table top gas bbq Big Green Egg and Gas Grill Table

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-11
table top gas bbq Big Green Egg and Gas Grill Table
I was lucky enough to learn how to use my friend's "Big Green Egg" grill, a Kamado-style grill-The beauty of BGE is that it is simple, there are no broken mechanical parts, there is a lifetime warranty, you can grill, bake, smoke, and cook all kinds of delicious food slowly with charcoal.They were really great and everything I made on my food was delicious.I used to have a couple of gas grills and charcoal/Weber grillsIt's great, but they don't last long.BGE is more expensive, but it will last forever if you use it properly.When my gas grill finally bit the dust, I put it on Craigslist as scrap (you'll never see the eggs on Craigslist for free, but you will see that I went to my local BGE dealer and put the money down for my own eggs!Woohoo!I was so excited to eat my own eggs at home, so of course I cooked it right away and Mabel was there to supervise.Now you can buy their table which is good but I would like something customized and stronger than what is for sale.Yes, they need thousands of dollars for their brand.name tables.I can build my house for less than $200, interesting work about a weekend --I went to my local lumberyard (Menards) and found a notch granite in their scratch and dent pile for $30It has two rounded sides and two flat/straight cut sides, so it fits perfectly with one of the outer corners on the table --I want a surface that can heat things up, this one fits the bill perfectly-"Egg table" has hundreds of plans, after reading dozens, I have an idea in my mind, what do I want my table to look like, I have a perfect place on my deck right outside my kitchen door so it will be an extension of my kitchen --I didn't do a CAD drawing, just drew some notes and measured my egg multiple times --Just look at the picture and I think you can see the basic idea --The Stone really determines the rest of the table, which is the design.I have a gap of 4x4 posts to make the structure SuperStrong, give it a more complete look and fix everything with deck screws.(Just do multiple cuts with my round saw and finish the cut with a wood cut) if you're not sure how to do that, Google "how to cut 4x4" is simple.I built the table in.Place, because there are 4x4 and 2x4 structures with deck, this suction cup is very heavy, not moving table --I then stained it with quality outdoor deck stains to keep the Cedar color as I hope it will last for a long time.As you can see, the support under the granite is only 2x4, set to low, so the granite is flush with the deckI used a galvanized bracket/hanger in 2x4 below the center.The granite is just on top, it is heavy enough and doesn't need to be glued/fixed, I want to take it off and it would be very helpful to reduce the weight if I really want to move the table --it works great!As you will see in the next photo, I put the eggs on the 12 "circular bulldozer --These work well and you obviously don't want your eggs to come in direct contact with the wood frame so the concrete is perfectAlso, you want to have about 1/2 of the gap in the circle cut at the top when placing the egg.Find a few friends to help you put the heavy eggs.When you light the eggs, you can pay them with delicious food.As you can see, I also added a table-Top gas grill on my deskIt's just a $99 grill and we'll use it if we just want to cook a few burgers quickly and don't want to light up the big grill --I like to cook with gas or wood and we use our tables and grill every year --The game in MinnesotaThe pizza on BGE is amazing.You won't regret buying a pizza stone!
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