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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-03

Iron teapot-Tea is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world.As we all know, the simple behavior of drinking tea can calm the mind, soothe the soul, restore the spirit and restore the body.However, it has been said that while tea itself is an amazing thing, the real power of tea comes from the personal experience it can make every drinker.Some people believe that the power of tea is that it can become a unique drinking experience for everyone who drinks tea.When you look at the tools and traditions surrounding the global culture of this drink, it has never been as obvious as it is now that this drink has been consumed in one way or another for more than 2000 years.Each culture not only has its own features in the style and flavor of tea, but also in the production and service methods.Even in these cultures, the act of making drinks is almost as important as drinking.For years, the old teapot you are familiar with can be a friend to comfort you and help you get rid of the worries and stress of the day.In many family cultures, the teapot is the center of life.For those who come home, whether family or friends, a pot of hot tea usually lasts all day.Many people think that the teapot is an important part of the family property, so the teapot must be durable and large enough to accommodate several drinkers at a time.Of course, you also want the teapot to say something to you or your home at the same time.One of the most traditional materials for making a teapot is cast iron.There are good reasons for this.Cast iron teapot is popular all over the world for many reasons.The first reason this material is often used in the teapot is related to the material itself.Cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat and also an excellent holder of heat.This means that the water of the cast iron teapot is hot enough to brew tea faster than many other materials and (due to its heavy nature) to keep the finished tea hot longer.Of course, the increased durability of cast iron means that the possibility of damage to the teapot in daily use is greatly reduced.Traditionally, this is an important aspect of the items that families need for basic comfort and survival.Today, it means that the cast iron teapot is worth buying as you can enjoy the teapot for years.In a more aesthetically pleasing way, the cast iron teapot is able to provide a more enjoyable experience for those who drink tea.The heavy pot feels good in the hands, and the soft heat from the pot after brewing can warm the table top, making the experience more enjoyable on a cold winter night, the flexibility of the material can be cast into almost any shape, which means that a teapot made of cast iron can be unique to you.Of course, the biggest advantage of cast iron is that it does not expand and shrink in large quantities when heated and cooled, so it itself is the core of the layered teapot.Perhaps the exterior of the future may be fine porcelain, polished bronze, or even rubbed copper.However, in the eyes of many people, the real pleasure of the cast iron teapot is the taste.Many of them like molds called hard shells, claiming that the use of cast iron teapot provides a unique layer of taste for tea brewed in one.In any case, this has never been proved, but for those standing next to the old-fashioned cast iron teapot, it is a fact that does not need to be proved, and they sincerely believe, the evidence is in the Cup.Doc.
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