stainless steel natural gas grill Weber BBQ Table

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-24
stainless steel natural gas grill Weber BBQ Table
If you are not happy with a basic Weber or performer, there are a few weekends on the weekend, and a few bucks, then play with wood, metal, tiles and bricks.Before doing anything, I sat down on a sunny Saturday morning and stained all my Wood.Wait. 3-Four days later, Thompson's water sealed a beautiful coat.Determining the size of the chef's top space will define the frame size.I use the full size 22.5 "Weber kettle, need to keep the gap of 4", need the preparation space of 22 ", so the overall chef top size is finally 48" x 30 "& 30" (F) 4 "x4" for smooth mahogany for column and lower tie rod, 30 "(side) top frame is 48' (F/R) 30" 4 "x 6" smooth mahogany, the base slats are 56 "1" x 6 "rough mahogany.All of this helps with 6 "x 3/8" lag bolts and washers, with a counterhead of 1/2 and a fit of 1.25" wood bit.Starting with the back column drill pilot hole, start assembling the lower side bracket and then attach the 1 "x 6" Batten with 3 wooden screws to make the lower base stable enough to stand upright.When you drill the guide hole and screw into the lag bolt, the tie above may need someone's help to get it fixed in place.Or use your knee and some angle braces like I do and get ready to be tired.Since I will be using mosaic tiles on the surface, I need to build a frame for 1/2 plywood and 1/2 Hardi backing tile plates.I know the tile is 1/4 "so I put the interior frame (2" x4 "plywood) 1.25 "below the top of the frame.Fix the frame on the table using 3 "deck screws.Keep the level in mind!Remember, the heat is Woods's biggest enemy.The incision in 1/2 "ply is 3.5 "The diameter is larger than the hole we will cut for Weber, giving it some" breathing space ".".Fix to the secondary frame with 1 "wooden screw.Use the 8 "x6" roll of 22 ga.Aluminum flashing fixed it inside the cut with 1 "wooden screw, pre-Hit the flash.Yes, the flash I bought was stainless steel on one side and copper on the other!Note: If the plywood is not suitable, scrape off the high point with flat or sandpaper and gently tap the frame with a hammer and wood.I hope I can have a better understanding of the Hardi Backer cut and installation, this photo is a pre-install after installationCut trial run with some delicious Chimmichuri marinated flank steak to handle the barbecue.The most important thing to keep in mind is that Hardi Backer does not like to be cut on smooth rounded edges.I could have used the router, but I chose the puzzle with a rough tooth blade.Drill a guide hole large enough to insert the blade and start cutting.Concrete dust is sucked in and is expected to burn through two blades and wear out breathing protection.Because this cut must be accurate to the size of the Weber kettle, measure 5X, cut once, and then cut again...The small or comfortable size is better than making the cut too big...like I did.But there is a way.Secure the wooden frame and plywood deck with 1 "wooden screw.Note: If the part of the Hardi backer is too large, you can scrape it off using a course File, a router, or a metal sanding drill bit on the drill to fit the frame.Tap it gently with a hammer and a piece of wood and push it in place.It's time to switch deals and do some tile work.Even though I would love to go to my local kitchen and bathroom store and have them build a beautiful granite flat table top for $250350 more than tileI like to do tile work.To keep it clean, I used a thin 1/4 trim on the entire table.Tile cement is used at the bottom, wood glue is used on the side, facing the wood.This is only for a cleaner grouting work in the tile and wood contact area.Lay the tiles in the preparation area and cut the tile sheets to keep them clean.Then arrange the tile pieces around the cut and cut the tiles to approach the closest size of the circle.This is a very tricky part to trim around the kettle, but by using porcelain tile pliers you can trim/cut the tiles and almost form a perfect circle.It can be done with Dremel grinding a little.After that, combine the smooth tile cement together, and then apply it inside with your fingers, which will produce the perfect smoothness.Grout & seal.It's time to cancel the Weber warranty.Very simple to use Dremel or hacksaw and cut off the handle.You also need to remove your legs.Since the lips of the Weber kettle are now almost flush with the table top, we need to lift it high enough so that the lid can be installed comfortably.Remember I said measuring 5X before, cutting once...My wound is 1/16 too big.I will use a section of 1/4 "copper tube fixed on the kettle to lift it up, but need to use 3/8" to properly seal the shell and lift the kettle.I flattened the end of the copper.A pair of holes were drilled in the kettle and pipe and fixed to the back of the kettle with a pair of small metal screws.Drill a series of small holes in the copper tube every 6 "or so to release any excess heat.To further isolate the heat of the kettle from the rest of the table, I put a double pack of automatic exhaust tape (available in most car parts stores) around the top of the kettle, put them into the copper tube to fix.Most of the newer Webers have a nice little hook in the lid to hang on the side of the kettle.I need to recreate this and quickly realize that this is the case with most towel racks, toilet paper racks, etc.Only 3 "deep, you need at least 4 to get the job done.5 "It happens that I have a pair of 6" L "brackets in my garage, some spare 1/4 smooth steel bars and some compression caps.A pair of remaining 3/8 "lag bolts and washers fix it on the side.Otherwise, improvise at any time!It's all personal from here.I firmly believe that every barbecue needs the utensils needed for proper cooking.BBQing will also make you thirsty, so the bottle opener and bottle cap placed correctly-The key is the catcher/utility bucket.And think about it..Who likes silver/stainless steel?I don't.So I drew anything that is not wood, tile or BBQ black.Finally, Weber gives you a cheap Stainless Steel Grill row, just something like this that is not very suitable.Google the "cast iron Weber grate" or just look at these guys and give them your credit card and install something substantial!I saw this online three years ago.Looks cool, but I had a nice gas grill at the time, who wanted to do all the work for a delicious grilled steak?So I made some freedom on accessories, color schemes and black bricks.In any case, the whole project took three full weekends and there was a couple of free time here and there, and the cost breakdown was like that.Weber BBQ -$ 165All Wood cement board-Tile supplies, tools & Accessories-$205$225Bricks -$FREE!!!Miscellaneous items, tools, etc.-$175TOTAL -$770 desktop saw clamp sawHack saw (Dremel if you have one) round sawmill cordless drill/screwdriver hammer head sleeve wrenchShort term and long term-
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