surprisingly saucy: there's more than you may expect on the bayou - built in gas bbq

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surprisingly saucy: there\'s more than you may expect on the bayou  -  built in gas bbq
In the lower places of the Iberian parish in the south of the state of Luis Anna, I hope to see something.
After all, this is the Cajun country, so I think we will find everything in this area very rigid.
There are plenty of Spanish mosses and swamps, gumbo and crocodiles, as well as bayous and boudin.
But, frankly, as an experienced traveler, he is used to being directed to all ho-hum, tour-
Book highlights on group outings, I hope to have some unexpected sites on our sultry six sites
Day trip.
I was pleasantly surprised at last.
Avery Island, has been home to the Tabasco brand chili sauce production plant since 1868 --family-
Owned by McIlhenny
Spicy condiment, one year younger than Canada
It's home to the nearby jungle garden and bird city, and it must have been unexpected in my book.
First of all, I don't know the Tabasco sauce produced in Louis Anna state, probably one of the most famous brands in the world.
I may not be alone in this regard, despite the recognizable diamonds --
Each bottle has a logo in shape on the front, indicating that this is the product of Avery Island. u200bJust a 15-
Just a minute drive from the New Iberia Interstate 90, this city of only 31,000 people provides a perfect overnight base for our trip, and the Tabasco experience on Avery Island is designed to be seen
The Tabasco facility includes a museum of cultural relics dating back to the McIlhenny family, as well as a mandatory souvenir shop where you can sample many of the company's products (
Including Tabasco.
Infused Ice Cream, much better than it sounds). u200bA self-guided tour ($5. 50 per person)
Use the same three ingredients to let you know how the chili sauce is made
Tabasco peppers in Avery Island
Extract salt and distilled vinegar
Edmund mclenney pieced it together when he was created before 150.
We have a good understanding of all aspects of the process.
Pepper is hand
Before adding vinegar, pick and mash in oak barrels that once held whiskey for three years
End with production of about 700,000 bottles per day.
Incredibly, Tabasco sauce labels are printed in 24 languages and dialects and products are sold to 195 countries.
During the Vietnam War, American soldiers included Tabasco in their field meals, and Queen Elizabeth gave it the Approved Seal by royal order, which many Canadians included in their Caesar
Talk about a successful story.
"The simple idea of a person has become an iconic brand," said Charlie Whinham of the Louis Anna State Tourism Bureau.
To end the trip, we stopped for lunch at Tabasco's recently opened 1868 restaurants, man, it was a good call before we moved to the nearby jungle garden.
Tabasco also offers food tours and cooking classes. u200b(
In addition, there are three just-spicy-
The local staple food is enough.
Red beans and rice, crayfish and chicken and sausage
It turned out to be delicious.
I was told that the other dish, the garlic Corn maque choux, was very nice. )
The son of the founder of Tabasco, Edward mclenney, created a 170-
In the late 19 th century, the acre botanical garden and bird sanctuary tried to save the snow egrets from extinction.
Jungle Garden (
$8 for adults and $5 for children)
It was the result of his efforts.
It features some of the most visually stunning moss-
Together with other local flora and fauna, including crocodiles, and the properly named Bird city, live oak trees cover the south --
There are lots of egrets and herons in June.
There are a lot of walking trails in the jungle garden, but it's also possible to rent a bike, which is probably the smartest way to see the whole hotel.
Avery Island is a bit far from the old road, probably two-
An hour's drive west of New Orleans, but worth a detour, especially when combined with some more traditional travel products (see below)in the parish.
Before you skip the town, though, go to the Conrad Hotel (Konriko)
A quick tour of the rice factory in New Iberia.
It is the oldest rice factory in the United States and has been listed on the national historical list since 1981.
Or tour the shadows-on-the-
Teche is a restored plantation home built in 1834 and is also on the National Register.
Find the famous name of the House's final owner William Zhou Hall on the door for his guests to sign.
Walt ile B. Walt Disney
Demir, Henry Miller and Emily Post all added their John Henry to the board.
From a historical look at the Swamp Man, I learned that crocodiles, crocodiles and more crocodiles have always been part of the bay and swamp life in the state of Luis Anna.
Now, as a product, this terrible creature has become part of a growing industry in the state
Meat and leather farming-
And tourist attractions.
In the area of Houma (
The audience of the "swamp" will recognize the name)
You can get in close contact with the estuary on the farm.
Greenwood crocodile farm, one of the 32 farms in the state, gave us a look at the back of the crocodile-raised curtain to show us how to collect eggs from wildlife
It's not a job that's scary.
Then hatch until they are at least five years old
Foot length, then handle.
According to state regulations, 10% of farms
The raised crocodile was sent back to the swamp.
The owner of Greenwood, Tim domango, allows visitors to face with a live crocodile
They're just two foodies, not real monsters.
