Sydney cafe workers moved to burns unit - outside gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
Sydney cafe workers moved to burns unit  -  outside gas grill
Two Sydney CBD cafe staff members injured in the gas explosion were transferred to the burn unit for facial and hand injuries. A 23-year-
A Chilean sandwich named Camille and 24year-
Shortly after eleven o'clock A. M. on Monday, the old male chef from Nepal was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital.
Since the explosion of the cafe's kitchen gas grill, they have been transferred to Concord Hospital --
Caused a flash on the faces of the two of them.
Another worker in the kitchen, 25-year-
Canadian old Alisa escaped unscathed.
"I heard a loud noise and plunged into the water, but my hair burned. I. . .
"I thought there was a can that fell on the stove," she said . ".
After watching CCTV footage of the cafe, Alissa said she couldn't believe she was hurt.
"I didn't realize that the fire had happened so far.
The fireball moves along the length of me and Camille.
I must have turned my face.
"When the explosion happened, two customers were sitting outside the cafe and about ten staff were here.
This healthy food cafe called "garden" is only open for three weeks on busy George Street.
Owner George Michael told AAP that he thought "the damage was not that big.
"What just happened.
The kitchen looks good.
"I don't know where the fire came from," he said . ".
"It can't be a jar.
I 've seen cans explode and they don't explode like that.
"I just don't feel good. . .
Their faces were burned.
"Fire and Rescue New State has set up a restricted area after the initial explosion.
The cause of the explosion is under investigation by the new state work insurance company.
The situation of both injured workers was stable.
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