stainless steel natural gas grill Bull bar: Bully on road | Delhi News - Times of India

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stainless steel natural gas grill Bull bar: Bully on road | Delhi News - Times of India
New Delhi: if the drivers of Delhi are like road warriors, the bull bar may be their most powerful weapon.It is a sturdy metal grille mounted on the front of the car, strengthening the image of macho.Pedestrians are losers among road users who pay a heavy price when they block this advanced armor.They are not illegal, but they can do damage, and maybe they should."With the growth of the suv market in India, the bull bar is becoming popular.Satbir Singh said: "Some people have installed them with fenders on their cars to protect the engine from serious damage in the event of an accident, but this is mainly for him to make this accessory at the Kashmiri Gate.The origin of the bullpen dates back to the hunters who entered the dense forest.It helps raise animals that suddenly appear in the Bay.It is also used for rallies where drivers need additional lighting and foundations to facilitate lighting.The city may also be a jungle, and pedestrians are uninformed victims of the bull bar on the road.Auto expert Sanjeev Taneja gave the best reason against it."Today, the car is designed to be 5 miles an hour with a shock absorber that protects pedestrians in minor collisions by throwing victims into the hood, thus reducing the chances of injury.The bull bar denied it all."There are solid iron racks around the bumper, and it is very likely that a person will hurt a person in a bad way and the victim will not be able to escape," said Taneja .".Grocery store owner Mahendra Kumar is still lame because he got a bad knee from the SUV owner last year near Patel Nagar's home."I cross the road under a traffic signal and when the signal turns green I am between a black Scorpio and another car.Although the owner of Scorpio did not accelerate at high speed, his bull bar hit my knee and caused serious damage to the ligaments.I have had two surgeries since then, but I am still limping and can't walk normally."The doctor told me at the time that if it weren't for the bull bar, I might have escaped from a superficial injury," he said .".The bull bar is not good for the vehicle because it is mounted on the chassis and if the height is damaged, the chassis will be completely damaged, Taneja saidCollision.In addition, it was improperly designed to add weight to the car."This extra weight can lead to additional fuel consumption, resulting in more carbon dioxide emissions and increased pollution," he noted .".Rohit Baluja, director of the Institute of Road Transport education, explained why this poses such a significant threat to pedestrians, saying: "Only 2% accidents involve drivers and about 30% accidents involve driversWheeler riders and 50% pedestrians due to lack of safe space."If one puts the bullpen on a big car, it takes up more space and becomes more dangerous," he said .".The outstanding grill can also damage other cars.But road users in India usually discount safety;Therefore, the bull bar is becoming more and more popular.S. K. Khatter, a manufacturer and retailer from Kashmiri Gate, said even autorickshaw's drivers were interested in it."It makes the vehicle look good and strong, giving the driver a sense of security and not too expensive."The cost of most bull guards is between Rs 2500 and Rs 8000, whether it is a stainless steel body or a fiber body, it can be made in different colors," Khattar said .".He warned that in the event of a minor accident, the bar may provide some protection to the car body to prevent minor scratches, but if a major accident occurs in the car, it can cause more damage than usual."These are usually made of stainless steel pipes --Like a solid structure from the inside.But if there's a head"At the time of the collision, the Bull pole will first be pushed inside the body and seriously damage the body and engine," he said .".Since it is not banned by law, it is not shown on traffic police radar.Non-damaged steel model provided by wholesalers: Rs 2500-Rs 7000: Rs 8000 for retailers-14,000 fiber metal model with plastic finish provided by wholesaler: Rs 4000-Rs 9000: Rs 8000 for retailers-The pedestrians of Rs 18,000 paid a heavy price because it hurt them. "We are safe, they are scared 'Bharat Sharma driving the government ambassador, around the car"I never hit a pedestrian, but someone would scratch my car if I didn't have a bullpen.These sturdy grills are around and people can stay away from them, which are available in most government vehicles.Also, if a car crashed into a pedestrian, he would be injured with or without a bull bar, he said sanil Yadav drove Toyota Innova to the hotel where he worked."These fenders ensure that in the event of an accident, the headlights and body of the car will not be damaged because it is very expensive.It's just a security accessory.Driving in crowded areas, bicycles and other vehicles can cause scratches when passing through, which protects the car."It could do more harm to pedestrians, but how many times a person has been involved in such an accident compared to driving in crowded areas," he asked .".Rajiv, who is driving a diplomatic vehicle, said, "Our company has paid Rs 5500 for each bullpen per vehicle.It gives a sense of safety and others on the road are also afraid of getting close to your car.He believes that when they are in the distance, obviously they will not be hurt at all.Download the India Times news app in the latest city.Learn about the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and results held with TOI on May 23.Keep track of our latest news, live updates, news analytics and cuttingEDGE data analysis.Track live election results, big trends and the fastest updates of the day through India's largest news network.
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