stainless steel natural gas grill This common grilling tool could send you to the emergency room

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-19
stainless steel natural gas grill This common grilling tool could send you to the emergency room
Memorial Day is coming and millions of Americans are preparing to light the grill for the summer.But before you cook, you have to get rid of last year's garbage.Stainless steel steeland wire grill brush may be the best tool to get this done-But do you know that there are dangerous consequences if not handled properly?According to a new study released by the University of Missouri Medical School, the damage caused by wiresAccording to data projections inferred from the National Electronic Injury Monitoring System (NEISS) of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, bristle grill brushes caused more than 1,600 trips to emergency rooms from 2002 to 2014."Loose bristles fall off the brush during the cleaning process and eventually fall into baked food, which, if eaten, causes injuries to the mouth, throat and tonches, this is a comment to remind the doctor.-But it may also have a broad impact on consumers.Although relatively uncommonAccording to the data, less than 134 people are harmed by the grill brush every year ---These events may cause serious damage to the mouth, esophagus, stomach or other internal organs.Chef Eric LeVine, who oversees his barbecue at a New Jersey restaurant for hundreds of burgers a day, said that these events are likely to be the result of a distraction from family chefs."When people don't pay attention to what they're doing --Especially before the grill.It happened, "Levin told Fox News.com."People buy cheaper tools occasionally.Using soft bristles, it is easier to fall off than stainless steel.Related: How to bake the best burger, even the most experienced chef will have an accident.FoxNews.Com contacted several industry experts to get their top tips on how to avoid grill brushes-Other BBQ--Disaster this summer1.Don't be stingy with quality tools.There are many brands of cooking tools, but the classic cooking tools will never be out of date."I like to use the Weber BBQ products.You pay a little more, but in the long run they are worth it because they perform better and last longer, "says Richard Dukat, executive chef and vice president of catering at mohegan Sun."My grill brush in my house has two bristles.A course of heavy dirt and a fine for quick cleaning."If you can't buy Weber tools, several chefs tell us that it's important to look for a tool that works for a long timeHandle with stainless steel bristles only--And a scraper.But before you start using any new or old tools, double check if it has loose parts.2.Clean carefully.If you start a barbecue on last year's hard shell residue, you end up with a bitter Burger and bread.But even if you have the best brush in the world, the wrong technique doesn't help."The best time to clean up is when the grill is still hot so you can start steam action," Levine said .".He suggested heating.Wear gloves when you go to the town grill.But for those who are worried about stray bristles, he also has a special technique."Take a grill brush and wrap the end with a damp and durable kitchen towel and start scraping off.In this way, you can remove the residual dust by heating, brushing and cloth."The towel will ideally capture any stray bristles as well.3.Know when to say goodbyeWe all have our own favorite tools, but regular replacement is the safest way to avoid injuries in terms of barbecue brushes.But how often should you change the grill brush?It depends on how often you light the coal."If you grill a lot, you should check your brush a lot," Doucette said ."."Be very careful, grab some bristles and pull them a pull to see if there is anything that is easy to pull out.If you can, it's time to brush again."For those who Grill at least twice a week (and keep cleaning between each BBQ), consider replacing the BBQ brush every three or four months.You can also extend the life of the grill brush with a little maintenance.Doucette said, "it's also a good idea to pass the brush through the dishwasher several times during the barbecue season to remove any lumps on the grease and keep the brush in good hygiene.”4.Prepare the meat properly.If you don't pay attention but stew little lunnard, the wrong grill bristles may enter any type of foodHe is the CEO of the same name food store founded by his father, Stew Leonard.He said, "[The scorching and burning techniques] can make the skin of the protein crispy, seal it in the juice, and reduce the porous, which helps prevent debris.To avoid the fire-Ups, excess fat should be removed from any meat so that it does not cause a fire.5.Cover up, pay attention, watch carefully.Americans are used to thinking that barbecue is a completely relaxing pastime.But casually holding a fork in one hand and poking a hot dog with a Bud Light in the other does not mean how serious the grill should be."There's a reason the apron exists," Levin said."This material covers areas that actually protect important organs, so don't use tattered t-shirt."In addition to taking personal safety precautions, the home grill should also carefully check any food supplied.Checking the burger patties or steaks for obvious metal bumps never hurts, but in terms of real grill safety, this is all a matter of preparation."Having a grill is like having a car," Levine laughs ."."You have to maintain all the parts --Check the oil occasionallyBut you should know what's going on under the hood.
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