stainless steel natural gas grill Grills! Grills! Grills!

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-23
stainless steel natural gas grill Grills! Grills! Grills!
A continuous entrepreneur tries to make a gourmet home and environment friendly to a disposable grill.(Small fortune )--Philip Swan, a 46-year-old serial entrepreneur who visited his hometown of England last year, eventually took charge of the cooking of 20 people at his best friend's home.Instead of lighting his large propane barbecue, Swan's friend took out a disposable grill: a baking tray with a built-in baking trayIn the cooking rack."I basically used his $3,000 stainless steel.Swan recalled with a smile: "The steel grill is a stand for a disposable grill .".Wash it in Kirkland, my hometown.Swan research listUsing the grill, I learned that they have won more than 50% of the charcoal grill market in Australia and the United States.K.And countries across Europe and the Middle East.So this summer, he launched a version called EZ Grill for American consumers, which has two sizes and takes about 90 minutes to cook.It is loaded with charcoal made from agricultural by-productsproducts --Rice and wheat crust-Its packaging and aluminum base are recyclable.(EZ Grill's "environmental protection" brand is an extension;It is still a use despite the componentand-toss product.At first, Swan expected revenue to be $2009, or $100,000.But in 13,000 stores, including 7-He now expects that number to be five times.It's a tough time for the charcoal market.Sales are weak;Former charcoal supporters are turning to less chaotic gas grills.Still, Swan thinks his Grill will win because of their disposability.After all, what's in a mess when you don't need to clean it up?
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