tabletop gas grill best Car Wax : The Secret Ingredient to an Easy-to-Clean Stove

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-10
tabletop gas grill best Car Wax    
                        The Secret Ingredient to an Easy-to-Clean Stove
At least in my experience, it is almost impossible to keep the stove clean while cooking.No matter what I do, pieces of liquid and solid food fall on and around the surface of the burner every time, producing hard foodto-clean mess.Scrubbing the stains and the burnt remains of the hard crust is a hassle, but I have found a preventive solution that can make it a few wipes instead of a few tons of scrubbingcar wax.Yes, you read it right.The same product that keeps your vehicle beautiful and shiny can help you keep the range looking clean.Car wax is designed to make the car look shiny, but more importantly, to prevent scratches from happening and make cleaning a breeze.Although most cars have had a transparent coating on paint operations since their early 80 s, this transparent coating will still be damaged and worn, and wax can help keep its tiptop shape.It reduces the appearance of dirt handprints and attached dust and adds a smooth layer of protection.When it comes to your stove, the car wax has the same preventive properties, which means that future pills, splashes and food will slip off your stove surface as before.Car wax is not a cleaning product, so use a sponge and your usual cleaning product to make your product surface spotless before you go straight to waxing the stove.Then, follow the instructions of the label and apply the car wax of your choice.Just make sure you put it on the cool stoveApplying it to a hot surface creates a bad smell.This polishing method is safe for all Furnace types (stainless steel, metal and glass)Ceramics), including electric and gas, can even keep fingerprints and stains to a minimum.The wax treatment should last for one to two weeks, so when you notice that your stove has lost its wax gloss, just wipe off the surface and apply more wax.Well, since the surface of your stove is easier to clean, what about those stoves and stoves?The easiest way to clean them is to use ammonia and you can read more about how it works in my other guides.
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