tabletop gas barbecue grill Did You Know That Barbecue Fuel in Jamaica is Made by Farmers in The Hills Using Old Time Methods?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-14
tabletop gas barbecue grill Did You Know That Barbecue Fuel in Jamaica is Made by Farmers in The Hills Using Old Time Methods?
When you barbecue at the Silver Sands villa in Jamaica, if you don't use a gas grill, your fuel is likely to be what the Jamaican calls "fire coal ", it is also very likely that you are talking about charcoal or lumpwood charcoal.Where does fire coal come from?If it arrived at your villa with a recycled Crocus bag or something like that, closed with vines or branches at the top, you can be fairly sure that it is somewhere on the Hill in JamaicaThis is a real cottage industry.There is no commercial coal-fired manufacturing business in Jamaica.
Highly skilled rural residents use a slow-burning method to make this fire coal, which is passed on by generations, mainly farmers.This ancient trade seems to be dying out in Jamaica.Have you ever seen anything like a mound? There is smoke or steam rising slowly from the mound.
You may have seen a fire kiln.
So how is fire coal made?Making coal requires finding and cutting hard trees deep in the forest and dragging the wood back to a suitable place where a somewhat circular pit is formed.The pit is not necessarily a hole in the ground, but certainly a level area to clear.The trees are chopped and packed in the center of the pit, depending on how much fire coal you want to make, they can be earth piles of any size.
The mound is covered with grass and leaves.Finally, cover the whole thing with a few inches of dirt.Grass and soil are crucial to the success of this process.
Dirt is necessary to prevent oxygen from reaching the wood, otherwise it will burn.The grass creates a barrier to prevent dirt from falling on the wood so that it does not burn or fire out.The coal maker actually prefers steam, so there is almost no smoke.
This requires a lot of attention to make sure that no holes are formed that allow too much oxygen to enter and cause all the wood to burn into ashes.The whole process takes a few days.However, the hard work is very profitable because a bag of fire coal costs about $7.00.Is coal burning harmful to the environment?There has been some controversy about mining coal from forests.
Conservatives are worried about cutting down forests.In order to persuade the poor Jamaican people to switch from domestic cooking with fire coal to a coal stove, they made serious efforts.To the coal!When I grill at the Silver Sands Villa, I respect the poor farmers who work hard to produce coal so that I can be my favorite jerk chicken.
The price of a bag of fire coal is full of money to get into the local economy near Jamaica's villa
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