stainless steel natural gas grill Superhydrophobic Drag-Reduction Spherical Bearing Fabricated by Laser Ablation and PEI Regulated ZnO Nanowire Growth

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-03
stainless steel natural gas grill Superhydrophobic Drag-Reduction Spherical Bearing Fabricated by Laser Ablation and PEI Regulated ZnO Nanowire Growth
The resistance of the bearing is an important factor affecting the performance of the ballDisk rotor gyro.Micron and nano-bonded surfaces modified with low surface energy materials can be hydrophobic.This can reduce resistance when the bearing is lubricated with deionized water.Formation of Micron by laser ablationScale Structure of stainless steel rotor ball surface.And the nano-structure growth regulated by PEI (polyethymide) forms the nano-structure.After modification of low surface energy materials, the water contact angle of the processed surface is 163 ° and the sliding angle is less than 4 °.The maximum speed increased by 82.77% at 1.5 W drive power.Experiments show that the super cubeReduced spherical bearing with good shortTerm reliabilityAt 5 v drive voltage, the bearing can extend the rotation speed of the ballThe rotation speed of the disk rotor gyro is 35000 rpm, and the normal operation time is more than 40 minutes.This is very meaningful for short.term-work or one-time-Use a rotor gyro.The rotor gyro is a sensor with small volume and high precision.It is widely used in inertial navigation system.For the rotor Gyro working on the collioli force, the rotation speed of the rotor is one of the decisive factors that directly affect the sensitivity.In order to improve performance without increasing drive power consumption, the resistance torque of the bearing should be reduced.Rolling bearings are often used in general rotor gyro.When the size of the rotor gyro is reduced by hours, the rolling bearing is no longer the best choice due to precision and vibration.Therefore, as shown in the figure, a new spherical bearing based on the rotor body is proposed..For direct solids-to-The solid sliding surface increases the starting resistance and also results in bearing wear, adding a mechanical limit column to the bearing bowl to prevent direct solid wearto-Solid contact on working surface of spherical bearing.Now, the key problem of this spherical bearing is that the adhesion force of the scale creates great resistance at high rotational speed, limiting the further improvement of the performance of the device.Research shows that the super-hydrophobic surface hasReduce the impact.In this work, we propose a new method based on this theory to reduce the resistance torque of spherical bearings in the rotor gyro.First, we use sophisticated UV laser processing technology to form a micron-scale structure.Then use two-One-Step growth method for developing micron scaleThe nano-composite structure is shown in the figure..Samples with zinc nano wires are then immersed in fluorescent agents for low surface area modification.After this process, the surface of the sample is characterized by super-hydrophobic.When the sliding angle is less than 4 °, the water contact point is 163 °.To verify the drag reduction effect and the reliability of the bearing, we apply this treatment to the working face of the bearing ball.The experimental results show that the surface after processing can significantly reduce the friction of the spherical bearing.With this technology, the maximum speed of the rotor can be increased to 82.77%, thus greatly improving the sensitivity and stability of the device.When the speed is 45000 rpm, the drive power is limited to 1.5 W, spherical bearing with resistanceReducing the structure can work for about two hours in a row.It shows good shortTerm reliability in durability tests.This processing method can be used in a short period of timeterm or one-Time to use the device to improve performance.
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