tailgaters' checklist and the best tailgating grill ever - 4 burner gas bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
tailgaters\' checklist and the best tailgating grill ever  -  4 burner gas bbq
I'm a football fan. -
A short high school defender, when I was a sports editor at the campus newspaper, he even had spring training at the University of Florida as a "paper crocodile (
Click on the link to read my suspicious record in the swamp).
I am a person who knows enough about the game to scream at the coach in the depths of the box stand as if they would hear and pay attention to me.
My career has been a long time behind, so now I'm starting to take tracking seriously.
My favorite thing is to play the BEAR game in the snow.
Get there early enough to make a hearty meal and have a few adult drinks.
For the tailgate side (
Or on the balcony, the beach, the country hike, the bull drive, the winnabergo trip or the yacht party)
You need a portable grill.
The same rule applies when you purchase a portable grill (
Click on the link to buy the Grill Guide).
You need to consider the price, temperature control, easy to clean up, ability to smoke, high temperature, durability, safety, and of course the size and weight.
Many small units have no covers.
To get the best temperature control and prevent the burning of thicker meat, try to buy one with a lid.
Try to get enough surface area so you can push the coal aside for indirect cooking and prevent burning.
At home, I prefer charcoal or wood pellets as fuel, but I usually look for convenience when I'm out;
Because a small bottle of propane will last for a long time. -
And it's much lighter than charcoal ---
My favorite small portable device is a lightweight Weber 1520 Gas Go-
Gas Grill anywhere.
There are a lot of choices from one-time to tryand-
This is true for some funky rigs.
Click here to see a list of many small and portable grills.
Click here to see many portable grills on Amazon. All at once. I never did that.
I 've never spent most of my time with a column on a product.
I never wanted to look like a liar.
But I have never met a product like GoGalley.
The manufacturer sent me a lot of cookers to test and I never looked at only one in a column.
But when the GoGalley people dropped the first batch of units from the assembly line for me to test, I knew it was revolutionary at a glance.
This system is full of innovation and is the best trailing or camping system I have ever seen.
Rear-end GoGalley is a rig for the iPhone.
GoGalley is a single unit with grill, smoker/oven, side burner, large working face, storage and trailer hooks.
But it's like saying
Jet planes with some weapons.
The baby has everything except the kitchen sink.
But it's not just about watching football.
Hell, it's even a nice backyard setup.
It's not cheap, about $2,000, but it's a deal for what it's under the hood and what it's doing.
The whole shebang folded into a 32-year-old box.
5 "wide, 49" high, 41 "deep--
Trailer failure plus 10 ".
It is very suitable for shipping its skid.
It weighs about 350 pounds.
When it folds, you roll it back to the trailer on your car or truck and take a big T-
Fix the trailer hook firmly on the body and move the hook on the grille to the position where it fits with the vehicle.
Slide the two together, lock them, and switch the switch on the side of the grill.
The battery-driven motor and cable winches lift the device from the ground and cling to the connection of the vehicle. Put the T-
Screw it back in place, lock it on the hook, slide the foot wheel down, and have enough clearance on the highway to drive.
The clearance height depends on your vehicle.
Hitch connection DOT approved 2 "square receiver hitch that meets at least Level III--
This means it can handle up to 500 pounds.
If your connection is small, there is an adapter available.
This design is particularly cool because some universities, like Notre, prohibit the installation of trailers on their tailseats.
When you get to the stadium or camp Place, drop it with a winch, open it and expand it so that the sides
The burner is on one side and the smoker is on the other side, lifting the workbench and you have everything except the kitchen sink.
If you stop for a beer, it will take about 3 minutes to set up.
When you're in the game, you can fold it up and lock it on the trailer and never have to worry about someone stealing it again.
After the game, you can recover and run in a few minutes.
The center part is a 4-
Burner gas grill, 540 square inches of main cooking surface, with a removable grill of 150 square inches above.
The main grilles are cast iron, fixed together with three screws so that they do not pop out during transportation.
The burners are arranged side by side so you can cook indirectly or have a heat zone on one side and a heat zone on the other.
The stainless steel burner has a ceramic coated thermal diffuser plate above it, and the tray below the grill is tilted to trap the grease side by side into a small, easy-to-remove pan.
Push lamp for burner-
Push Button piezoelectric switch.
Designers have delegated two in a failed situation, which should not be.
There is a propane tank belt in the locker under the grill, but it should be removed while driving.
The hood is double on top to help keep the heat.
