected me.
"You must want to be a doctor, boy.
"Low, mocking smile.
Bart Pippi may be a withered flower when he was young, but by 1970, he had become strong at the age of 24, treat him with black humor and stubborn attitude-no-
Junk attitude beyond any traditional idea of determination.
He can't take medicine in America.
Medical schools in Belgium also cannot survive.
He began to work odd jobs.
Shovel fertilizer at a friend's farm near Reno's sister's farm. Drove a taxi.
When Bart appeared in a taxi and told the girls to jump in, Serena Robb used to watch Amanda and her friend's face shine.
However, Bart did not give up his dream of becoming a doctor.
There is another option, which means he can still be close enough to Serena.
Bart is stubborn.
This is his nature.
Others may roll over the break and look for other opportunities. Not Bart.
Resignation is not an option in any case.
To some extent, this is a commendable character.
Perhaps this is a dangerous tendency, especially when facing the wrong enemy.
1967 Chuck Kopp, Greenbury, California, got up from the bed, walked onto the floor, and walked to the bathroom.
The limp is always there and the weight he has been adding has not helped.
Chuck Kopp, 45, his husband, the father of five children, a corporate lawyer, can see his gray, faded hair and thick face in the mirror.
Only the green eyes did not change.
Maybe he also saw the flash of the young Chuck Kopp, a skinny 6 feet tall young Marine in a rustic uniform.
Chuck didn't talk much about the war.
Maybe the images are still lingering, there are few snapshots that appear in his mind, but never fade
When the whole city turned into an ashtray, the bomb exploded.
In that theater, the service is not Hollywood.
Over the next few years, the films will focus on it science, the Manhattan Project or the victims, and the ensuing debate on the ethics of dropping bombs on civilians.
Does the purpose justify the means?
Also, for Chuck and the others who served with him, there was no attack on the ridge, nor was there a star-spangled flag hanging on chwo Island.
He has never seen a battle.
One time, at a dinner party, someone asked Chuck loudly if he liked to serve. "Enjoyed?
"No one likes it.
But it is an honor to be able to serve.
"Yes," said Chuck. "It's an honor.
The discussion ended.
Chuck Kopp is in the well-
White shirt, blue tie, gray suit.
Old school uniform. Always.
Because Chuck Kopp is an old school. A man's man.
He got into the company's car, carefully backed up from the steep sloping driveway, and then went down the hill to Sir Francis Drake Avenue to the highway.
101 from Marin County.
He will be out of the morning shift in 10 minutes.
Marin's morning sun, magically, billowed the cool fog to San Francisco Bay as he crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
On his way to work at West Coast life, he always crosses the bridge, where he is the chief legal adviser.
He will go to the golden gate of his work, which shows his success. Working-
People live in the Banwan area of Auckland, and they come to San Francisco on the longer and busier Bay Bridge.
Marin County is middle class, closest to the city is the bridge, which is named after the bay through, guarded by a concrete bunker built by Chuck Kopp during the war against Japan, if the enemy is built within the range of the West Coast.
* On the other side of Golden Gate in downtown San Francisco, a young man named Vince mcclog walks along the sidewalk.
Like Chuck Kopp, he's lame.
His experience came from a recent war.
He has just returned from Vietnam.
Vince felt leg pain every step he took.
The city did not help.
Beautiful City, San Francisco, but there are few cars on the steep hillside to navigate, even more so for a Vietnamese vet with a bad leg.
Vince would wear casual clothes, if not because he flew back from Saigon a few days ago and lost a lot of weight overseas, so his normal clothes didn't fit.
The only thing he can do is his uniform. "Baby killer!
Vince heard the shout.
The hippie drive.
Vince said nothing.
He never killed a baby in Vietnam.
He has hardly been there. Just 48 days.
When the phone came to serve, he did not stop before joining the army.
Vince's father was a generation from the second world war, from the province of SA.
Many people in the Gulf fled to Canada.
Avoidance is not an option when Vince's name appears in the draft.
He was stationed in Cu Chi with the 25 th Infantry. Twenty-one years old.
His qualifications are just enough to keep himself in constant danger.
His rank is lieutenant.
It's not a good thing to be in Nam, he secretly thinks.
The man who Vince took over stayed there for one night before he was killed.
Then, within 48 days of work, Vince stepped on a mine and felt the burning metal tearing his leg apart.
He survived and kept his legs.
The luckiest man in the war, he thought.
But he never felt that way again. Back home.
He got the "baby killer.
"A few years later, Vince mcclog and his family moved into a house in Marin County from San Francisco through Golden Gate.
They bought the house from a family called Kopp.
* If Chuck Kopp even noticed that hippies on his way to work harassed people like Vince mcclog, he would certainly not approve it.
If he heard the vet shout "baby killer", he would not approve it in particular.
When he left the Marine Corps, no one called him a baby killer.
