stainless steel natural gas grill OT: Whole Chicken on a Hibachi?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-04
stainless steel natural gas grill OT: Whole Chicken on a Hibachi?
Although we have a completeThe size of the grill, it's still shiny, brand new.Has it been 10 years?It's really shiny and beautiful.Really.This is from Italy, made of zinc.To be honest, I don't know why I bought it because it moved from Chicago (where my parents live with 3 apartments and storage rooms) to 4 locations in New York/New Jersey.We often use hibachi. today is the whole chicken day.In the last two weeks I have turned on the oven and warmed it up to 475 (15 minutes) and cooked the chicken for 20 minutes at that temperature before cooking 1-2 hours at 350.Needless to say, the kitchen is its own oven, especially when there are already 90F or more outside.So I would like to try the chicken on hibachi, which is made for quick, direct cooking, contrary to indirect cooking in the oven, but at least I will not heat the kitchen.Option: 1) Heat the beercan chicken indirectly with coal on one side, the chicken on the other side, cover with foil, or in a stainless steel pan (1 ).5 hours) 2) cut the chicken into breasts, legs, wings, thighs;Grill as Part 3) Debon chicken and grill as part (lots of work, depending on my mood for an hour or so, may leave me lots of small pieces of chicken, these chicken will fall off the grill) 4) the idea of butterfly chicken (cut in half, remove the ribs, flatten on the skewers and shift regularly?Thanks!
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