stars of british art world donate works for grenfell fire survivors - white charcoal for sale

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
stars of british art world donate works for grenfell fire survivors  -  white charcoal for sale
LONDON (Reuters)-
A group of Britain's most successful contemporary artists donated valuable works at a charity auction for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, in June, in a social residential area in London, killing about 80 people.
Close to home-knit, multi-
Ethnic minority community aged 24
In a manor that was deprived of housing, the tower on the first floor was swallowed up by fire and turned into burnt ruins.
Many survivors have not yet been relocated and remain in the hotel.
Charity auctions to be held in Sotheby's on Monday include-
List artists including Wolfgang Tillman, Anthony golmley, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Mark waringer and Rachel Whithead.
Sotheby's estimates that the proceeds from the auction will be between £ 700,000 and £ 1 million and will be distributed on average among the 158 surviving families.
Filmmaker Hamish McAlpine, an art collector, is one of the driving forces behind the auction. He said that the Grenfell tragedy had a huge emotional impact on Londoners, including
"Grenfell touched their souls," he said in an interview at a ventilation Gallery in Sotheby's, where donated works of art were on display.
"This is a very emotional topic for people in London.
"It usually takes six to nine months to organize an auction of this size, but, thanks to the positive response from almost all artists, mcAlpine and art consultant Katie Heller were able to put this together in about 10 weeks.
Famous artists are often bombarded with requests to donate work for charity, McAlpine says, and cannot always donate, but in this case almost everyone immediately agrees.
"There is an extraordinary generosity in the group of artists," he said . ".
"Offering a piece worth hundreds of thousands of pounds for free is really a magical thing.
One of the works, "tearful", created by Tower Dean, was created specifically for the auction.
Gray and black images made of charcoal on paper evoke billowing smoke.
Other works that already exist have been renamed by the artist to commemorate the victims of the fire.
Anish Kapoor's "red lens for Grenfell" is a thick acrylic disc reminiscent of the lens used in the lighthouse, while the black-and-
The white photo of Sarah Lucas was renamed "banana eating"for Grenfell)”.
The most valuable artwork for sale is "Freischwimmer 193" by Wolfgang Tillmans, a very large green print.
The estimated price range is 120,000 to 180,000 pounds.
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