But it was a cool experience, especially when you saw them in the wild a few hours later.
To be honest, the alligator is not the warm fuzzy animal you want to embrace.
"I 've never seen two crocodiles together or chasing each other," our guide, Amber Rochel, said with a smile . ".
"They don't play.
"During Capt, we saw how deadly they are in their natural habitat.
Billy Gaston's journey to Cajun's Swamp (
$25 for adults, less than $15
12 years old, free for children under 2 years old)
Gibson, about 25 km west of Houma. u200bCapt.
Billy was the first.
Named after the crocodile of Bayou Black, most of them usually swim to the age of 49.
Seat for raw chicken feeding, covered boat.
Gators launched 3 feet kilograms from the water to snatch free food, and its power gives you a whole new understanding of their abilities.
As we slowly glide across the estuary, stop and let's have an amazing natural beauty for two monthsHour tour, captain.
Billy had a full discussion of cypress swamps, home to Condor and large crocodile turtles as well as efforts to protect cypress swamps.
Follow the freedom path of Solomon Northup five years ago, Oscar-
The award-winning film The 12-year slave reveals the tragic story of Solomon nosipp for those who do not know the book of the same name.
The film is well received.
Best Picture Oscar and two other awards
It clearly shows the story of Northup being kidnapped as a free man and sold as a slave in the state of Luis Anna.
But if you're like me, there's nothing more meaningful than visiting the real places mentioned in the movie to experience a historical story.
Stretching along the North upper trails of Rapides and avoyeles' parish, starting with the landing of the Red River in Alexandria, we have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Solomon.
We visited the restoration on the 18 th.
Century Epps home on the campus of Louis Anna State University-Alexandria (
It was moved from bayubov.
When Canadian carpenter Samuel Buss heard his story and started his road to freedom, northump was building a house.
We have a chance-of-a-
Throughout our lives, when we looked at some of the original documents of his trial at Avoyelles Parish Court in Marksville, lawyers defended Northup's freedom.
Holding history in hand is a touching experience. Dr.
Sue aykin published in 1985 the guide to the North upper path of Solomon through the central part of Luis Anna state, and on the 135 km-kilometer-long sidewalk, many important locations in history have been signedposted.
A stay at the historic Bentley hotel in Alexandria is rumored to be made D-by American General Dwight Eisenson and George Barton-
If you are thinking of traveling on the North Trail, the plan for the day is the best. The 96-
Room Bentley pays tribute to its past through a small World War II exhibition.
Breaking into the diamond grill, a former jewelry shop turned into a restaurant a stone's throw away from the hotel, preparing some appetizers and spending the night in the mirror lounge downstairs in Bentley, a laid-back place for cocktails.
B & B is perfect for finding a quirky-of-a-
Nice place to cool down in small places-
South town of Anna?
Try the Bayou Castle B & B in New Iberia.
Cheated to look like a rustic back
Village Cajun Cottage, Bayu Castle-and its next-
More traditional royal castle B & B
It's the idea of local Mickey and Tiffany Bellott, both of whom have a lot of sweat
Bedroom apartment.
Every inch of the place, inside and out (
Huge rear deck facing Bayou Teche with gas BBQ and outdoor fireplace impressive)
Shabby scream
Chic with Cajun twist.
Look at the breakfast corner countertop made of wood recycled from the swamp (
The same is true for most of the wood accents in the kitchen)
A stool made of antique tractor seats.
Bellott, a budding hotel tycoon in New Iberia, bought the building, once home to an electric power supply company and a dental laboratory, from a family member, turn it into one of the city's most popular places to rest.
The Castle won the city's Small Business Impact Award in 2018.
Most importantly, across the street from B & B, you will find Clement on Main, a local hot spot with a big-
The city menu and live music keep the toe tappin '.
Travel plans everything you need to plan your trip to the state of Luis Anna is available on the website of the travel office of Luis Anna. Louisanatravel. com.
In addition, you can go to the scenic spots of Iberia Parish (www. iberiatravel. com)
Or the Hou Ma regional conference and Tourism Bureau (www. houmatravel. com).
Trails and trails in Anna state (www. Louisanabyways. com)
The website is also a valuable resource.
Air Canada flies daily from Toronto to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Air Canada. com.
If you're going to venture into the wilderness of rural Luiz Anna state, you'll need to rent a car.
For Canadians, the distance is not too far away and there is usually no problem with transportation outside New Orleans.
You can choose where to stay as there are branded motels even in smaller towns, but historic Bentley Hotels in Alexandria (www.
Apartment Hotel. com)
The hotel is centrally located and offers everything the discerning traveler wants.
If you are looking for a quirky thing full of home comforts, try the Bayou Chateau B & B in the New Iberia (the-bayou-chateau. business. site).
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