Stone Cooked Pizza on Your BBQ - 5 burner bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Stone Cooked Pizza on Your BBQ  -  5 burner bbq
Chuck US likes barbecue, but he likes pizza better.When Chucks sister (Dr Bec) told him to cook pizza with pizza stone in a barbecue, he knew that his favorite meal would never go home again.Chuck US wants to spread the good news about pizza, so if you like barbecue and love pizza like Chuck, please keep reading...You need: 1 x barbecue with hat-Chuck can use gas, gas or charcoal.1 pizza or moreThese are not for cooking but for transporting and assembling the Pin800g flourThe best way is to use strong Baker flour, plus some flour, which can be used to make work tables, etc.1 x sachet dry yeast (7g) 500 ml warm water 2 teaspoon salt beer (not attached) ingredients-Chuck prefers tomato sauce, spicy salami, pineapple, mushroom anchovy, cheese and chili flakes.Some people say that less is more about pizza ingredients.Chuck US said moreish!That's enough for 8-10 pizzas.The dough can be frozen for future use.Tip: Chuck uses unglazed Quarry (Terracotta Warriors) tiles instead of buying a $20 pizza.He's a notorious cheapskate.You need to make the dough at least 2 hours before you need it.If you want, you can do it the day before or even earlier.1.Mix flour yeast and salt evenly in a large bowl.Add warm water slowly and continue to stir.TBLBITST * likes to use a wooden spoon first and then hook it with your hand.Hold on until all the ingredients turn into a big ball.2.Knead the dough on the flour Bench 5-10 minutes or until the dough is smooth and elastic.Place the dough in a clean bowl (Chuck likes to spray quickly with cooking spray) and cover it with plastic wrap.Put it in a warm place for about 2 hours.It should be twice the size.After the dough rises, turn it over to the surface of the flour and cut it into 8 equal parts.Give each dough ball a quick knead and let them rest for about 20 minutes.4.These are your pizza bases that can be cooked or frozen in self-sealing bags to prepare for the perfect food of the future.*TBLBITST -Chuck likes to light the BBQ before dinner and indulge in a few VBs (vitamin beer ).TBLBITST likes to supervise this step so Chuck doesn't overindulge, but Chuck has his way...Before you order, you should take out the grill and plate and put the pizza stone in the grill.You have to heat the pizza stones slowly or they will crack.Also, if you leave the seasoning in the grill, you burn them.The idea is to cook with indirect heat, so Chuck's two external burners are high and the center burner is low.(This is a barbecue with 5 burners ).You will solve it.Turn off the hood and heat up the grill.You will want to get it hot (about 250 degrees Celsius ).It will take 2-About 3 VBs (30 minutes ).We make pizza now!Mmmmmm.First roll out your pizza ball on the surface of your flour.It doesn't matter that you can make it thick or thin.If you make it too thin, you may have some trouble moving it.If you want to impress someone, you can also throw it in the air.Chuck, have you tried?One of them was impressed.Chuck likes to push it out and move it over to a pizza jar upside down.If you have a solid pizza crust, you can grind it into flour and make the rest on it.Now, you can pour your head.Chuck likes tomato sauce first, then spicy Italian sausage, pineapple, mushrooms, etc...TBLBITST likes light ham and goat cheese and some olives.The children like ham and pineapple with an egg in the middle.This is where you are creative.Sweet ingredients (stewed apples and brown sugar) can be tried for dessert ).Warning: Chuck finds that if you eat too much at this stage, your pizza base will get wet and will not transfer to the pizza stone.After the pizza was placed on the stone, he put most of the ingredients on the stone.Take your work to the barbecue and transfer the pizza to the Stone (also it is recommended to put a little flour on the stone ).This is an art that can only be learned and cannot be taught.Chuck made some pizzas that didn't look like pizza.Don't panic, though.The taste is good.Chuck added his final ingredients at this stage and sprinkled some cheese on it.Wait a few minutes off the hood.Use the pizza crust, check the bottom and see if the pizza is cooked.It should be brown, the toppings should be bubbling, and it looks and smells delicious.If you check regularly, you will lose the heat of the barbecue.You will order takeout if you do not check regularly.When the pizza is cooked, slide it off the stone and place it on the pizza tray.Chop it up.Close your eyes and say thank you.
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