ten tips for using a charcoal chimney - grill with side burner

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-26
ten tips for using a charcoal chimney  -  grill with side burner
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Better use of charcoal is a problem with having the right tools and using them properly.
A good tool to ignite charcoal is the chimney starter.
The chimney launcher looks like an empty coffee can with a handle on the side and a vent hole on the bottom.
You put your charcoal in the chimney and in highly flammable material (
Newspapers usually)
Under the chimney
You ignite flammable materials, and the natural ventilation of the chimney pushes a strong flame through the charcoal.
The chimney works very well and is easy to find in the store or online.
While chimneys are great in lighting charcoal, there are some useful tips for their use that are not well known.
Some of these tips make it easier to use a chimney, while others are very important for your safety.
Do not use chimneys in the driveway.
It is common for people to light chimneys in lanes.
This is a bad idea for three reasons.
Most of all, heat and ashes leave a round stain on the driveway that must be washed by pressure to remove.
The second least important reason is that after you pour coal, the area where the chimney is located is very hot and is a danger of Burns for any pet or barefoot child who may pass.
When the chimney sits in the driveway, the most important reason you should never ignite it is that sometimes the high temperature of the chimney causes the water bag inside the concrete to evaporate and expand rapidly.
When this happens, a small part of your driveway will explode and send some concrete in the air.
Do not light the chimney on the grate at the top of the grill.
This is a very common chimney rookie mistake.
If you use your top grill to ignite your charcoal when the coal is fully ignited, the top grill usually heats up.
Not only will this distort and deform your cooking surface, but now you have to find some highly insulated gloves so you can lift the grate at the top and pour your coal underneath.
A better solution is to remember to ignite the chimney on the charcoal grate located below the top grate.
Don't use newspapers.
Most people who use charcoal chimneys light them up with newspapers because it's almost always at hand.
The disadvantage of using the newspaper is that it is not completely burning.
If you use a newspaper, there will always be a pile of black ash and paper scraps that will be more than happy to fly in the air, all over your food.
The better solution is to use the starter cube.
Weber produces and sells white starter cube packs made of very clean burning paraffin.
You get all the flammable nature of the newspaper without any ash residue.
Unlike lighter liquids, the starter cube leaves no smell.
Use your side burner: many barbecue fanatics usually have charcoal and gas grills at the same time.
Most of the gas grills made today are also equipped with a side burner that is actually rarely used.
A good way to get some use from the side burner is to use it to ignite charcoal in the chimney.
If possible, remove the small grate above the burner to bring the flame closer to the coal.
Place the chimney with charcoal directly on the side burner, ignite the burner and set it to "high ".
This works as well as newspapers or starter cubes, allowing you to eventually find the use of side burners that pay an extra $50.
Wearing gloves: even if the chimney has a heat-resistant handle, it is important to wear gloves at all times (
Cotton or leather, not including nitrile or LaTeX)
When dealing with hot chimneys
The reason is that the life of the chimney is limited.
Chimneys usually last only one or two barbecue seasons before they are affected by extreme heat and eventually break them down.
This is not always obvious when the handle on the chimney breaks.
Even if the integrity of the handle is obviously compromised, some people will still use it because they need it now and think they will replace it tomorrow.
If you do not wear gloves when the handle fails on the hot chimney, you will suffer severe burns.
Even if you don't think you need gloves, develop the habit of wearing gloves.
Watch your toes.
This is a very important tip I am still learning.
It's common to wear shorts and T-shirts when we grillshirt and flip-flops.
I always light the chimney on a shabby Grill and bring hot coal to my good grill.
If you are holding a hot chimney, remember that it often falls off the bottom.
If these afterfires fall on your unprotected toes, they burn your feet.
Believe me, it hurts.
Remember that the weather is hot: It is important to remember that when you pour hot coal from the chimney into the grill, your chimney is still hot and will last for at least 15 minutes.
Do not place this hot chimney on the grass, on a plastic table or on any other flammable surface.
It is always assumed that the chimney is very hot and can only be caught with a handle.
You don't have to fill in: it's not always appropriate to fill the chimney completely with charcoal.
If you are going to make burgers and hot dogs on 14 inch Weber Smokey Joe, you may just need a coal chimney.
If you're going to cook "beer can chicken" on a performer at 22 inch Webb, then you may need a full chimney.
You'll need to try a few times to tell how much charcoal you really need, but you'll end up using it more efficiently if you can figure this out.
Use it as a grill: Although chimneys are not designed for this purpose, they can be easily used as grills themselves.
If you buy a small cooking grate (
A 14 inch chimney Joe replacement grate will work fine and easy to buy)
You can put it on a chimney full of hot coal.
The area directly on the coal will be very hot and much hotter than the regular grill.
This is a great way to bake outside like fresh tuna but still raw inside.
This setting is also suitable for extracting pulp from bell peppers.
Please be very careful if you use this technology as this is not the charcoal chimney that the manufacturer intends to use.
Replacement: chimneys are great but keep in mind that they are consumables.
Just like you need to replace the grill brushes when they are too loud, you need to replace the chimney when it is too rusty.
A three-year-old chimney rust bucket can hurt you or someone around you.
The new chimney is cheap;
Should be less than $20.
When your current phone starts showing signs of deterioration, please don't hesitate to buy a new one.
I will provide the last suggestion for free as it is very important.
When using a charcoal chimney, there is always a fire extinguisher nearby if something goes wrong.
I hope you find these tips useful and stay safe on a barbecue adventure!
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