According to the measurements of my laboratory grade thermocouple, I did not encounter a problem of more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit in a day of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
When GoGalley unfolded, there was a nice gas smoker and oven on the right--
If it's independent--
Probably the best smoker on the market.
Unlike others, this is not fragile.
It has a solid steel frame, double wall, two exhaust ports, a stainless steel burner and a silicone door gasket.
It has a cast iron box for cigarette flakes and a water pan for humidity.
There are 4 removable shelves 12 "wide 14" long that can hold 8 short baby back racks, 4 whole chickens, 4 pig heads, etc.
Skip the slices of wood and you have an oven that can be used as a preheated oven, and can also be used to bake cookies, rolls or beans.
When fixed with the water pan, it can easily smoke at the ideal 225 degrees F (
Most cabinets can't be so low).
The top of the smoker gets hot, so it can be used to keep the temperature on the plate, but it also burns you if you're not careful.
You don't want to be absent-
Carefully put a bottle of unopened beer on it.
There is a large cast iron burner on the left side that outputs 25,000 BTU.
Three levels of it can be set.
Lift it up with a large frying pan, a frying pan or a baking pan.
Put it down and plug in the spacious six gallon aluminum pan that comes with the system.
The pot has perforated inserts.
You can fry a very large turkey on that baby or cook a bunch of lobster.
If you're stupid enough to fill up a turkey fryer, or put a frozen bird in oil, it will spill, catch fire, and there will be an emergency fuel steering --
Close under the grill, and the grill turns from open to close for a quarter.
The work table has two 29 "long stainless steel work tables with one on each side and enough room for preparation and service.
They are strong enough to accommodate anything you need, but I will not sit on them.
The wing on the left has a standard 13-hole
A gallon of garbage bags and a ring that holds it in place.
There are even tool hooks on the table. Nice details.
It carries a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated, water-
The explosion-proof cover is made of trap material used to transport steel on flat trucks.
On the highway, I'm not very confident about the Velcro straps, but so far they have done the job.
It comes with two bi-metal dial thermometers that work fine when I compare them to lab-grade thermocouple, but as always, you should use a digital thermometer to determine.
By noon, the ribs were ready.
I take them out of the smokers, throw them on the hot grill, apply them to the sauce, and bake each side for about three minutes so that the sugar is caramelized.
Needless to say, our camp is very popular with passers-.
At the same time, I am doing the finishing work of the Italian sausage barbecue (
They have enough space with their ribs)
When my wife fried onions and peppers with olive oil on the stove next to her.
When the ribs fell, I baked the inside of the bread with grilled sausage, put the sausage in it, and covered it with fried onions and peppers.
Seasoning was placed on the table next to it, and the ribs platter was placed on top of the smoker to keep it warm.
I made smoked burgers the other night. -
This single dollar is too easy.
I spent about 225 degrees F throwing a couple of 6 ounces of soil Chuck pies on a smoker and throwing a bullet.
After 10 minutes I took them out and put them on the preheated grill to build the shell.
There's a definite one now.
Your next mechanic is on fire.
Big wheels make rolling easy, but when GoGalley is connected to your vehicle and you are on the highway, they have to be removed or they scratch the bottom.
They are easily in place;
Locking them is done by tightening a large T-
Thumb screws.
But if you don't tighten the screws, the wheels fall off if you hit a big crack on the ground.
Just make sure you tighten them with pliers.
There's a simple front wheel-to-
Use a locking mechanism to prevent GoGalley from scrolling while in use.
Alas, the lock cannot be accessed when the unit folds.
The wheels are very smooth and may roll away without locking them, so I suggest putting the front wheel behind and vice versa, so you can lock it when the rear wheel is still folded.
For some reason, there is no ignition for the side burner;
It has to be lit with a match or lighter, the mark on the side burner knob and the knob of the smoker are not properly aligned on my phone.
The federal security law requires that there are many vents on the gas grill to allow air to enter and burn the gas;
When transporting GoGalley, I was concerned that some water and mud might enter the cabinet under the grill through the vent at the bottom, but I haven't tested it yet.
The side burner has a small round metal plate to prevent rain.
I prefer a square cover that covers the entire left side cabinet and a door that prevents rain and snow when I cook (
Hey, I'm not a fan of the weather! ).
Also, when I finish cooking, I keep the unit cool before I put on the vinyl lid;
Well, adult drinks are sometimes served and I forgot that there is no protection on the left side.
Alas, the only downside to GoGalley is that it has no sink.
This also does not guarantee the victory of the main team.
Tell me what is missing from my tracking list and share your suggestions below.
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