stainless steel cooking surface grill Neff Double Oven

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-21
stainless steel cooking surface grill Neff Double Oven
The double oven is perfect for cooking big meals as it allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time.This paper explores one to six specifications of the currently available Neff double-layer oven.The 1-series double ovens are available in black, white and stainless steel.
The available capacity of the main oven of this model is 58 liters.Features of main furnace CircoTherm®Technology, including a powerful fan that draws air from the inside of the oven.The fan then heats the air and forces the air back into the oven cavity through a pipe in the back wall.
The CircoTherm®Technology means that the oven is heated quickly and requires little or no preheating at all.The CircoTherm®The fan also makes fine food like fish easy to thaw.The available oven capacity of the top oven of the series one model is 30 liters.
The top oven has heat at the top and bottom, providing traditional cooking heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven.This means that heat is transmitted to the center of the oven through natural conduction, so it is ideal for baking pastries, scones and other sweets.It also comes with a full surface grill so you can bake in the main oven while baking in the top oven.
There are two types of Neff double ovens in the series.One is standard and the other is built under the model.They are black Brown, stainless steel and white and they are similar in addition to the integrated type.
The available capacity of the main oven of this model is 58 liters with CircoTherm®And defrost technology, available in series 1.The main difference between series 1 and Series 2 is AquaCleanse®Technology.AquaCleanse®It helps to clean and soften the greasy residue to make it easier for them to wipe.
The top oven in two 2 model also has a available capacity of 30 liters, and the top and bottom convection heating and full surface grill functions provided in the Series 1 model, but this top oven also comes with a central surface grill specially designed for a smaller amount.The Neff double oven series six is the highest and top-class double oven that Neff currently offers.The main oven of this model also has available capacity of 58 liters but includes additional design features such as glass panel, oval control, retractable control, U-Door design and swivel handle.
The capacity of the top oven is 28 liters.The rotary handle is a safety feature on the high specification model.When the oven door opens, it rotates towards you in a smooth circular motion.
Once the door is fully opened, it will remain at the top of the door.ClearText, also available in the six Neff dual oven series, is an additional feature of electronic control.It selects and controls the various functions of the oven, which means that instead of putting all the icons on the oven panel, it divides them into relevant functions and renders them clearly, simply and relevant.
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