stainless steel barbecue grill uk How to Steam Clean a Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-17
stainless steel barbecue grill uk How to Steam Clean a Grill
Built-After each use, there will be food residue on your grill and can be cooked during the barbecue.You can use a household steam cleaner to remove food residues, which can also remove the bacterial grill.Steam cleaning the grill takes even less time than removing the grill and scrubbing it by hand.Put the steamer on your counter and make sure to unplug it.Press the "Steam" button until you release all steam from your device.Slide the grill brush in place until it is locked and attach it to the steam nozzle of the steam cleaner.Do not press the "Steam" button when connecting the brush.Remove the water cap and turn the steamer over to let any water flow out of the device.Fill the measuring cup with 6 ounces.Then pour it into the steam clean water hole.Replace the cap.Prepare the grill by removing the food residue and charcoal residue from the charcoal grill.If you have a gas grill, remove the residue of the food and unscrew the propane tank.Plug the steamer into the outdoor power outlet next to the grill and wait for the light on the steamer to light up indicating that it is ready for use.Align the steamer to all areas on the grill, including the grille, burner, and interior hood and walls.When the steam releases the debris, scrub the grill using the grill attachment.Continue until steam cleans all areas of the grill.Unplug the steamer, let it cool, and then drain the excess water from the steamer.
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