Maybe it was because the world was different and America was different.
The soldiers were sought after in Hollywood.
Chuck Kopp is not a baby killer, he is one of the leather necks that beat the Japanese Empire in the hot tropical hell of the Pacific Ocean, right there, in the blue area that Chuck can see on his way to work every day.
He was part of a brotherhood that killed for the right cause at the time, and embraced by a culture that had not yet abandoned the concept of a just war and a unjust war.
In 1967, this insult reflects the cultural shift of cynicism, anti-war and anti-establishment in the United States. -
Time for Chuck Kopp--
When a soldier is a hero, it is expected to kill the enemy, while innocent people turn a blind eye.
One day, the word "baby killer" gets a whole new meaning in the cultural vocabulary.
Abortion activists will use it to oppose doctors who provide abortion and people who support mothers in choosing an abortion.
On 1967, there was a debate and discussion, but as a legal issue in the United States
Therapeutic Abortion is indeed a "homicide" because abortion is classified as a felony in 49 states and Colombia.
But Chuck does feel like he's been abandoned by the hippies.
He may not see them on his way to work. -
The sports center in Haite and Ashbury is not visible in the downtown driveway.
He certainly won't see them at Sam's Grill, a stylish lunch spot in the financial district of Bush Street, with the preferred seat being a dark brown wooden booth ---
The real booth, the walls extend almost to the ceiling, and there is a curtain at the door to protect privacy.
Some lawyers chose them to do private business, but still checked the adjacent stalls to make sure no one was bugging.
As soon as he entered, Chuck and friends in business such as Anne, Harry or Joan joined Napa Valley's wine and Sam's legendary sandbags and creamy spinach.
Chuck Kopp is very kind, polite and polite to women.
He spoke deeply, well-behaved and smart.
There is something under the surface that those who are with him can feel but cannot describe this toughness.
But it's there.
However, Chuck Kopp won't let it out when it gets irritated.
He never talks about his war experience.
Many veterans never did that at that time.
It's a part of their lives, they hide, and this generation has no expression and no search for the "end ".
The dark clouds of Chuck Kopp hung over.
But as the 60-year-old draws to a close, he has succeeded no matter how rampant the political and cultural storms in the United States are.
His legal career was successful, with his wife and five children fighting for the country.
In a more nostalgic future, he is part of the greatest generation.
More stories. . .
(April 17, 2004)--
The story has graphic content.
Who is Hugh Short: Hamilton obstetrician, shooting at the home of Ancaster.
The Buffalo obstetrician was shot dead at Amherst's home.
James kopp: a native of California active in the anti-abortion circle.
Chuck kopp: James Kopp's father.
Mike Campbell: Detective Hamilton police was assigned to investigate the shooting of Dr. Hugh Short.
The target is in front of the microwave.
Lift his left arm, the quality of the shoulder on the cross-line ---and out again.
The sniper waited in the woods against a tree. The doctor --
Abortion. -
He thought, must have pressed the number on the microwave and left the room.
He will go back to that place in 35 seconds, maybe 40 seconds.
You can dig a few holes in the fence around the death camp.
Derail some trains.
Let a few babies crawl freely.
A little relief from the abortion massacre. But you do it.
It is your responsibility to do this. Steady. Patience.
Orange flash in the dark, complete metal jacket blast from barrel, spiral up like football, rotate, stable, 2,300 feet per second, through double
The glass and the silk screen are like a paper towel. The hot copper-
Coated lead is inserted into the doctor's back and, according to the design, the rounded soft tip grows rapidly in contact, tearing cartilage, spine, right lung, two ribs out of the underarm, the blood poured into the clean white floor.
The leaves and branches split outside and the Gunners moved.
Martyrdom was never part of the plan.
Do you think a soldier is at war with the enemy under the cover of darkness and stays around?
Reach out to catch him and wait for his date with the firing squad? Some do.
No sniper.
The gunman considered an analogy: Did the CIA ask its agents to start a task ---
Morally legitimate mission-
And suggest that they take some unrealistic gestures, some of the behavior of the boy Knight spirit?
In his mind, he saw the escape route through the narrow Woods, between the pines, the thick fallen leaves under his feet, and in the dark, the thin body of his body, knowing the lights in blue, red and white will soon light up the whole area.
The shooting was out of passion. And rage.
As defensive action.
Maybe, in this case, all three are.
One thing is clear.
This is not a typical shooting incident in a shooting country.
The law was broken.
A symbol is stuck.
What the Gunners did was as inconspicuous as the burning cross.
With the smell of Russian smoke
He almost disappeared from the woods and disappeared into the cold air.
He later reflected that it was a difficult way of life to photograph the abortion.
This is the case. he is very good at it.
Good, but like most violent people who break the law, snipers make mistakes.
Small, yes, but there is something more important and deadly to the sol
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